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  1. As per title - Gunsport Hushpower in 12 bore. 32” total length of barrel and full choke. Tidy condition £180 collected from Worcester
  2. Tentatively on the look out for a nice 16 gauge over under….anyone have anything lurking in the cabinet that hasn’t seen the light of day for a while?regardsGraham
  3. Drop me a message with your address and I will post one up to you early next week. No point trying to post it before Xmas
  4. I have some new original bowman wad fingers
  5. As per title looking for a nice 16 bore cartridge belt. Fair price paid
  6. The problem being that a lot of the viewers are not shooting folk and will fully support a ban based on what they have just watched….
  7. I think it is more of a case of what is available to you…
  8. Officially off the market. I will keep it in case the zombies come
  9. I think you are probably right. I will load a pile of cartridges up for it. Just so many guns in the cabinet…..
  10. plenty of reloading gear here. 16ga Lee Loadall, crimp finisher, rto tool, plastic wads, fibre wads 8mm, 9mm and 12mm, nitro cards, top cards, wads for steel shot, new 67mm and 70mm cases, primers, powder etc lee loadall with all bushing(metal base) £50 rto set £25 wads etc depending how many you want
  11. It may be your recoil spring has worn or the friction rings and thus losing the bolt to come back too quickly which could be the cause of the breakage…. Just a thought
  12. Yes it is but as is quite often they are referred to as Baikal on the shotgun certs
  13. I have a big box of spares including the breech link, complete bolt, stocks and forends, springs, recoil springs, steel proof chokes etc etc and they will be available once (or if) I sell the gun.
  14. Breda long recoil auto in 12g. All good condition and very reliable with a choice of either a ribbed 2 3/4” barrel or ribless magnum 3” barrel. One choke supplied. Very reliable bargain at £95 collected from Worcester will add pictures tomorrow if any interest
  15. A very tidy TOZ63 16 bore hammer gun with 28 1/2” barrels choked 3/4 and full. Double trigger and tidy refinished wood work with a length of pull of 14 3/4” to the front trigger. Bargain at £95 collected. No offers if it doesn’t sell in the next week then I will keep it and load a rake of cartridges up for it. These are reliable well balanced guns that genuinely last a lifetime. Worcester based
  16. The tungsten based products are by far the better non toxic however they all demand a protective wad cup which I feel will end up being banned before lead finally does it death dance…. the new Bismuth shot (with higher 6% tin mix) is very good and undergoing a major surge in following in the states. Rotometals will ship at a very reasonable price and the shot is cheap. BPi do a very nice rounded polished shot and Boss do a copper coated Bismuth. I believe that these are the future as there is no need for protective shot cups and traditional fibres can be used. For an occasional pheasant or duck shoot then the cost is not too bad if you reload. Not so great for clays mind….
  17. Will pull it out the cabinet in the morning and take some
  18. Gun sport single barrel Hushpower with original folding case. Full choke and I think 32” barrel in reasonably tidy order. it did have some cammo tape on which pulled some of the paint off the aluminium mod when I removed it so had a quick re spray on the mod. Very effective vermin control. It comes with a slab of 32g FW 4’s which I loaded up for it and the is probably a good 150 or so of 28g few 5’s which I loaded for pigeon. All are subsonic and work very well £280 will do photos if of any interest
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