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  1. I don't know how I did it but I lost one of my caps, quick phone call to Zeiss UK and they sent me one free of charge. Great customer service
  2. I painted all mine with stabilex and then skimmed over.
  3. Having moved and having a job that I cannot get weekends off I am looking for midweek shoot near Canterbury that is looking for an experienced beater.
  4. Writing is not my forte, so IF I were to write a book, i'd like to think it would sell a few copies to justify the time writing it. Yes please put me down for one, I've been following this thread from the beginning
  5. I had a pair didn't last me a season until they split where your foot bends, they started to let in water so launched them.
  6. I've been using an old feeder barrel for a few years now and just put on a swivel seat mobility aid I bought from ebay for around 8 quid. Not sure if it's against forum rules so I won't post the link but easy enough to find, It works for me. Edit to say they have gone up a couple of quid in price but you can search for item number 261229152475
  7. Any chance of before and after photo's when you're done.
  8. N, Theres a thread in the clay pigeon forum
  9. Some bargains there and I wouldn't mind a few of the guns
  10. I stayed at a hotel when we shot the Benelli at hodnet and when we went to the pub I locked my shotgun to the bath in a locked case. I put the TV on left the lights on in the room and put a do not disturb sign on the door so it looked like somebody was in the room. As long as you do everything reasonably practical you should be fine.
  11. The best I have had on a run was 28mpg and I get on average 24mpg this has been monitored with an app on my phone for years, I have got quite a heavy foot as well. The road tax for this is £220 and my insurance last year was around £220 fully comp.
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