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  1. What happens if you pull their mask off? Can you get into trouble for that and if yes what kind of trouble. Pushkin🤔
  2. All the best to you and your future missus TT. Pushkin
  3. Innocent until proven guilty eh? What about those folks in the past few years where no shred of evidence other than hearsay has been given by others that the "person was a bad un or looked like the type who would do it or the one ins Scotland where the chap has been sentenced to prison for the alleged murder of his ex girlfriend in her place of work in Edinburgh: Searches in woods in Argyll, and no evidence in his car etc. Something fishy about the innocence rule methinks?😎 I know it is one of the standbys we all hold dear but like everything else it is slowly being eroded.🤔 Pushkin.
  4. Success - I got my new jacket I eventually went for Fife country's Ranger Field Jacket (2246) Was on offer at £89:00 (normally £179:00) Took my missus with me and she paid for it seeing as its my birthday soon Great looking jacket and will soon be well tested.. Way to go folks, thanks for all the advice and suggestions.😎 Pushkin.
  5. That's a great start folks thank you very much. Away on line to look these up. Will let you know how I get on. Pushkin😎
  6. Hi, that time again when i need to buy a new shooting jacket. Old on eis starting to let water in on really bad days. The windproof aspect still seems okay.. The jacket I have at present is a Norsveda From Fife Country wear.. Has been a great jacket over many years but now needs replacing. (it only cost £70:00 when bought :0) ). Have at it then folks. Recommendations in the bracket 0 to £150:00 ish. Mixed shooting from wildfowling through to pigeon crop busting, rabbits and small shoot syndicate for game birds. Regards Pushkin
  7. I've just had a call from a well spoken gentleman who introduced himself as Mike Williams. Claiming to be from the Microsoft licensing Department. It is - according to him, regarding my Windows license that he is going to cancel due to the amount of hacking that is going on through my computer. I was totally amazed that in this day and age he would be able to do this and told him so. He explained that as he was licensed by Microsoft he could do so. After a bit of conversation he gave me a contact number that I could call to confirm he was who he said and that it was a genuine phone call and not one of those scams you hear about. I thanked him for this and then asked him why - in this day and age, if he had my license number then surely he would have access to my e-mail address also and why not contact me in that way.? After some bluster he did not convince me and was told he was talking rubbish and to go away in short sharp copulating jerks. So ended the call. I could have kept him going to find out what was to happen next but my time is more precious to me. Anyone else had this one? Take care out there folks😎 Pushkin
  8. Any updates on these shirts? Pushkin
  9. Hope you all have a good time and that life is good to you. Enjoy Pushkin
  10. So sorry to hear of your loss.. Pushkin.
  11. Teal. Sorry I didn't put any sizes or colours on my request. Doh. 1 x dark green and 1 x dark blue both in XL size. Cheers Mate. Pushkin
  12. Yeah put me down for 2 . I never got round to buying any before but will do this time. Pushkin.
  13. When she last made a total mess of things with the radio interview etc, she used the reason that it was because her blood sugar levels were all to pot - and Corbyn gave her great support in dealing with that. She did improve her diabetes control for a bit but this sounds like she is back to her nonsensical behaviours and being distracted. To think she still remains in post to? May at least keeps her diabetes well controlled. Let us see what tomorrows press brings in for this one. Pushkin
  14. I'm Sorry if this reply is a bit blunt - but naff off with questions like that. The big hint is it is dog food. Good health to you and yours if you go down that road. ATB Pushkin
  15. Pushkin

    Glass Cleaner

    Newspaper and neat white vinegar - then plenty of scrunching up the newspaper and rubbing hard. Keeps the midges away as well Pushkin
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