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  1. If the above falls through please let me know as I’d take it. Thanks
  2. The French go mad for hares. I have a french friend that came pigeon shooting and all he wanted to do was shoot a hare for dinner
  3. You get sorted for your chokes? I have some beretta victory ones here

    LM and IM

  4. Sorry I guess I was too specific. Aftermarket chokes are fine they are to go in a beretta so don’t have to be beretta. extended chokes would be best
  5. Hi looking for some beretta Mobil extended chokes. 3/4 and 1/2 or 2 of each depending on what you have. thanks
  6. filzee

    Ear Defenders

    Hi pm on it’s way
  7. Hi I’ll take the last one 3/8 Mobil please. Send me payment details thanks
  8. Any idea if these fit in a silver pigeon?
  9. So the cost of transport has probably been passed down unfortunately. The rates I am getting for some freight I arrange is mind boggling
  10. One of the issues at the moment is transport. If they are importing the gun it is likely to come over as air freight as it is more secure for weapon transport. As we are all aware there are very few flights and of those flights even less will transport guns so a likely price hike is the freight. We are at the point where it is almost impossible to bring goods in airfreight from certain countries.
  11. I believe in France your not allowed to use dead birds as decoys hence why they use live ones.
  12. filzee

    Tachyon gun cam

    Hi, i was looking for a tachyon gun cam to record some of my shooting. Can’t seem to find them for sale unless I order direct from the US. let me know if you have anything. thanks
  13. The distance and carry weight isn’t a massive issue for me most of my permissions have good access.
  14. What’s best then full body or the shells? I need some new decoys just don’t know which I want
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