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  1. Does your firing pin need adjusting, it looks a very deep strike on the other cases, which might be stretching the primer surface excessively, leaving it thin enough for the explosion to punch through Andy
  2. Just find a place on your ground where you would feel totally confident of a safe shot at a rabbit or fox, and place your target there. Andy
  3. Thanks for clearing that up, I was beginning to think I’d been saying maths wrongly all these years. Andy
  4. Boblov. About £140. Never fail.
  5. Lick your finger and put it on the wall, you’ll soon see if the emulsion is waterproof or not Andy
  6. The purple paint was not put on properly and it was probably not washable. It just expands and forms bubbles when wetted. Scrape it off. Andy
  7. With the type of shower you have there, the cold inlet will be mains pressure. No good for ordinary mixer valve. Unless of course it’s fed from a combi boiler. Andy
  8. Doggone

    Pard oo8 nv.

    Do not order anything from batteriesplus.co.uk. Total conmen
  9. Well worth watching, especially the questioning about non lethal stuff and roost shooting. Definitely in our favour Andy
  10. Not sure but I think it might have been 12,000 Andy yes, just checked and it was 12,000 in first 24hrs
  11. Illegal at the moment Andy
  12. They’re already trying to stop pheasant and partridge chicks being delivered on lorries through the channel tunnel, saying it doesn’t meet our animal welfare standards. Andy this is I believe after they’ve already stopped deliveries on the ferries
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