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    shooting pigeons/rabits and fishing
  1. cant see why you dont have plenty of birds,i wqas out yesterday and there were plenty about at harlow/hatfield heath/hatfield broad oak
  2. hi all, found a couple chokes and a choke key in a field at swallows cross. if they are yours , we,ll arange a meet
  3. been watching a few fields of rape in essex for a few weeks now, went out yesterday not expecting much , but to my suprise they were there in good numbers. i shot 11 in two hour,s but missed a lot. back on sunday and hope to do much better
  4. hi jonnyrabbit, thanks for the offer of help. i baught halo 3 for my lad , he loaded it into the machine, and the message came up : game failed to start:after several tries i took it back to the shop only to be told it,s a common fault with this game, he sugested logging in first then loading the game but that didnt work either, so i took it back for a refund. needless to say , my lad very unhappy. any sugestions?thanks in advance, mick.
  5. you could try the farmers union, i hear they are very good.
  6. i dont like the wet, but windy is a must, no wind ,no birds, big wind = lots of birds
  7. uk shootwarehouse do a nice leather one that holds 200 carts, and wont cost you a fortune.
  8. hi ears, if birds are flying over your field, get down there and help your self. get under the flight line and put out your decoys, keep well hiden, and i,ll be surprised if you dont get a few, or even plenty. they dont have to be eating whats on your field, you just need to be under there flight line. pick a windy day, and i,ll eat my hat if they dont start droping in. have a good un mate.
  9. aint seen any yet, london/ essex,
  10. dont bother with letters, as you know where the farms are ( 20 of them ) get knocking on the farmers door, be sure to take your cert and insurance with you, also a photostat copy which you can leave with the farmer, this will look much more profesional to the farmer, go at a sensible time, you dont want to interupt his dinner, and dont turn up looking like a tramp. this works for me, i,v picked up 2 farms in the last 7 weeks, and never give up trying .
  11. those navy types are all the same, the swine
  12. sorry to hear of your problems, i,v been in a bad situation myself and i can tell you there is no easy way out. having said that, ther has been some great advice given to you on this site, your problem is sorting out which advice is right for you. for me , i just wish i had taken some good advice and acted on it many years ago.i think me and the kids would have had a better life if i had had the nerve to move on .ifyou could only stand back and look at your life from a distance you might be able to see where to go. funny thing , i have never put these words down in writing before ,i suppose i,v been a fool to myself not to take my own advice but it,s easy to go wrong, and very hard to do the right thing at times.
  13. shame you wernt around when i was a nipper,
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