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  1. ActionMan Moneysupermarket ad

    Just watched it,spent my time going had that,had that and that and so on.
  2. Crosland fuel filter

    Bought this a couple of years back and never got round to fitting before moving the car on. It's this one http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_1051179_langId_-1_categoryId_165539_epId_503590418 I bought for a volvo s40 1.6 diesel,this engine was used by several manufacturers. £20 posted. Thanks.
  3. Leaves

    Nowt funny for some of us.
  4. Handguns

    Wilson never got round to doing their LBR due to smith & wesson refusing to supply the frames on there own.There are one or two other LBR's out there based on smith frames out there and the difference between them and the taurus LBR is amazing.
  5. Two this evening... 1125
  6. Northeast gunsmith

    This guy I'm assuming.....www.gunrepairs.co.uk
  7. Northeast gunsmith

    This chap comes very well recommended.
  8. 05 Navara

    Yeah the yard at Inverkeithing has dozens of them.
  9. Walther KKJ

    Okay thanks Andy.
  10. Walther KKJ

    Mmmm yes seem to remember someone was looking for a mag for a .22lr one on the forums a wee while ago.What's the availability of other parts.
  11. Walther KKJ

    I'm on the lookout for a bolt action .22wmr and have been offered a Walther KKJ,I know nothing about them so looking for info/advise. Cheers.
  12. traveling with Gun on trains

    The quoted above is nothing to do with taking guns on trains,below I have lifted from the national conditions of carriage. Items permitted at the discretion of individual Train Companies, for which a fee may be payable Item Mobility scooters Canoes; surfboards; sailboards Skis and ski-boards; golf equipment; other sports equipment except where shown as not permitted below Musical Instruments exceeding these dimensions, 30 x 70 x 90 cm which are also set out in Unloaded guns
  13. traveling with Gun on trains

    If you look in the national conditions of carriage there is a section relating to what can and can't be carried.IIRC the carriage of unloaded guns is down to the individual train operating company. I'd put a decent amount of money on the guard not knowing the rule either hence be discreet.
  14. traveling with Gun on trains

    Each train company will have it's own policy but be discreet and you'll be fine,just remember to take it with you when you get off.
  15. IIRC it was midway before changing to brownells that used to sell them.