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  1. stevewall968

    Le Chameau Ladies Mouflon Boots - Goretex lined

  2. stevewall968

    Le Chameau Ladies Mouflon Boots - Goretex lined

    Pm replied to
  3. These are like new, literally worn once by the Wife so in excellent condition. Goretex lined with chunky Vibram sole. Size 6 1/2 £35 posted
  4. stevewall968

    Beretta A400 XCEL 12 gauge

    Gun looks like a nice one but No RFD and 32” barrels will undoubtedly limit marketability.☹️
  5. I know it’s a long shot but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Anyone got one of these sitting unused in a draw somewhere? If so please get in touch as I’m looking to buy one without having the hassle of ordering one from the States. Steve
  6. stevewall968

    Hayabusa exhausts

  7. Is there any movement on the price Steve and also would you RFD as I'm in Country Durham 



    1. stevewall968

      Browning Heritage 2 12 gauge

      14 3/4 inches👍👍👍😂
    2. stevewall968

      Briley weighted mag cap and bolt handle

      What for? A 391 or A400. Extended bolt handles are defo different for each model.(unless your 391 is an extrema👍😀)
    3. stevewall968

      IPAD 128gb BARGAIN 2017 MODEL

      Fuj I have pmd you. Steve
    4. stevewall968

      Beretta Mobil 1/2 choke

      Thanks for the offer but I already have the exact same four chokes with the Gun, a semi, but would only use a half and currently I don’t have one. Hence my request. Steve
    5. stevewall968

      Beretta Mobil 1/2 choke

      As the heading says, I am looking ideally for an extended choke but would consider a flush choke if the price was right. Please pm me. Steve👍👍
    6. stevewall968


      Yes please. Pm me payment details. Steve
    7. I have one of the above for sale. New and in original package. Will fit all A400’s as well as AL391 Extrema 1 and 2. Brownells sell these for £58 posted with a 2 to 3 week delivery delay. Grab this at a bargain price of £40 posted. Steve