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  1. The missus works for a supermarket call centre and they were getting loads of calls about fuel availability.
  2. Okay thanks guys,found a petrol crv this morning picking up next week.. Cheers.
  3. My current gen2 Honda crv got the death sentence today due a fair bit of rot at the rear of the sills so started looking for a replacement. Finding a dearth of gen2 crvs locally especially petrol but my workmate who dabbles in selling cars has a 06 shogun sport warrior 2.5 Td he's nearly got ready for sale,other than the ludicrous Road tax do these vehicles have much in the way of problems. Tvm.
  4. Try here.....https://www.oceaniadefence.co.uk/
  5. Edgar Bros. Opti-mate 5-20×50 Edgar Bros. Opti-mate scope. Used this for the past few years on my .22 gallery rifle in as you may expect not in the first flush of youth but overall in good nick and is still operating to spec. Made in Japan comes boxed though box is from one of my other EB Opti-mate scopes. £70 posted. Thanks.
  6. Okay bought this on here last week BNIB but it's not what I was looking for.I bought this to go on my LBR but for me the tube is too narrow and I don't have a rifle to use it on. So up for sale unmounted just a quick look and back in the box. Comes with Vortex's lifetime warranty. Looking for £110 posted. Thanks.
  7. Just announced during news conference he was a certificate holder.
  8. Hi this has been sold on another forum. Thanks.
  9. Afraid not these are £230 odd new and this was only bought last year and hasn't had much use. Ta.
  10. For sale Vortex venom 3 moa red dot sight.£150 posted.Thanks.
  11. mr smith


    Hi I'll take the victory chokes thanks.
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