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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering how to get more money for your firearm when selling it. It appears I've lost my permission (through no foul play) it appears I've been over looked on the annual renewal of permission letters issued to shooters and since it was my only permission it's game over.

    Anyway is it better to strip the gun down ie. Scope, bipod, sling? Or just sell it as a whole.

    Look forward to your replys.


  2. Just a daft question whether anyone knows or not. If you've seen that move 'shooter' with mark whalberg there's a part in it he shoots a can of stew from a mile away and through the scope the can looks pretty clear you can tell what it is. The question I'm getting at what spec scope

    would that be? If they make it at all or is it just Hollywood ********? Anyone? Cheers.

  3. Dont know if anyone can answer this. With the NS200 I have to turn magnification up max and range on scope down to 25m just to get a good picture other wise the screen is just white and tbh the furthest i can see a rabbit at it about 90yrds and thats just the eyes, I cant make out the body. Apart from that a good bit of kit. And ideas?

  4. I have a deben tracer max then bought a striker 170 and the striker isnt much better than the deben apart from you can adjust it from a ling range beam to a wide flood. Ive also got a mount for my 12g semi-auto which works well. both good lamps but the deben was cheaper

  5. Hiya mate, the link doesnt seem to work dont know if it its just me. I've had a Gerber 22-41121 for about 3 months and its great for what I use it for skinning bunnies or what ever I want to use it for its good for all weather with a rubber handle and matt black blade and the leg holster is also fantastic. Kind of hoping I dont need to use the warrenty as I fetched it from the states and I must say for a lot less than what it would cost here. $45 dollars as apposed to £70. Anyway dont think youll go wrong with a gerber mate but like anything you'll get someonw with a bad story to tell.


  6. Thanks for the info guys :good:


    Sorry to the OP for the apparent thread Hi-jack - but all invaluable info for anyone thinking of purchasing one of the NS offerings

    Not a problem like you said all good info, I'm staying quiet but I'm still reading all your thoughts on it. Keep em coming! :):)

  7. I voted for annie, purely because a friend has both annie and cz and before i had my fac and used his guns i got on better with the anschutz. End of the day fella its what suits you and your pocket. I went into a gun shop and kept picking guns up until one felt right, odly enough it was a marley. Which ever you buy you love


  8. Which ever you choose I probably wouldnt choose the heavy barrell option I make that mistake, I love my marlin but standing shots are a bit hit n miss with the extra weight. I'd also consider the Anschutz too, good rifle.

  9. I'm in the process of evaluating mine. Good results so far, as mentioned, a lot of light thrown back from the monitor, but coloured filters reduce it.

    I'm hoping to try it 'in action' tonight.



    Yeah let us know mate, can I ask what rifle you got it mounted on


  10. Hey everyone,


    Just got back from the shooting show and one stand was demoing the Nitesite NS200 infra red kit. Gotta say it looked impressive but have any of you any experience with this? It did look a simple and brilliant idea.



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