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  1. I've heard that microwave is poppty ping, hope that's of some help when you get to the kitchen/galley area 😁
  2. Or like an American guy I knew had an 'M' on each cheek, same effect for his MoM
  3. Did you chaps receive your magazines?
  4. I would imagine it would have quite a lot of clearance?
  5. All Sold, Posted out 1st class this morning (Tuesday)
  6. Fits the 455 with the 16" heavy barrel, Was changed for a CZ 'american' stock as I couldn't get on with the low cheek piece. If you want a pic let me know. £90 posted.
  7. Replied to Old Melv and Kings, Have 1 magazine left.
  8. 3x 10 round polymer magazines in 22lr to fit CZ455, looking for £15 each. A brick (500) Winchester 42grn subsonics, £40 collected from Chelmsford CM1 3NE (fac obviously)
  9. ***** courtship/mating call? Blimey you can't say ***** 5letter word for traveller race.
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