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    Picking up, vermin control, dog training, bikes
  1. televisions

    Sharps telly from tescos does exactly what you describe. Andy
  2. What's your favourite advert?

    Kiaora. I'll be your dawg. A bit un pc nowadays I suppose. Andy
  3. Intruder shot

    I wonder what sentence the surviving intruder received or what he was charged with. Is there a charge of going equipped to torture and murder, which I think the result would have been had they gained access and cable tied the old couple up. I would think they intended to illicit information from them. Obviously he shouldn't have had a gun, but perhaps social services should have been involved and moved them to a place of safety before this all happened Andy
  4. Ppu ammo .270

    We used a box full when my lad first had a 270. Couldn't get it to group better than two and a half inches, but the cases were ok for reloads. They may shoot better now the rifle is run in. Andy
  5. Had this van for 7 years, used daily, totally reliable. Sold with plate J12 DDR. Decided to retire recently so no longer needed. Tax mot and insurance run out within a month and I don't want the expense. I can get it mot'd if it's sold before 28th Andy
  6. Fargo?

    I record them and watch last weeks again before the new one. It's the only way I could remember what was going on. Andy
  7. Fargo?

    How did Emmitt manage to get his car going after Nikki and the policeman shot each other. Did the AA sneak in off camera with a can of petrol? Brilliant series!! Andy
  8. There is talk in Scotland that a certain wholesaler will still clear the pheasants from commercial shoots but won't pay for them. In fact they are saying they may have to charge the shoot for the service!! And half the world starving? Andy
  9. 204 brass

    The Mrs. can, but shes away till Monday night. If you pm me your info before then, I'll pay when she gets home Andy
  10. 204 brass

    Unless you live near Peterborough, in which case I'll collect them Andy
  11. 204 brass

    I'll take them please, cheque be ok? Andy
  12. Ring ouzel

    Thanks for the replies lads. I feel quite priveliged to have seen one so far from its usual habitat. It's still here by the way. Andy
  13. Ring ouzel

    I wouldn't call myself a twitcher, but I've had an interest in birds for 60 yrs. my uncles used to talk about ring ouzels when I was a kid but I'd never seen one until yesterday. A cock bird has taken up residence round my house, which is in the middle of wide open fenland. I've also identified a pair of dunnocks that I've not seen round here before. I was just wondering how common ring ouzels are in other parts of the country? Andy
  14. DVLA scam

    I actually felt like ringing the number to give them some grief, but I thought better of it in case it was a premium rate scam!! Andy