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  1. Strange! That's exactly what Boris said. Thing is, most of the "olds" were not ready to be knocking on the door of the knackers yard just yet. We're not talking about hospices or end of life care homes here. There's no denying that hard choices do sometimes have to be made but in this case those choices wouldn't have had to have been made were it not for the way this government handled the situation. I wish I could be ***** to research this more thoroughly but I know enough so; When I say BJ I mean the government. BJ was caught out badly by the Covid virus. So badly in fact that he started to cook the books from the get go. I've forgotten what it's called but every virus and disease has a category that requires a certain amount of equipment and infrastructure to be in place in order to be able to deal with it should it ever come along. This is written down for every BJ that's in power to adhere to. Each category is prioritised according to it's lethality as to the amount of equipment to be held. BJ was so badly embarrassed by the lack of equipment held That he downgraded Covid 19 to a lower category that requires less equipment. BJ was much too slow in realising the deadliness of the C19 and by the time he did realise it was too late and C19 was widespread already. Even then he failed to lock down borders and airports, letting thousands of people with C10 come into this country from placecs that were riddled with the thing. And as far as this debate goes, his unpreparedness lead to nowhere near enough hospital beds hence the need for some of those tough choices aforeto mentioned.
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself. What boils me is the lying and manouvering to try to mitigete what's been done. The enquiry is being posponed until the spring "Because it wouldn't be fair to ask people to concentrate on an enquiry in the middle of a pandemic." What tosh. And I suppose it was just fortuitous for the PM that the evening news release regarding the absolutely disgusting amount of deaths in care homes was AFTER the last Prime Ministers Question time in the Commons
  3. Belay that last Dave, popcorn might be in order because another egocentric wants to shove his opinion down my throat. In fairness, I think most had just ignored you. Your all seeing eye told you that did it? The way the left now seek to embrace DC as some now credible truth-telling whistleblower who needs to be listened to is just nauseating. When people cloud their lack of knowledge by misusing the words "left/right/center" is what's nauseating. Obviously one persons idea of what's left or right in political terms can be vastly different from another. What's this **** about divorcing couples??? When will you people learn to take personalities away from fact. Your Failure to acknowledge the massive failures of this government during this pandemic is akin to those who deny the holocaust even happened.
  4. Not on my account Dave. I've said all I need to say. I'm not into shoving my opinions down people's throats regardless of the facts.
  5. You're gonna look super silly come the reckoning. And I hope the requisite amount of humble pie will be eaten and be SEEN to be eaten.
  6. Ha Ha! I can see you now, banging away at those little keys, desperately looking for the last word. Don't bother answering the key points in this debate eh! Pathetic.
  7. Is there a word for someone who just has to have the last word no matter how lame? Troll just doesn't seem to cover it. Maybe the few brain cells in such a persons brain were abused when they were young. I don't think Either BJ or Matt Hancock were PRIVATE individuals when they allowed patients with covid or covid symptoms to return to care homes were they? I don't think Either BJ or Matt Hancock were PRIVATE individuals when the staff in care homes were re-using ppe because there was nothing else were they When that slimeball Hancock said the Government was ring-fencing the elderly he meant keeping covid on the inside of that ring. After all, you can't kill the economy because people who were at the end of life were dying right?
  8. Being tory doesn't exempt you from acknowledging what's right and wrong. All this personal stuff is just bull****. DC himself said he doesn't care about what's leveled at him personally and neither should anyone else. It's the facts and the truth that should matter. As far as proof goes, he said multiple times that there were others in the room and all that he said would be verified at the public enquiry which BJ is trying to stall for as long as possible. Did anyone see the news tonight? I suppose the disgraceful number of needless deaths in the care homes is just something the media made up right!
  9. I'm absolutely amazed! Firstly at just how tory this forum is, and secondly, just how vehemently they rush to the defence of their beloved leader. I happen to agree with a lot of DCs character assasination on here but I'm flabbergasted at how little attention is being paid to the content of the interview which, if half of it is proven to be true (and he says it can be proven) has had disasterous consequences and has cost many unnecessary lives and livelyhoods.
  10. I think he sounded very creditable. Don't know why people are getting on his case when he says he can prove what he's saying and others were there to corroberate. As he said, "It doesn't matter if it's personal or not". It's what's occurred and why is what's important.
  11. Recommends for a budget one please for a blue tit box. wired or wireless? about 40yds.
  12. When I used to do field archery each target was different. Your foot had to be touching the peg which sometimes meant there was a tree in front of you and you had to lean to one side to loose. Some targets uphill some downhill. Every target a different size and distance. A great test of skill and ability. Is there such a test in shooting? I've only ever been interested in pest control and "normal" target shooting leaves me cold.
  13. What I mean is what's the same for everyone in their class. Or is it a mini Vs a Ferrari on the same size target?
  14. How much is same same? Rifles, load, distance?
  15. When we talk about precision rifle are we talking about one man and his rifle, standing or prone or are we talking about where you put a rifle on a bench and fix it down as much as possible so all you have to do is pull the trigger? As well as computers for wind strength etc? Morning folks.
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