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  1. Aigle parcours for me, brilliant
  2. I had heard bad reports about Vodaphone, a friend of mine reckoned their customer service is pretty dire. Thanks again for your advice!
  3. Thank you all for your advice, very much appreciated. I must admit I haven't had any problems with ee over the last few years, they just seemed more expensive than the prices I saw on the Tesco site. I might ring them and 'negotiate', but I would be confident to give tesco a try if that doesn't work out, following your advice. Thanks again.
  4. I have a contract with EE at the moment, just looking at the deals other providers are offering, has anyone got a Tesco mobile? What is the service like? especially if you need to sort anything out with them?!
  5. You could try www.bradfordstalker.co.uk
  6. GDK traps are a total waste of money.
  7. Disappointing to hear about the problems at Park Lodge, I can remember going there a few years ago when the shop and café were in containers, and the targets were great and not too expensive. It has had a fortune spent there, and should be a top class ground.
  8. Is it as simple as that to get rid of a worn out/kn.....ered shotgun? Do you have to make an appointment at the police station?
  9. Yes, it's a couple of years since I went there. They had some great sporting targets, and a really warm welcome. I'll go back some day....
  10. This one isn't too far http://www.cdsgltd.co.uk/the-shooting-ground
  11. The manual traps are absolute rubbish. No experience with the electric traps. Better to buy a second hand Bowman or Stuart manual.
  12. Hi Bakerboy, where does Gavin Knights offer lessons? Never heard the name... Thanks G
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