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  1. After careful consideration and the fact i dont use it enough I've decided to sell my nitesite ns200. I bought it last November so still has just under 4 months warrent left, perfect looking and working condition. Never used in the rain, used about a dozen times great little tool I've found. I'm looking for £490 inc next day UPS delivery. I won't be able to ship until early next week as I'm away but I've got my phone and can respond to any questions you have, thanks.



    REDUCED to £425.00

  2. I was meaning the actual £100 add-on, I didn't know there was an app. Making my own is an idea I suppose the idea is simple enough to copy. Thanks and I'll check out those vids :)

  3. I've been looking into simple methods to record my shoots and this seems simple and fairly practical. I just wondered if anyone had used this and if they found any pros and cons.




  4. Yeah I'd recommend the nitesite ns 200 too. Just bought one this week and its amazing. I use mine with a .17hmr, like bangon said you need a screen filter as the screen really kills your own night vision.

  5. Personally I use the .17hmr never bothered with a .22 yes there is the noise factor it does make a bit of a crack but when use with a night vision or IR the bunnies don't budge even after the shot. They figure no one can see them and they're safe and also like telf said great at a range. Though my land is a golf course which is open and long so depends on your land and what you think suits.

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