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  1. Hi folks, that time of year again for renweing the above. AA seems to be okay for price this year but still £20:00 dearer than last. Whats the concensus re best option amongst all the know ones or even less known ones😕 Pushkin.
  2. Har har. Think we both need to dig that programme out and watch it in full. Cheers mate.
  3. Ordnance:- well well well! Here is the precedent of this lady's comments on kissing your children on the lips: https://en.newsner.com/family/child-psychologists-warning-shouldnt-kiss-kids-mouth/ Very interesting that she was asked at the time when Posh spice was pictured kissing her daughter on the lips a while back. Her points were made to the Daily Mail (enough said?). Reading through her comments a bit more; I have the uneasy feeling that what she is attributing to sexual feelings generated in young children due to kissing on the lips is perhaps some issue within herself that should have been kept there and not given out to give concern to parents and family members. If you read down that article a bit more, there is a totally different view given by another professional woman immediately after that. I hope this is of some help. Pushkin😎
  4. Dave. Was that the programme the guy was talking about his father and etc having type 2 diabetes and how you can help this if you get your sleep pattern on a good routine. He was scared he was lining himself up for type 2 by not getting a good nights sleep? I'm type 2 and was interested in the theory but gave up as It was way too late for me. If the same programme? I didn't see that part you speak of. Pushkin
  5. Qoute:- So are the Experts that say its perfectly normal, speaking out their backsides as well. Reply:-T here are more real people in this world other than the Experts and I say we need to listen more often to those people - with a weather eye on what the experts are saying. Experts in whatever field are those who are lauded and supported by their peers - not the lone wolves who have decided to go it on their own (perhaps attention seeking?). Let us see how soon a wider audience of Experts respond (if at all to the expert who has put forward this view) I'm not sure how to do this, other than if it is widely reported. Perhaps the comments supplied already on this thread are an indication of what is more normal/accepted in the wider population. An interesting discussion? Pushkin
  6. Quote Experts seem divided; in 2010 educational psychologist Charlotte Reznick said, "If you start kissing your kids on the lips, when do you stop? It gets very confusing." Methinks there are far too many Experts and no one has yet proved them to be right. It is their considered opinion and they are taught to think different from the rest of us by their peer professionals/tutors. When my children and their children decide to no longer want to kiss me on the lips - then that will be fine with me: The hug that normally goes with the kiss hopefully will continue though. No disrespect but sometimes - we have to remember that the Experts are only in that position because they have passed exams of some sort that shows their mentors/tutors that they are following the mores for that profession. How often nowadays do we hear it said that so and so is speaking out of their backside - regardless of their profession. Just a thought for all us okay folk to keep in mind when showing affection to family members. Pushkin😎
  7. Apparently the bag was large -10cm x 6cm. How on earth could swallowing that and any contents be a mistake? It is another life lost and sad at that but how determined must she have been to get that down her neck? Pushkin😖
  8. Pushkin

    Sore throat

    ATB man. Don't let receptionists control the practice - and listen more to your wife. Pushkin
  9. Pushkin


    She will always be with you in your thoughts. Condolences. Pushkin☹️
  10. What happens if you pull their mask off? Can you get into trouble for that and if yes what kind of trouble. Pushkin🤔
  11. All the best to you and your future missus TT. Pushkin
  12. Innocent until proven guilty eh? What about those folks in the past few years where no shred of evidence other than hearsay has been given by others that the "person was a bad un or looked like the type who would do it or the one ins Scotland where the chap has been sentenced to prison for the alleged murder of his ex girlfriend in her place of work in Edinburgh: Searches in woods in Argyll, and no evidence in his car etc. Something fishy about the innocence rule methinks?😎 I know it is one of the standbys we all hold dear but like everything else it is slowly being eroded.🤔 Pushkin.
  13. Success - I got my new jacket I eventually went for Fife country's Ranger Field Jacket (2246) Was on offer at £89:00 (normally £179:00) Took my missus with me and she paid for it seeing as its my birthday soon Great looking jacket and will soon be well tested.. Way to go folks, thanks for all the advice and suggestions.😎 Pushkin.
  14. That's a great start folks thank you very much. Away on line to look these up. Will let you know how I get on. Pushkin😎
  15. Hi, that time again when i need to buy a new shooting jacket. Old on eis starting to let water in on really bad days. The windproof aspect still seems okay.. The jacket I have at present is a Norsveda From Fife Country wear.. Has been a great jacket over many years but now needs replacing. (it only cost £70:00 when bought :0) ). Have at it then folks. Recommendations in the bracket 0 to £150:00 ish. Mixed shooting from wildfowling through to pigeon crop busting, rabbits and small shoot syndicate for game birds. Regards Pushkin
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