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  1. Hi smoothly, no guessing where the Beer bits from , any choking on the guns ? please

    1. As title please anybody selling one pm me cheers.
    2. As title please anybody selling one pm me cheers.
    3. winchester 17 hmr,its varmint hv silver tip,old cz 452 loved it new cz 455 doesnt i bought a 1,000 and theres 890 left its £11 a box fac with 17 hmr on cheers.
    4. if those arnt sold ile have em.
    5. Ile have that please ile pm you about payment cheers.
    6. Ile have the clulite torch mount please,pm me payment details paypal preferred.
    7. Both cz 452,s,old one used to shoot these and remingtons into a 1" at 100yds but hated cci and hornady,new one loves hornady but hates the winchester ?.
    8. Winchester 17hmr ammo,17gn varmint hv,old gun loved it new one doesnt ,£62 for box of 250 and theres 3 x 250 boxes might be 3-4 looses boxes as well and license holders with 17hmr on only and collection cheers.
    9. I sent a pm think it was monday night i didnt say "ime having them"but asked a question about the mrs picking them up [she has a fac]but no reply for me to decide either way.
    10. Ile have those please send me some details for payment cheers.
    11. I can send phone pics or email pics if anyone wants to pm me there mobile number or details ile send them some,as has been said these retail at over £800 its brand new never had rings on it,or if anyone wants to come and have a look your more than welcome.£50 price drop now £450 got to be a bargain .
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