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  1. If these are still for sale then I’ll have them. Steve
  2. Thanks for that. They are now sold.
  3. I have some Lyalvale .410 3” Magnums that I no longer require. 6 shot, 16 gram plastic wads. There are 429 in total and am looking for £100 buyer collects, shotgun cert holders only. I am based near Bromley in Kent BR2 postcode. PM me for details.
  4. As per the title. Constrictions are. Skeet, IC, LM, LF and Full plus case. Only the full has been lightly used, all the other 4 are new and unused. £120.
  5. Hi is this gun still for sale.

    Many thanks

    Tim H

    1. Stock 13.5 in, spacer 1/2 inch and pad 1 Inch. Total of 15 inches. How it got like that, I have no idea, I’m just selling it on this chaps behalf. BTW if anyone is interested, I believe he also has a similar model gun in 410 gauge in his cabinet. Steve
    2. Sorry guys for late replies, I haven’t checked my post recently.. Yes the gun is still for sale but in response to Ddanby, I am looking for a sale to thin out my cabinet so part ex not really needed. Regards Steve
    3. I recall that I paid with PayPal. If not then it was Visa Debit. They use DHL for delivery and your stuff can be tracked and usually turns up within 2 working days. Steve
    4. estore.beretta.com based in Italy has AL391 main springs in stock £2.82 plus postage, usually arrives within 48 hours. Great service and easy to order. Good luck. Steve
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