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  1. Pushkin

    Lord Geordie

    This is really sad news. I hope he manages to recover from this and can once again be with his family and enjoy life. I hope someone passes on all our thoughts and good wishes to him and his family. Good man and always willing and ready to help out others. Pushkin
  2. Me thinks something stinks in the whole case. Too many people taking powers and using them to suit their own ends hence the illegal actions taken by the lady at the top of the scottish service who started the whole thing rolling. Sturgeon herself will be up for a grilling as to why she set that lady in action and also what did she do herself about the allegations? The civil service has been left looking complicit in the shambolic handling of this case and Police Scotland will soon be on the case too. The current health status of the whole country may mean a temporary hold on the investigations to be held. I do not personally like Salmond but he was acquitted on all charges but one that was withdrawn. If it was you in the frame would you not feel glad of that decision? 😉
  3. "Go ahead punk - make my day". 😎
  4. I've had one for about 2 years now, never had an issue with any of my cards being scammed. For a fiver its better than what can happen if they do scam your cards. 🙂
  5. I seem to recall that you can apply for something that is already copyright but you aim to do it as a variation off - and this is the basis of your application for another copyright in your name. Not sure if you have to give acknowledgement in your copyright to the original. Minefield as stated previously and can cost much. There is government advice available on line but can be very lengthy. Good luck😎 Pushkin
  6. No reason to not approve your application. Good luck mate.😎
  7. The thing about unemployed not working in the fields etc is due I thiny to low wages offered. If they get e decent wage we might find more of them taking on employment and not relying on handouts etc? Pushkin😎
  8. Be a man and say nothing about them - even when she says haven't you noticed them? Tell her you are still so in awe of how good she looks that you really hadn't noticed - then take her out somewhere nice😄 Pushkin🙂
  9. Gina Miller has apparently started her case for us not going . Still banging her drum about the referendum result not being what she wanted. Hard cheese Gina; tough justice in the long term I think. 😴
  10. Hello all. I just had a phone call from an advisor from the Ministry of justice: Informing me that all bank charges levied onto my accounts over the past 20 years are all being reallocated to me in the form of a cheque:0). I told him that was absolutely wonderful as it would be quite a sum of money. He agreed with me and said he was happy to be the one calling to tell me about this. I reminded him that the call was being recorded and that I have to tell him that so he understands. Silence. 30 seconds later he announced that he had forgotten to tell me he is also recording the call and asked me why I was doing so? I asked him to confirm the name of the organisation he works for - Ministry of Justice - And does he know how much the refund is? He said yes but he has to do some further security and then he could tell me the total. Name dob address etc - I'm surprised he didn't ask me for my National Insurance number as well as my bank account and branch number. TO shorten this very interesting call I asked him how much he gets paid for doing this job - duh - silence again. That was when I told him he was full of bull and I was ending the call. Careful out there boys and girls - this guy was quite slick apart from his Indian(?) accent that he did not try to improve on. There was me thinking it was a quiet day too.😂😂😂
  11. Can confirm these are very warm, very soft and stretch to fit my calves - good for the price too. pushkin
  12. speechless - so good. Pushkin.
  13. So - given that Starkey has revealed that the case given by the barrister was on false or fudged information, is there no means to appeal the decision that was given? I think some 17 and a half million voters (and counting) would like to see their old fashioned and honest democracy to be upheld? I ask this in all sincerity and would appreciate anyone who can advise on this? Pushkin🤔
  14. She should be turning her "How dare you" comments back at her parents or other adult guides who have clearly written the material for her and coached her on how best to present (their) points of view. How dare they - I say they should be full of shame for treating her as a commodity to do this. Why didn't or couldn't they have done this themselves? I hope the lass doesn't suffer in any way for them having manipulated her like this. 😕 Pushkin
  15. Really nice looking stuff TT - as usual - makes us amateurs so envious but also gives us a standard to strive for - Well done. Pushkin
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