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  1. Thanks guys. Must admit I was gobsmacked. The council is of course entitled to spout the legal stuff and of course I did contravene the rules but we used to have a quality of councilors and MPs that could look at what's right or wrong not just look at what the book says.
  2. UPDATE! After getting turned down three times, I went to the tribunal and got the decision today. I've only gone and won!!! There's still some skulduggery afoot though. I only won because the council offered no evidence and so the contravention was deemed not to have happened. My guess is the council couldn't afford to take the risk of getting it overturned for fear of opening the floodgates to many others. A bitter sweet victory but I'll take it.
  3. And there's the rub! For all you remoaners it's about who gets what out of it. The majority vote was for the future of this country for our children and their children.
  4. Anyone seeing that will expect at least a pair of Purdeys inside. Well done.
  5. toxo


    Boris knows he's got an uphill battle and that's why he's built a cabinet that's best able to help him. He will delegate in a way that May never did and by doing so he'll get the job done. The namby pamby appeasing approach has to go. If the self serving/own agenda remoaners try to stop him this time they will usher in a Labour government, it won't be Corbyn, he'll be gone but God help us all if the rest of em get in without leaving. Go Boris and sack any naysayers who get in your way.
  6. If there is an extension there will be a general election and then the numbers will change. THEN these rogue politicians who "respected" the result will feel the wrath of at least 17.4 million (which will have increased in my book by then) real people. And then watch the numbers change.
  7. Nissan have sent me a recall letter last week about the air bags on my xtrail. Then It got written off. :(
  8. toxo

    Nissan XTrail

    This is all very confusing. they've offered me under 2000 with the 195 excess taken of (which I call a right liberty when I was sitting in my armchair at the time). Of course I declined it but if i look down the back of the sofa I might manage a late 07 or an 08 with auto and the 2l engine and auto. With the two penn'orth of miles that I do I'm not gonna worry about the engine as long as it doesn't have that rattly chain. Was it sorted by then?
  9. toxo

    Nissan XTrail

    2.2 diesel. Couldn't fault it apart from the timing chain. Probably the same as yours with the clocks off to the side. Wanted a posh van and it certainly fits the bill. Depending on what they offer me I might be able to afford a late 07 2.0 dCi 6AT AWD which is the updated version with the clocks in the normal place behind the steering wheel. It's got 150,000 but all the toys inc rev camera and heated seats. The mileage doesn't phase me, now I'm retired I hardly do any miles. Just looked at my mot, 6th March last year it had 101,098 on it. Mot a couple of months ago - 103,014.
  10. toxo

    Nissan XTrail

    When was the engine change Deker? The engine on my diesel 07 was great. In fact the only fault for me is/was (they've just taken it away) the noisy timing chain and the stupid built in sat nav. Might have to stump up for an 08 to get rid of the sat nav.
  11. I have what they call a motor van annexe. Like a caravan awning with a frame and a back. Big zip doors on sides and back, big windows in the front. The idea is the back door zips down around the side or back door so the back of the vehicle is part of. Benefit is not towing anything, don't need a driveway and when you want to go exploring you just close the zip door and drive away.And you can add bedrooms to the sides.
  12. Just had my 07 XTrail columbia wiped out whilst I was indoors watching the telly. Loved it except for the noisy timing chain. Don't know what they're gonna offer me but have to look for something. Question is have the later XTrails solved the noisy chain or what else should I be looking at? Auto diesel preferably and budget is limited. Thanks guys.
  13. Thanks Chukar. Gives me some hope. I'll quote that. What council was that?
  14. I think I will go to the tribunal and risk the £50. Firstly because I asked for evidence that an alert had been sent. They've said nothing. Secondly I got her to say in writing that it is still council policy to send out alerts. I'm not looking to change laws here (as nice as that would be), I'm just asking is it reasonable to not worry about renewing my parking permit because for the last ten plus years I've had an alert from the council in plenty of time to do just that. If it's council policy to send em out then someone in their office has made a mistake. The council has been waging war on ordinary residents for years. There used to be an off road piece of dirt that you could park on in extremis. They put steel bollards around it. After the council made "zones" to make life harder and pull in more money, a parking space in another zone gets you a ticket. In my road there's nowhere near enough resident bays but because it's near the shops they put in a ticket machine on one side of the road for Joe Bloggs and his brother despite having two car parks between me and the shops. Just in my road there's room for at least four more bays but the council prefers the yellow lines. On top of that (and I say this whistling like that little emoji) they've cut down another two bays this year by installing disabled bays. That bloody EU eh! cor. Oh and I nearly forgot, We used to pay £26 a year for a visitors permit as well so I could lend it to anyone visiting. This year they decided to scrap that so anyone visiting has to go to the library and buy tickets at £2 per day. When I called up initially about my PCN she said do you want renew now? Of course I do, I don't want PCNs every day. She said it'll take between five and seven days to get to you and in the meantime you'll need to use the £2 tickets every day. And this was after I'd just renewed my permit. 😭
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