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  1. Pushkin

    Scam utopia

    Yet another scam version. Call from Amazon(sic) to say my order number - make it up as you go along - was now on its way to me and they had deducted the sum of £395:00 from my bank account. If this was not you please push button 1 and talk to our advisors. Aye and during that we will ask for your bank details so we can refund the cost. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Pushkin
  2. Sweeney eventually had his head put on the chopping block of being threatened, for the third time with a vote of no confidence. He has now given in and will produce the legal guidance given to them which let them go after Salmond. I think he has been not only the deputy leader but the whipping boy to save Sturgeon. Tomorrow will be very interesting now. Will she or will she not end up resigning?🤓 Pushkin
  3. Given that he was being tried by the democrats for impeachment less that 24 days into his presidency and that Hilary had - along with her FBI acolytes/traitors to the American nation set up tripe about him being in bed with the Ruskies etc etc etc, all fake news by the way and has been proven as such. However, his in your face manner and attitude to the American press and how they attempt to manipulate everything - he then had the audacity to sayno to them and tell it for what it was Fake News. However, because many people think that all the bad the press had drummed up about him with their
  4. Welcome back sir - I wish you all good strength and favor in helping you through this sad time. By the way you will still get the mickey taken Pushkin
  5. Yes Merry Xmas to all on the PW forums. Hoping it turns out better than we all think it will be given the current conditions. Pushkin
  6. Pushkin

    Wild weather

    We are due for a 3 degree increase in temp tomorrow and that may just precipitate a snow fall. But knowing our luck it will just be more rain Pushkin😇
  7. grrclark posted December 7 Thanks Pushkin. There are many Trump fanboys on here, although your name was not on my mental list as being one of them so no offence intended or hopefully taken. Thanks for that grrclark. Sorry no reply since then. Been busy with life's mundane tasks and wife's orders It is strange that so many of the claims have not in fact been investigated - simply a decision has been made not to allow them. I think Biden is going to be fully declared in January but also think the democracy of the nation will turn against him as the stuff about his links to
  8. GrrrClark thanks for your response. My knowledge has come over 6 months or so of trying to find out why Trump is so disliked and despised. Many who when queried give the response well look at what he has done. Looking further into that though, shows the opposite and he has been cleared through the courts and senate hearings. I think the only aspect still to be determined is the allegations of inappropriate sexual advances to some women - but their case is now coming to the fore and I sincerely hope they are given a fair hearing. I hope you are not referring to me as one of trumps f
  9. Ah well then believe what you choose to - I do and I'm quite happy with that. I came to this whole thing about Trump mid last year or so when I was trying to find out why everyone hated him so much - even here in Britain. Asking why folks got so upset about him the reply was almost totally along the lines of look at all the wrong he has done - so I went looking. The allegations against him back as far as when he won the presidency and how Mrs Clinton decided to set the FBI and the CIA on him for supposedly having treacherous liaisons with the Russians which in the end all turned out to be fa
  10. Strange though it may be, Trump is the first president of America who is not a politician - he is a business man. He has been successful in reducing the debt it has and also in increasing the nations workers income by a reasonable amount. He said all along the Clinton accusations about him and the Russians was fake news and so it turned out to be. No Impeachment by Crazy Nancy Pelosi for all her rhetoric about how bad he was for the country. Trumps supporters have now increased their total amount of Senators in the senate with only 1 seat still to be decided - and some of their seats have cha
  11. Sleepy Joe is the person that had the right image those behind him wanted to portray. But that is being questioned by al,l now that the Hunter Biden and the Chinese deals are being investigated. Chances are that if he does become president that he will soon turn ill and give over to his vice president Kamala Harris. For all the dislike spewed about Trump by the democrats and the extremely biased big named news companies and multi media companies like twitter - will not not even report what is happening now with Trump, but will report every-time Sleepy joe farts and then smiles. Trum
  12. Lord Geordie its great to hear that you are feeling better and on the road to better health. Take your time mate and go at your own pace. The health professionals will start to push you when they know you are ready for more and they will be with you all the road mate.. Take care and enjoy the rest and attention paid to you in the meanwhile. All the best - Pushkin
  13. Ok then here's the deal! Joe's favourite saying. anyone want to note down how often he said that during the debate? When you consider how Nancy Pelosi immediately comments on anything Trump says it makes me wonder who is really pulling Joe's strings and how they even managed to get him out of the basement for this debate. He was once referred to as being very sharp - but I doubt anyone could say that about him nowadays. Its a bit of a shame really that they have dragged him out for this. Pushkin😎
  14. From what I read in local press she put forward the idea for off shore settlement; but these have been decided against as not suitable and non runners. She also asked them to do a feasibility review on ascension island and other far flung islands but all the same. Sorry to rain on your parade.🤓 Pushkin😎
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