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  1. peltor LEP 100 earplugs

    Interesting, thanks
  2. peltor LEP 100 earplugs

    Look forward to your report🤪
  3. peltor LEP 100 earplugs

    Yes think I stick with my Howard Leights as well! Are the 200’s much the same as the 100??
  4. peltor LEP 100 earplugs

    That’s where I saw them😀 Still a touch out of my price budget so I'll stick with my ear muffs🤪
  5. peltor LEP 100 earplugs

    Anybody tried the peltor LEP 100 tactical earplugs?
  6. Big Cat

    As I started this thread, I didn't want to start the variance of debates it has started, all I wanted was an idea why a body ( for whatever reason) has never been found be it road kill or whateverI can believe they did/do exist especially back when many were turned out into the country side, why not one body, can't have all be magic'd away by the Ministry!
  7. Garage floor

    So wheres all the *c**p hidden, you must have a selection of 'just in case' /off cuts etc leftovers - surely you can't chuck everything away, every time, you never know when it might be really handy in the future?? Can you get OCD on prescription, I think I need a dose of it, then maybe I can tidy my man cave, trouble is I won't be able to find anything after
  8. Big Cat

    Can the Big Game hunters express their thoughts on the latest alleged, possible big cat sighting http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4415922/Panther-like-beast-spotted-Crowcombe-Park-Gate.html Personally, I have a problem, considering how many pest controllers are out their that a carcass has never been presented to the UK population, unless it doesn't come under AOLQ on the license and people are worried about their ticket and shooting one for pest control purposes!
  9. Brady of Halesowen "SCOTT" gamebag.

    Don't know what the Scott is exactly, just tried a search with "Brady of Halesowen gamebag"and got a few returns on Flea bay http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=Brady+of+Halesowen+gamebag&_in_kw=1&_ex_kw=&_sacat=0&LH_Complete=1&_udlo=&_udhi=&_ftrt=901&_ftrv=1&_sabdlo=&_sabdhi=&_samilow=&_samihi=&_sadis=15&_stpos=SO18+1AD&_sargn=-1%26saslc%3D1&_salic=3&_sop=10&_dmd=1&_ipg=200 Hope this helps
  10. Nicola Sturgeon Referendum News

    My miss-reading - sorry!
  11. Nicola Sturgeon Referendum News

    "Another Scottish independence referendum should not be allowed to happen" https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/180642, been around since August though!
  12. Time for a new pair of shoes

    You're all making me feel like a dosser with my Musto brogues, even though they cost similar or more than some of yours!
  13. big ESS

    Unfortunately Peter Coombes (the man behind Badgercourt) is no longer with us, his son did take over the affix, but I can't recall if he has continued the line.
  14. big ESS

    So he's still going then?
  15. big ESS

    are Newflame still going? think they bred more traditional well coloured dogs and favored the more stocky type - more traditional old style before the white flashy trial whippets came along!!!