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  1. I'm not sure there is anyone left!
  2. And I also believe in the tooth fairy😁
  3. Yes but who is there to replace them!! Surely not Clown Corbyn
  4. I really want to know the mileage as my wives Fitbit tells you distance, calories and so on, but a bit suspect of the accuracy, it tells you how many flights of stairs you’ve climb even when she hasn’t been on stairs?all I want is the miles travelled!!
  5. Just get on with it I suppose and wonder why our legs were aching☹️
  6. Does anyone have recommendations for a iPhone walking measuring distance app, when your out shooting, I know I can do a rough measure on google maps, but I rather have it tracking me via an App auto magically. Cheers
  7. Thanks - won’t be really heavy off-roading but wants something reliable for the odd bit of mud
  8. My son is considering getting an Xtrail but is concerned he may have problems getting off-road tyres. what are you XTrail members using. thanks
  9. Yes think I stick with my Howard Leights as well! Are the 200’s much the same as the 100??
  10. That’s where I saw them? Still a touch out of my price budget so I'll stick with my ear muffs?
  11. Anybody tried the peltor LEP 100 tactical earplugs?
  12. Brixsmaid

    Big Cat

    As I started this thread, I didn't want to start the variance of debates it has started, all I wanted was an idea why a body ( for whatever reason) has never been found be it road kill or whateverI can believe they did/do exist especially back when many were turned out into the country side, why not one body, can't have all be magic'd away by the Ministry!
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