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  1. Except that they'd just finished telling everyone that it's not allowed for the benefit of the country. It's people like you that give these ********* the idea that they're above the rest of us.
  2. Perhaps you should remember that it's the governments job to run the country. With foresight not hindsight.
  3. Perhaps you'd also like to tell us why there isn't enough Nurses, Doctors, Police, etc etc etc etc?
  4. I get really tired of hearing how bad a Labour Government would be. I know that taken as a whole, Labour MPs are maybe not as well educated as the Old Etonians etc but the biggest difference is labour at least tries to give something to the little people. Just look at what the Tories cut back on, everything that doesn't make money but costs money. Labour doesn't do that (I'm generalising here) but you can't always do that without borrowing. Now look at what the Tories are about to do because they've had to borrow for a change and they want that money back.
  5. I know it sounds far fetched but don't rule out Farage. I don't like everything about the man but he's the closest thing we've go to a proper politician. You just watch the climb of the Reform party. And I love the way you say "are not up to running the country", you mean like this shambles we've got now is?
  6. I fear BJ has learned too much at the knee of Donald Chump. Doesn't matter what's said, or evidence provided. Just ride on through. The minions will get over it. Even as we speak he may well be concocting a "Jan 6th party" in the house of commons. Labour should stop trying to oust him. Him being in place is their best bet for a shoe-in at the next election.
  7. I've been advocating the same thing for years only doing it properly via the NHS. Instead of going for blood tests for a single ailment every couple of months, revamp the NHS so, starting from maybe 5yrs old they take blood and test for everything and then every 5yrs of your life. Imagine a doctor calling you up and telling you what's wrong with you before any symptoms. Imagine catching **** like cancer at a stage when it's an easy cure and doesn't take up months of hospital beds. The difference in the NHS would be astronomical to say nothing of the savings.
  8. Long story short. On holiday in Cornwall back in the day, my new Canon AE1 jammed and it was the only Camera between two families. Brother came out mid holiday with the only one available in the shop, an AT1. Went to the low tide mark to snap a couple of lads fishing. Slipped on a green rock and the camera swung around and hit me in the back. Went to get up and slipped again and the camera swung around again and smashed on a rock. Took what was left of the smashed front filter off with pliers and there wasn't a mark on the camera and it performed perfectly for the rest of the holiday. Well done on the Nikon. Fantastic camera.
  9. Is the shell attached or just something to avoid touching it?
  10. She may well get some leeway by offering to NOT spill the beans re Andrew.
  11. toxo

    The Ashes

    I know it's supposed to be Test Cricket but I'd rather see them throwing the bat at everything T20 style and go down fighting rather than than prodding. The law of averages says they'll nick one and they've nothing to show for it. In fact I rather think that if we swap the whole T20 team for this lot we'd have better results.
  12. toxo

    The Ashes

    Not about cricket. Lamby was saying they're not getting enough test practice, Farage asked if Root should be captain, lot's of stress on him. The most interesting point was the booster is now down to only 37% and we need a FOURTH jab. JAB??? Apparently Israel is already giving a fourth jab. Given the amount of profit in these vaccines I'm beginning to get very skeptical indeed.
  13. toxo

    The Ashes

    Farage is just about to debate the state of our cricket with Alan Lamb on the 626GB News channel channel.
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