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  1. Did you chaps receive your magazines?
  2. I would imagine it would have quite a lot of clearance?
  3. All Sold, Posted out 1st class this morning (Tuesday)
  4. Fits the 455 with the 16" heavy barrel, Was changed for a CZ 'american' stock as I couldn't get on with the low cheek piece. If you want a pic let me know. £90 posted.
  5. Replied to Old Melv and Kings, Have 1 magazine left.
  6. PM sent.


    1. 3x 10 round polymer magazines in 22lr to fit CZ455, looking for £15 each. A brick (500) Winchester 42grn subsonics, £40 collected from Chelmsford CM1 3NE (fac obviously)
    2. ***** courtship/mating call? Blimey you can't say ***** 5letter word for traveller race.
    3. I would like to apologise for my previous tongue in cheek post (which has already been removed by mods) As stated it was tongue in cheek and not meant to inflame or upset anyone's sensitivities.
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