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  1. belle

    Anschutz  1417 .22 LR

    Hi is rifle stil for sale? Thanks Nathan
  2. belle

    Browning  t-bolt .22 Magnum

    Hi there wot do I have to have put on my fac to have your rifle? Thanks
  3. belle

    Browning  t-bolt .22 Magnum

    Hi wot do I need to have put on my licence to hand your rifle? Realy interested
  4. belle

    Browning  T Bolt .22 LR

    I no it's a long shot but have you still got your t bolt
  5. belle

    BRNO/CZ  452 .22 LR

    Is gun still for sale?
  6. Hi there is the cz still for sale I'm very intrested thanks
  7. belle

    conquest 20 gauge

    gun is still for sale lowerd price 10 450
  8. belle

    conquest 20 gauge

    hi its none ejector its a realy realy niceb gun. i can send sum pics to a mobile phone if you hav one
  9. hi is the lincoln still for sale
  10. hi sorry i didnt get back to u i am in ipswich realy near melton prob no gd to u now sorry

    1. hello im interested in the gun, i live in beccles in Suffolk and am coming to Melton nr woodbridge this Sunday, are you any where near there cheers.

      1. how old is the gun and what have you been using it for?

        1. hi all i am faily new to the site. i am from the suffolk area,i am realy finding it hard to gain permission to shoot pigeons around the area. does anyone hav any advice to help me please i have contacted alot of local farms but no such luck. thanks nathan

          1. belle

            Teague Invector Chokes

            hi i will hav ur chokes will thay fit miroku mk70
          2. belle

            British Shooting Show

            sorry the clay shoot was a bit silly most people were missing them