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  1. Afternoon all,

    Can someone clarify the law on using a shotgun within your own boundary? My garden is quarter of an acre quite overgrown in places with a 6ft thick timber fence around the boundary... In the last few weeks I've been getting a fair few game bird's on my garden and fancied having a pop at them. Now I'm not daft, I'd never shoot while they were in the air I'd only shoot while they're on the ground so the trajectory is at a downward angle. Is this allowed as I've heard mix opinions. Thanks. ☺️

  2. It's a nikko stirling 6-24x56 nighteater milldot reticle scope I've got the same on my 17hmr and on both rifles they're very accurate My 17hmr hasn't been adjusted for 3 years and it's still pin point accuracy. Think I've got the box for it somewhere and the range finder wheel which isn't on at the moment.

  3. Morning everyone hope everyone is enjoying the festive period and more importantly the shooting 😄 anyway yesterday I tried clays for the first time a whilst there tried to change my choke but it seems to have ceased in pretty good. Apart from brute force that may possibly damage the gun anyone have an idea how to get this out?? Possibly some sort of specialised solvent


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.





  4. Right just out now mate unfortunately I couldn't mount it on because my mates nm800 mount is on and we don't have any tools to take it off and see though there was a bit of rail just behind that I could hold the illuminator up to and I'm pretty sure it will fit on. We also held it up to compare it against the nm800 and it's as good if not better. As a show of good faith if you take it and it doesn't fit I'll have it back off you.

  5. It has got a dimmer pal yes and a sliding pin for flood or spot, I'll let you know later about the n750 bit my mates got one and I'm going shooting in a bit so I'll try it. I'm sure it will as the rail on the side looks very similar to the rail i used

  6. I'm selling my illuminator from my DIY nv setup as my camera popped last night and decided to try something else , it's only used once and about a month old built by sikastag, complete with sliding pin and dimmer. £115 posted also selling the rest of the kit minus the camera which is dead, mounting rings and screen with all cables for an extra price. Let me know if you're interested.




  7. Hi I've had jack pyke for years and I'm ready for buying my next lot. Until early this year it never let a drop in but I think the jackets a bit knackered now. As for the breathable they are or so I found but if you've been wearing the hunter jacket this time of year then there's no wonder, you should of bought the lighter fleece too. I went on a deer stalk in -10 conditions and snow and I was toasty. I suppose it can only breath to a certain extent. How old is the kit? Might have it.


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