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  1. Fancy thing for lowering a lamp unit from so you can light it?
  2. Pushkin


    I know and understand what it is like when an animal that you hold dear to you has to be put down for the overall safety and protection of other people and animals, And I feel this lady has become fully obsessed with her animal. What perhaps hasn't helped her cope with it is the tribal follower-ons who consider her case a just cause to fight the establishment with. In the same manner as they consider it a just cause to preach they're anti shooting beliefs against most of us on this site and to the greater hunting and shooting in this wonderful country. Either the lady has got loads of money available on her own or has been backed up by other organisations similar to those I mention above. Packham has already been involved and that man is a total waste of space. But so many take him for a practicing qualified specialist when in actual fact he has no formal qualification in this respect. However, back to the lady concerned. I hope she finds peace and that she comes to understand that it is not about her and the animal, it is about the greater good for all. Better safe than sorry I say. Pushkin
  3. Pushkin


    Members 2.1k Posted 4 minutes ago so with the preliminary report showing NO tb and alpacas with tb having growths in their chest and lungs which the animal does NOT have some very red faces await the ministry and a large compo claim for tax payers no dou Clangerman, where did you get the preliminary report from - and do you have a link for it? Pushkin
  4. So apart from all the remarks about how stupid the policy is: I'm not sure the shot animals are left to rot on hillsides. As a Scotsman: I cannot see kith and kin allowing it to go to waste. I'm pretty certain it will go for processing and sold for consumption.. I have travelled all over Scotland and believe me, there is a great need for the high deer fencing around forested plots to be in place and for it to be renewed on an ongoing basis. The deer are just doing what they need to stay alive but the forests cannot stand the pressure and are dying back in places. We can only sustain a certain amount of deer on the hills and in the woods - we need to reduce their numbers and real shooters will know and understand what i mean by this. It is part of how nature is helped to balance things out in a sustainable manner. It is not outright slaughter as some seem to be inferring, its about reducing the total and allowing trees to grow and be part of the carbon solution. Trees cannot fight back to save themselves and Humans need to intervene. Pushkin
  5. Pushkin


    My concern is obviously about the possible outcome of the animal having spread TB to other animals and more importantly to humans. Considering the owner is a Vetrenarian Nurse and a breeder. I would have concerns about her ability to a) do her job and b) have a licence to breed the animals. I bet her boss is very proud of his nurse and the stance she has taken. Is she still employed in that capacity or is that just padding for the cause? Absolutely the right route to have taken
  6. As I understand it; the aircraft controllers are involved in why this is not a simple land fuel up and take off again situation.. They have their orders to prioritise on Human extractions but only those already cleared by the nations checking in process civering ID and paperwork being checked before being given the OK to approach the Airport itself. All humans have been channelled into what is considered the safest routes from just inside the gate entry's to the city:in some cases they ae being diverted along sewerage canals as it is the most direct and safest route for them. Whilst admiring the guys attempts to get out with his animals should nt he have acted much more earlier as even without political problems, moving animals is always a bureuocratic nightmare and they all have to be signed off by a vet re vaccinations etc. Currently the plane does not have clearance on the ground to get ready for take off. Although he may well own the plane - he does not own the airport or its runways. As an e marine he knows the dril and has lost his bearings on this issue. Good luck to him.
  7. Im still not convinced about GW. Many of the respected scientists are not convinced either - so Im in good company there. Why is it that these people feel they can just write up their fantasies and expect the rest of us who democratically voted for a government party would even think to follow these demonstrators. Sad sign of how big they think their egos are that we would just obey them. 😎
  8. Sad to hear of his passing. Condolences to family and friends. Always willing to help out if you had a query and I still have his plans for the pigeon decoys from years ago. He will be missed if not by us all at least in part for his contribution to the site.. God rest you and may you fly high above all the pain and suffering still on this earthly mound
  9. TT, I wish you all the best mate. Im almost at the stage of thinking twice before opening your post as there is no saying what has happened to you next. Good luck in recovering quickly and fully and by a suit of armour. All the best sir. Pushkin
  10. Stumfelter, what did your dad do for a living Pushkin
  11. Well done chum, not long to go now and as you can see from most of the comments above, you will be so much better for it. The nurses do tend to spoil you too. Let us know how you get on. Pushkin
  12. Crikey to hang with the tea infusion, I've got more than enough showing above ground to harvest it and make a bath additive. Doing that I could just lie in the bath and by pure osmosis soon be healthier than before😀 Pushkin😎
  13. Well done Henry d. Hope it is the bargain you want it to be. Pushkin
  14. Had mine done about 15 years ago. In and out same day just take it easy whilst it knits through the weave (I'm assuming it is being done with a mesh? The stuff they give to knock you out is really very good with no after effects such as sore head etc. All the best Pushkin
  15. The only thing I know of like that is Garrotta. Is that the thing you are meaning or can you say some other makes/ brands such as the one you accidently spill now and then????? Pushkin
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