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  1. This has been planned for some time and perhaps numbers are a bit lower here than where you are? All the best Yes, in hand, and helpful suggestions welcome. Some can go for dog food if you feed raw but I'd rather not let them go for shark chum! Just so, this is not for the shotgunner. Pms replied and thank you all for your early expressions of interest. This is an offer for all you can eat cull geese, I am not offering shooting.
  2. The target for the first week is in the low 100s and if anyone wishes to travel for 30-50 birds just let me know.
  3. Thanks to all, kind words are always appreciated. The target for the first week is in the low 100s and if anyone wishes to travel for 30-50 birds just let me know.
  4. For those who don't look at the forum's Trading Post I'm offering Greylags from a Lincolnshire cull in early January and look here : http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/327002-free-geese-lincolnshire/ I would prefer not to waste any.
  5. From the week after next, a quantity of fresh cull Greylag geese. They will be as they come rifle shot, suit pie cuts, mincing, legs for the slow cooker, goose fat & stock. I would really prefer not to waste any ; if you would like a few free geese just drop me a pm. Church & charity food bankers welcome, please share. Collect Horncastle district, Lincolnshire - and of course they are free.
  6. Nice pair of red & white Benelli cufflinks, gilt metal, vgc, £10.00 posted UK for bank transfer.
  7. For some of a certain generation one hawk is one too many and for others younger, who may have never seen them as a countryside bird in the past, the hawk’s recent success is something of note. Judging by the disgraceful display of pot shots at spar’hawks that I’ve seen on some small shoots, incidentally all by BASC members, I guess the hawk’s ability to fly fast is far beyond the ability of you old farts to shoot them, lol
  8. I don't have any use for .22lr HV but RWS subs are widely stocked. Currently paying £37.00 - £40.00 + VAT per brick of 500 for RWS, and they are indeed "by far the most accurate HP in my CZ" of those that I've tried. You can use powder free nitrile disposables to handle them if you prefer not to get lead impregnated bullet lube on your hands.
  9. This may help :http://www.ruag.co.uk/dealer-locator
  10. RWS have to be one of the better choices, if your rifle likes them. A genuinely quiet sub., tiny, tiny groups, the only downside - they are filthy to handle, very greasy. Not to complain, I've had 135 rabbits on the last few outings ... bang on !
  11. Yes, Remington subs renowned for crackers, I no longer use them. Of half a dozen brands tried last year indoors CCI Segmented were easily and noticeably the loudest, and RWS the quietest. It wouldn't be noticeable in the field unless you were a rabbit.
  12. Full Pelt

    Barn Owls

    This is very true, and really good numbers of Kestrels in Lincolnshire, I've seen dozens over the wayside, Fens and Wolds.
  13. Deer see very much more in the blue spectrum than they do in the red which is why you can stand stock still dressed head to foot in hi viz and have a roe buck calmly walk past you and look over his shoulder at you less than 3 metres away, yes it happened to me last summer whilst out at daybreak for muntjac on the edge of an industrial estate. 'Camo essential' is a total fallacy but it gives you confidence then that is not a bad thing even if that if the only advantage you have paid for.
  14. Apply for two ; one bolt action, the second semi-auto for dedicated nv.
  15. First divorce is always the hardest, good luck Archie, have a smooth move, take you a week or two to get straight but time passes without any help from anyone.
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