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  1. mr smith

    Escape to the Chateau

    Ha ha your not the only one.
  2. mr smith

    ATI Strikeforce stock for 10/22

    As it says looking for a ATI strikeforce stock for a ruger 10/22 in black. Thanks.
  3. mr smith

    Sat afternoon thread

    Saw a fresh delivery of people up at the platform this morning whilst leaving North Queensferry heading south.
  4. mr smith

    Sat afternoon thread

    Wouldn’t mind a wee trip up there,been over that bridge hundreds of times in fact I’ll be over it four times today.
  5. mr smith

    Squeak In CR-V Clutch Pedal

    A lot of Honda's seem to do it not just crv's,the usual dealer's answer is to replace the master cylinder which the rod goes into.Mine is a 2004 and just learned to live with it in fact the only time I notice it is when someone points it out.
  6. mr smith

    ActionMan Moneysupermarket ad

    Just watched it,spent my time going had that,had that and that and so on.
  7. mr smith

    Crosland fuel filter

    Bought this a couple of years back and never got round to fitting before moving the car on. It's this one http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_1051179_langId_-1_categoryId_165539_epId_503590418 I bought for a volvo s40 1.6 diesel,this engine was used by several manufacturers. £20 posted. Thanks.
  8. mr smith


    Nowt funny for some of us.
  9. mr smith


    Wilson never got round to doing their LBR due to smith & wesson refusing to supply the frames on there own.There are one or two other LBR's out there based on smith frames out there and the difference between them and the taurus LBR is amazing.
  10. Two this evening... 1125
  11. mr smith

    Northeast gunsmith

    This guy I'm assuming.....www.gunrepairs.co.uk
  12. mr smith

    Northeast gunsmith

    This chap comes very well recommended.
  13. mr smith

    05 Navara

    Yeah the yard at Inverkeithing has dozens of them.
  14. mr smith

    Walther KKJ

    Okay thanks Andy.