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  1. greg12

    Titan MPT wanted

    Hi as per title left or right hand cash waiting thanks Greg 07530431899 as im not always on here!!
  2. greg12

    Baikal IJ58 12 gauge

    get the train try the train line or megatrain,I can usually get tickets for peanuts!!
  3. greg12

    Diana G25 .22

    Now sold!!
  4. Hi, I have two old BSA .410 bolt action shotguns, not made anymore, circa the Great War, I am just very interested if anyone could date the serial numbers on them, did BSA keep record logs etc, any help would be greatly appreciated, the serial numbers are 5958 & 8657 Thank you so much!
  5. greg12

    .410 BSA bolt action shotgun

    Hi No after a BSA! knee deep in Webleys down here!! thanks anyway
  6. greg12

    .410 BSA bolt action shotgun

    Hi After BSA .410 bolt action shotgun,either SGC or FAC if under 24" barrel,many thanks
  7. greg12

    wanted .410 BSA bolt action

    Hi as post BSA .410 shotgun wanted SGC or if under 24" FAC cash waiting,many thanks Greg
  8. greg12

    wanted .410 BSA bolt action

    Hi As per title, BSA .410 bolt action shotgun,cash waiting,would prefer tight choke,thanks Greg
  9. greg12

    Magpie call bird wanted

    Go onto Ebay,guy on there sells nice wood ones from Belguim,Ive got one very good,sent very quick had a maggie 6 foot above me!! although I was in full 3d camo as well.
  10. greg12

    Wanted GP Greener Martini

    Hi Thanks for interest but want full choke,regards Greg
  11. greg12

    Wanted GP Greener Martini

    thanks will have a look, come on lads have a poke round your cabinets!!
  12. greg12

    Wanted GP Greener Martini

    How much?
  13. greg12

    Wanted GP Greener Martini

    Hi All As per description,wanted GP Greener Martini must be 26 or 27 inch barrel, full choke,original condition,eg no rubber recoil pads etc!. Cash waiting,face to face or RFD Thanks
  14. my email is


    1. can u send me some pics please if you've still got it?