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  1. Doggone

    Labrador won't pick up feathers

    Sorry, I'll keep my silly ideas to myself in future
  2. Doggone

    Labrador won't pick up feathers

    If you have access to some still water, throw a pigeon in for him to retrieve. After two or three retrieves throw the wet pigeon on land. I've never known it fail yet andy
  3. Doggone

    the Hungerford Massacre

    No one needs to shoot anything, unless it's part of your job. But you do need a gun if you want to shoot anything that it's legal to do so. Nowhere on the application does it ask if you need to shoot a deer or anything else Andy
  4. Doggone

    A word of warning

    If you use jungle formula to keep the midges and mosquitos away, be warned that it works like paint stripper on the rubberised paint of pulsar thermal gear, probably on the digital stuff as well. It happens when it gets transferred from your hands to the gear Andy
  5. We are looking for a summer worker, to start immediately, to take part in all aspects of game rearing from egg collecting to release to wood. Must be able to work alongside a hardworking team. It would be valuable experience for anyone hoping to get into keepering. Must be local to Lockerbie as there is no accommodation with job. Please pm me with phone no. For an informal chat Andy
  6. Doggone

    Urgent Heads Up

  7. Doggone

    Urgent Heads Up

    Can't find this forum, got a link? Andy
  8. Doggone

    Putting in drains

    For my kennels I dropped a water storage tank in the ground with a submersible pump and float switch, then 25mm alkathene pipe to septic tank via kitchen gulley. Has worked fine for 14 years with one pump replacement . The pipe run is about 30yards and buried 6" under lawn and yard Andy
  9. Doggone

    Grand National

    My partner knows nothing about horse racing, but she always has a bet on the national. She had a pound each way on ten horses and amongst them were the first four. No idea how much she's won, have to wait till Monday Andy
  10. Doggone

    270 VS 308

    Possibly £45 per 100? Andy
  11. Doggone


    Sharps telly from tescos does exactly what you describe. Andy
  12. Doggone

    What's your favourite advert?

    Kiaora. I'll be your dawg. A bit un pc nowadays I suppose. Andy
  13. Doggone

    Intruder shot

    I wonder what sentence the surviving intruder received or what he was charged with. Is there a charge of going equipped to torture and murder, which I think the result would have been had they gained access and cable tied the old couple up. I would think they intended to illicit information from them. Obviously he shouldn't have had a gun, but perhaps social services should have been involved and moved them to a place of safety before this all happened Andy
  14. Doggone

    Ppu ammo .270

    We used a box full when my lad first had a 270. Couldn't get it to group better than two and a half inches, but the cases were ok for reloads. They may shoot better now the rifle is run in. Andy