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  1. 1 army camo fleece very good condition large pockets (zipped) and thumb holes in cuffs 180/112 roughly xl £20 1 army camo jacket horizontal zip chest handwarmer pockets heavy big coat this 120/190 so xxl and brand new £30 1 army camo like a lightweight jacket 180 /112 so again xl been washed a few times but excelent condition £25
  2. 80 x 50gn 22,250 privi ammo £45. Collected and 22,250 on ticket please.
  3. Ahh thats my wanted add i didnt know there was a wanted section lol.
  4. As title 52 ultra carbine wanted pm if yiu have one to sell thanks.
  5. Ile have that please and wil send a pm.
  6. I have there £104.65 for same set new and these arnt far off, plus postage.
  7. Are these too dear £40 posted.
  8. Fed up of seeing and moving this 5 ft high 12" square and a shelf painted black badly but its fine, adjustable peggs in back so make it what you want 4, 5, 6 guns £70.
  9. Rcbs 270 contains 1 x rcbs neck sizeing die, 1 x redding seatinv die, 1 d redding full length sizeing die, case trimming rod no shell holders £40. Also lee 3 x die 270 set, case holder, dipper and intructions £30.
  10. As title 2 piece k hornet Full length die set . no 26201, seater and sizer and a no7 case holder £40
  11. Rcbs 38/357 dies, 1x sizer die and seater die in each caliber, case trimming rods in both calibers and press and cutter holders in box and instructions, £40.
  12. smoothlybeer


    Two unopened tubs of H380 £60 Tub H110 weighs just ovet a pound £25. Plus taxi guys sorry or prefer collection cheers.
  13. Another gun cabinet 5,6 gun this, 5 foot high 1ft square and a shelf inside and coat hook on the inside of the door prob for a cartridge belt or sumat and inside its a piece of wood with loads of holes and dowels to seperate so it can be up to 6 guns and 2 x locks its a good cabinet its been painted black not very well but it is what it is £90 pics on request.
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