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  1. hi all, does anyone use Winchester 22lr subs. only im finding the ammunition dangerous, i have found in my sako the bullet sometimes wont load from the magazine into the chamber, i get no end of misfires and today i had a misfire and the cartridge got stuck in the chamber, i found the same using the Winchester .17 ammo in my CZ, im going to take the ammo back to the shop, i have had no issues using eleys, Rws and cci, in both calibres has anyone else found issues with Winchester ammo. regards Tony
  2. hi is this rifle still for sale, regards Tony
  3. hi all need some advice, im looking at buying fac Webley patriot .22 i need an idea for a moderator its not screw cut is there an adaptor i could use so i can attach a moderator, also what are members views on the rifle its self, im looking at using it for rats and rabbits, regards Tony
  4. tony3


    what can i say, I've been shooting for many years from target to hunting, but i have always had a soft spot for rabbit shooting, I've used shotguns including moderated which for bolting rabbits or shooting over ferrets are brilliant, I've used sub air rifles and FAC which have their place, and of course the .22lr which i have the sako finnfire, which is a very accurate , but today was my first use of a CZ452 .17 American, with a Hawke 44x16x50 scope. i shot 3 for 3 using Hornby 17grain v-max polymer tip i cannot believe the accuracy and the distance i took the rabbits, the first was close about 30 yards i think the bullet went straight through as there was no pelt damage only a small hole the next was around 60 yards again no pelt damage, but the third was over a hundred yards i paced it to 120, it was a shot that with my .22lr i would have thought twice about, but with the .17 the bullet hit exactly where I placed the cross hair, only damage was a small entry hole with a slightly larger exit. i expected more damage to the rabbits but all 3 are edible. i did notice the crack of the bullet when fired but it didn't disturb the rabbits. sum up had a brilliant morning. regards Tony
  5. hi is the rifle still for sale if so what is it running at regards tony
  6. hi is the rifle still for sale regards Tony
  7. i know how you feel mate lost my dog saturday he was just over a year old . Its hurts . But the poem has helped me
  8. well its been over a year scince i had to sell my guns and stop shooting due to divorce ,shooting is in my blood so i think members know how i have been feeling . Some of the members i have met when i sold my guns to them hope they remember me. Well enoough of the sad stuff im starting again reapplying for my certificates and looking for land i know its going to take time had to give up nearly 3000 acres but i will do it . This is the happiest i have felt for a long time. Its good to be back.
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