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  1. Hi, first dibs on the NV addon, Foxeer camera and T38 torch please PM inbound. Regards, Luke
  2. I am sure he is not trying to do someone out of their money just would be the price the OP paid a while ago. I don’t see any problem with posting that thanks for chipping in though. Regards, Luke
  3. Hi I am interested in this... but your price maybe a bit out of date guns and country website is selling this same one for £89.99 new. Let me know if your willing to drop the price a bit. regards, LNewman
  4. I know TNT are the only UK delivery service authorized to carry dangerous goods I am guessing they are the only option would be interesting to see the postage quote from them....
  5. Hi, Providing the powder is sealed I will take it please. PM me your payment methods / details. Thanks, Luke
  6. Sold to me. Gratefully received in better than described condition. Many thanks, Luke
  7. Yes please if you still have it and are willing to post I assuming RMSD is Royal Mail Spec Delivery...? Regards, Luke
  8. kk here it goes i was scanning the web a while back and found this website thought i would share the joy as i got some spare time http://www.huntingfootage.com/index.php cheers luke
  9. can you send me some pics pls dude9012@hotmail.com um the 3 shot and the double pls cheers luke
  10. some light mustard maybe bit unsure on the subject really i have a choc lab and she eats her food as you say yours does although she knows its her last meal by the time i turn around she has finished it but i havent ever had a problem with her eating **** quite frankly hmm bit confused on what to do maybe try the mustard see how she reacts to it i tried it on my jack russel to stop her chewing certain things and she loved the mustard and ate the whole thing so that back fired a bit lol well dats bout all i can help ya with their also with the ffod bit try to lenthen out her food so dnt give it all to her at once not only does it keep her keen but she should also be less hungry in the morning or when ever you feed her cheers luke
  11. out of 10 i would give her a three she aint to hot
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