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  1. Sloter

    PCP Pump?

    Hi guys, So I'm looking into getting a PCP. I was just wondering if any of you have got a pump that you would recommend? I was thinking of the FX four stage pump. Any others I should maybe consider? Anyone gout one of these pumps and can recommend them or not? Thanks
  2. I'm guessing its May just be me but I really don't like those laminated stocks..... I just font see the attraction. Can someone please explain it to me?
  3. This proves my point to my Mrs, Guns ARE an investment.........
  4. Guys, I’ve been reading up about HW100’s and really do fancy one. But I’ve seen somewhere that they are bringing out a laminate stock model, anyone know what that is? Also I’m unsure what model to go for thinking of the HW100KT (Thumbhole Carbine) but just wondering if anyone has any experience of the HW100 and if so which model did you go for and why? Thanks
  5. Ok thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  6. MCT? sorry for the numpty question but what's an MCT?
  7. Hi, Just thought I'd ask the question. You never know. Thanks
  8. Is that recently? What sort of condition? Thanks
  9. Well I went to look at the hw77 and it was far from mint in my opinion. The guy selling it said "we'll it is an old gun" my argument was it still isn't mint, it was 7 out of 10 I recon. The search continues.
  10. Oh very nice. Is it wrong that these pictures are almost as good as porn?
  11. Thanks guys. I will have a look at it over the weekend and let you know. Do you know if there's anyway that I will be able to tell if it's all original or if it's been renovated? Thanks
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