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    Pigeon shooting. Lamping. Trying to get into deer stalking

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  1. filzee

    Bucharest shooting range

    I am off on a stag do in July to Bucharest and the stag has said he would like to do some shooting. most of the party have never fired a gun before but I am quite experienced in both pistols and rifles of many types. does anyone have any experience or knowledge of decent places in Bucharest to go. Many thanks Phil
  2. filzee


    So I permanently wear glasses so can these be worn over other glasses?
  3. filzee

    Another leather cartridge bag

    Yes sorry I will get the babk transfer done asap
  4. filzee

    Another leather cartridge bag

    How would you like payment I will take this one
  5. filzee

    Leather cartridge bag Brown

    Are there any more of these?
  6. filzee

    Utah Elk Hunting

    Great read and well done. Elk is on my list for one day
  7. filzee

    Netflix series 'meat eater'

    The other on on Netflix is called “the hunt” I believe but it is a guy that never stops talking, mostly about himself and how amazing he is and loads of product placement but if you have a spare couple of hours you could watch it. Just search on Netflix for hunting and a few programs pop up
  8. filzee

    Can It Get To Hot For Pigeon Shooting ?

    Myself, my shooting friend and a guest from Finland have been out today and driving round it was barren. i do think there was too much ground open to them. We tried on some rape stubble and some cane close enough to shoot but nothing decoyed. About 4 o’clock we moved and all of us got some shooting but only about 40 between 3 hides. Very slow and they just moved from one field to the next.
  9. filzee

    Prefab concrete garage conversion

    I took mine down last week and a guy took it away and rebuilt it. Was very easy.
  10. filzee

    sale of shooting eqipment

    Sent pm regarding flapper and rangefinder
  11. filzee

    Pigeon Shooting Book - by Archie Coats.

    Ill take this if not already gone please
  12. filzee


    Link or details please
  13. filzee

    6 FUD Greylag/Pinkfoot Decoys

    If you want to post I’ll have them please
  14. I bought a Kofts .410 and it is very good fun to shoot
  15. filzee

    Wanted - bolt action .410 - cheap !

    Where are you located?