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  1. Hi Tony,

    Yes it does but since my last post which I think you gave me advise on the green keeper has issued me with my new annual permission letter and he's removed fox from it because he claims they are no longer a problem on the land. I quried it but he just said if the population picks up he will reinstate the permission for fox, he's a bit of a funny individual his moods change like the weather so didnt want to push it too much. But on my last post you advised offering shooting on my land in exchange for experience on someone elses. Cheers.

  2. Afternoon everyone,

    After several great years of vermin shooting I'd like to try foxing and learn the art of it. I have my SGC and FAC but its only rimfire, I'm looking for someone in the South Yorkshire region to take me foxing and show me the ropes and in return I'll take you lamping to my permission which is around 200 acre golf course. I'm a sensible shooter fully insured have my own transport though its not 4x4. I know it sounds choosey but I would be looking for someone as close as possible or with in South Yorkshire to go out with as I work over 50 hours a week and don't really want to trek too far. Thanks for taking the time to read this, anyone interested PM me at your leisure.

    Have a good day :)

  3. Evening all,

    I was wondering if anyone know's of a gunsmith or shooting supply that would do a 10 shot magazine for a Marlin 917VST. I don't think it's something Marlin has released themselves so I'm assuming it will be an after market item, I know of someone with a similar problem with his Anschutz who only had a four shot and he found someone who made a 7 shot magazine.

    Thanks in advance.



  4. I'll be there with a few quid on the hip, never know what bargain I might see.

    Dont have a PW badge but i'll say high if I see ya. If its cold and wet I'll be camo'd up to the nines. Should be a good weekend and its only an hour away. Always a bonus. Does anyone know if I take my ticket they will anyone be selling bullets? Ready for a top up. :) :)

  5. Night vision time :lol:


    There won't be much you can do really if they spook as easy as you say!


    Someone with more knowledge may offer up a few options :good:


    Believe me I'd love to, just don't have a few grand for a decent scope but thanks anyway :)

  6. Yes, there's 4 other people 3 of which are friend's but we all go together usually but we don't over shoot it and the other guy hardly goes because he has too much land. But I know the land has problems with poachers as ive had scrapes with them myself (almost to the point of trading bullets) so that's the only thing I can think it is.


    Thanks for the replies, I also thought it might be because of too much lamping ill have a word with the owner.

  7. Hey everyone, don't know if anyone has any advise but I've been shooting the land I have for nearly 3 years and in the last 5 months the rabbits have become really lamp shy. They used to just stand there till either they got bored or they caught a round, but lately as soon as the lamp goes on they scatter. I've tried changing the filter or having no filter at all, it doesn't make a difference. Do rabbits remember? Any ideas? Thanks in advance



  8. Well really you shouldn't use the .17 (although I would if the opportunity arose) minimum is .222 like you say but no they won't pass it for that and the golf course is huge that I'm on. Behind at the side of a international airport doesn't help.

  9. yeah your right its not easy took me nearly 2 years to get the land I've got, I have friends with permission up Scotland but I don't want a gun that I've got to drive 200mile to use. How do you get an open fac? Is it just down to your experience?

  10. Thanks for replying devon fox, but I'm killing the foxes (well two) but with shotgun, I'm just looking for help to acquire somewhere that's passed for centrefire and obviously that has a fox issues or deer to shoot.

  11. Evening everyone,

    Having been a FAC holder for a couple of years now, though I love my .17HMR to bits I'd really like to up to something centre fire. The land I have has fox and rarely deer but "too flat" apparently to pass for centre fire. Does anyone know where I could possibly get permission in the South Yorkshire region or possibly surrounding county's? I would greatly appreciate anyone's advise or directions.

    Thanks again


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