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  1. Morning chaps, not sure how many of you are in South Yorkshire but the above clay shooting is 5 minutes from me and wondered if anyone knew if it was any good and can you take semi-autos? Joe.
  2. After careful consideration and the fact i dont use it enough I've decided to sell my nitesite ns200. I bought it last November so still has just under 4 months warrent left, perfect looking and working condition. Never used in the rain, used about a dozen times great little tool I've found. I'm looking for £490 inc next day UPS delivery. I won't be able to ship until early next week as I'm away but I've got my phone and can respond to any questions you have, thanks. REDUCED to £425.00
  3. They do fit I have a 452 and a friend has a 455 and I've borrowed magazines of him before.
  4. I was meaning the actual £100 add-on, I didn't know there was an app. Making my own is an idea I suppose the idea is simple enough to copy. Thanks and I'll check out those vids
  5. I've been looking into simple methods to record my shoots and this seems simple and fairly practical. I just wondered if anyone had used this and if they found any pros and cons. Thanks Joe.
  6. Eyup Kieron I've still got your number mate we'll have to sort a night killing if you want.
  7. Gutted! Only in Rotherham but going out in a bit. If the opportunity comes along again I'd take you up on that pal. Great offer
  8. Apart from the bolt and breach area I rarely clean my .17 purely because when I do it's accuracy goes pear shaped and when I do clean it it's not because its not performing well but because I feeI i probably should do. Does anyone else find this?
  9. I do think it depends on your scope how well the ns200 works, mine works spot on with my nikko 6-24x56 but my mates doesn't work that well he uses a hawke but don't know the spec.
  10. Yeah I'd recommend the nitesite ns 200 too. Just bought one this week and its amazing. I use mine with a .17hmr, like bangon said you need a screen filter as the screen really kills your own night vision.
  11. It's hard to say fella very common gun I have the same in 28" it's a buyers market right now. just try what you think and hope for the best. Sorry cant really help there.
  12. Spot on mines black, added a sling and a hi vis sight its an awesome little shooter!
  13. Fantastic cheap shotty, got one myself just had it 3 years never missed a beat. When i picked it up in the shop it felt as good as any top brand shotgun that starts with a B. You wont go far wrong.
  14. Not every police force allows .17hmr and .22 for fox though like Luckyshot said if your sensible with the range and look for the one shot it'll go down fast and painless.
  15. Personally I use the .17hmr never bothered with a .22 yes there is the noise factor it does make a bit of a crack but when use with a night vision or IR the bunnies don't budge even after the shot. They figure no one can see them and they're safe and also like telf said great at a range. Though my land is a golf course which is open and long so depends on your land and what you think suits.
  16. I'm only a rabbit man myself but I use a Gerber. And its fantastic, can go wrong.
  17. Yeah in police now. Good to hear you got your firearms now then?
  18. I've got another 2 and a half years left so a while yet, and I was let to believe until I recieve a letter that states the termination of my permission I'm still being lawful? Anyway going to try and sort something but it took me nearly 2 years to get this land :(
  19. Keep trying to get hold of him but he's always busy. Think one afternoon when I'm at work I'll pop in to see him. There's been a change of green keepers and can never get hold of him, going in a big police van might get his attention
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