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  1. They are really poorly designed and after today’s experience are now residing in the bin. The joke of it is that Browning will charge you the thick end of £60 for this product which IMHO is definitely not fit for purpose. If in future I need any extra weight I’ll use golfers stick on lead tape.
  2. Had a real problem with my 525 XS Pro this weekend when I couldn’t get the forend off to clean the gun. The reason being that the two screws that hold the tungsten barrel weights had unscrewed themselves due to recoil following a round of clays. The weights had dropped and the screws had then wedged the forend wood hard. The gun wouldn’t lock shut nor break open. It took me and a good engineer friend four hours to get the thing apart and able to remove the forend completely. Believe me it was a right royal PITA. The whole problem could have been avoided if the Browning weights had been supplied with spring washers or with an advisory to use loctite threadlocker on the screws before using the gun. You have been warned😱😱 Steve
  3. Oh dear, so it’s not just a Browning thing, the other big UK selling gun brand don’t seem that bothered over future ownership experience either.🤕🤕☹️
  4. Just had a good look at the tapered pin in question and noticed that either the action wall or the pin has a series of splines on the left hand end. I went back to my punch and drove the pin a little further into the forend iron. The pin now protrudes about 0.5mm from the left hand side whereas previously it had been flush both sides with the action. I think that this may have solved the problem. I’ll be out shooting tomorrow and will see what happens🙏🏼🤞🏻
  5. I quoted the sale of goods act at the BWM chap and he was very dismissive and implied that I was welcome to try as I wasn’t the original purchaser and their in house policy overrode this.
  6. Trouble is, are we talking Browning USA, or Belgium or even Miroku in Japan? That’s the trouble with trying to deal with a major multi national Company. I’ve tried their official UK customer service arm and been given short shrift. I think I’ll give that a try. 👍
  7. Thanks Marcus. I’ll keep a close eye on it. 👍👍😊
  8. Thanks mpmillo it’s heartening to hear that this is a problem others have experienced even more so that it might well resolve itself after a bit more use. Like you I have used a punch and tapped it back in after every outing. I’ll wait for a few more weeks before taking further action👍👍 Steve
  9. Thanks Mellors, unfortunately the part, no. 15, on the diagram is not one that Knibbs list on their website. Looks like it’s a trip to my local gunsmith to see if he can help. Steve
  10. Never suggested it was the previous owners problem just pointed out where he was living. The pin definitely looks like the correct size and was clearly supplied by Browning as part of the new gun 3 months ago. So in my view it’s heir moral duty to supply a new one. The fact that they are refusing to do so means that I will get it sorted at my expense. The purpose of my original post was to highlight the fact that a 10 year Browning warranty isn’t at all what it seems. Steve
  11. Unfortunately the original purchaser is 70 miles away from me. I would agree that the warranty doesn’t actually say anything about it being limited to the original purchaser. That makes no difference to BWM, they just don’t want to know. PS anyone got any suggestions for a fix for a slipping metal taper pin. Tried loctite but that didn’t work. PPS I really like shooting the gun, just frustrated that it’s falling apart Steve
  12. I recently bought a 3 month old 525 XS Pro from a private seller. It has developed a small issue in that the cross pin in the fore-end works loose every time the gun is used. I contacted the UK importers BWM and was informed that the 10 year warranty on the action only covered the original purchaser and whilst they were prepared to look at and carry out the repair works, this would not be covered by the Browning warranty and I would have to foot the bill. When I protested that this was clearly a manufacturing defect I was rather abruptly told to like it or lump it. Unlike Beretta, whose warranty is transferable to subsequent owners, the Browning one is not. So Ladies and Gents you have been warned, if you are considering buying a second hand Browning from a private seller, even an almost new one, it can go wrong and if it does BWM/Browning won’t want to know😱😱 Steve
  13. OK I’ll give him a try. Steve
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