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  1. If it’s still available I’ll have the second one please. Steve
  2. Hi Westley Called Bamfords and they had just what I needed. Super helpful and friendly staff. Thanks for the suggestion👍
  3. Cheers Wesley, I’ll give them a call. Steve
  4. Looking for a gold colour washed right hand screw on trigger blade for 525 Adjustable trigger foot ideally smooth finished, not textured. Steve
  5. This gun and it’s spare barrel we’re held on my mates Section 2 licence.
  6. I thought that was the case👍. At the moment I am using 1/2 and 3/4 and was looking to have a half choke in each barrel. Given the cost of the Briley Titanium items, unless I can find one second hand, I might just have to stick with what I’ve got. 😀
  7. Gamekeeper, I’m no expert but looking at Avalon’s website the Older XS model did use Midas INV + chokes but they are made of steel, not Titanium. On reflection I don’t think I should have used the word MIDAS in my wanted ad, I am after a Titanium INV+. They are silver with a gold band on the top. Thanks for the feedback👍👍 Steve
  8. Yes it’s for a Browning Ultra XS Prestige Titanium model gun and I am looking for a BrowningTitanium INV+ choke. 👍Steve
  9. Avalon guns have them on their website for £120 a pop. If I can’t find a used one then I might be forced to go down that route. The ones advertised on Chris Potters site are not the same as the one that I’m after. Steve
  10. Is it Titanium model? If so, could you please let me have details if the dealer👍 Steve
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