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  1. Independent Consultant for the Angolan National Oil Company. Hey that sounds quite good I might get some business cards printed I really ship oilfield materials to oilrigs
  2. Now Sold to Lord Geordie Thanks for the interest everyone Nice to meet you Martin Happy Shooting HH
  3. Thanks for the PMs Sen was the first to PM me If interested I will post some pics after I get home on 31st of Jan HH still in Angolan prison
  4. Hi I have a 12G Beretta S56E Single selective trigger, Ejector over and under Game Gun This gun has a slight cast and will be better for the left handed shooter Plus an old W R Leeson Side By Side 12g Non Ejector which has been sleeved for Sale The Beretta has to be worth 300 quid or more and the Leeson Over 120 quid. I will Take 250 quid for the two plus will throw in some Carts approx 200, gun sleeve,cleaning kits x 2 game bag, a few decoys and any other bits i can find. I live about 6 miles east of Durham. I am not prepared to travel to meet as I dont have the time
  5. Thanks for the replies and Info, I am too old for this type of music, but somebody must like them. They left to go back to the USA last night. and as you say they must be earning a lot of money just to pay for their bodyguards, hotel bills and travel etc. maybe i should have asked for their autographs. Could have sold them on E/Bay Thanks Again HH
  6. I Was sitting at breakfast in my hotel yesterday and along comes 4 Black Loud mouthed American guys who sat beside me. They were talking about 5 Million Dollar cheques and 10 million Dollar cheques etc, They were wearing Diamond studded watches as big as my fist, and diamond and gold chains around their necks. they even started Rapping at the table When I left Breakfast I went into the Hotel reception and there was about 10 WWF sized Black wrestlers hanging around. I asked one of the guys who these dudes were, and he mentioned 4 names. Buster Rhymes, Splif, 50 cents and Acon. He
  7. Cranfield you are a hard man, I told you not to tell anyone that i was banged up :o Here is me looking for a bit of sympathy and this is all i get Just look at the state of the Prison these The Angolan Government are keeping me in http://www.southtravels.com/africa/angola/...lade/index.html Well Santa did not come, I saw him on telly though and discovered that he is Black, Must be all that soot i recon. I called my Grandson this morning and he told me that there were no pressies at home for me either, and he said that i must have been naughty during the year Anyway Here is wishi
  8. No Xmas pressies for me this year, Not even a card :o
  9. I will be attending my place of work every day from now till the 26th of Jan, I wont be doing owt just attending for an hour or so to get my Day Rate, calling the missus then back to my hotel to sit around the pool drinking Beer Happy Xmas Everyone
  10. Seasons Greetings From Angola All my National staff have nicked off for the weekend, so im blasting out the xmas tunes till about 3pm Then im off to a party Have a good one everybody All The Best HH
  11. I can see it and im in Luanda
  12. 25mins so far I deleted all the blue squares
  13. I bought £10K worth last November, First month i won £50 then nothing till June,Then I have had another £300 since then in 50s and one x £100 win. I think you need at least one or two £5k consecutive blocks to stand any chance of winning regularly. as the odd £100 blocks scattered around dont stand much of a chance of being picked.unless you live down south that is.
  14. Why not cut the wires off and use a couple of Spade or bullet connectors which are used in cars they will do the trick and you can always pull them apart again if you need to
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