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  1. Bit of a long shot, but I'm after a Greener police gun, in 12 bore with the full length handguard and steel nose cap. One came up on the sealed bid at Holt's a while back and I just missed out on it, been kicking myself ever since. I'm also after a Greener multichoke, preferably with full and 1/4 chokes if anyone has one taking up cabinet space?
  2. If you were anywhere near the Notts area I'd have this off you in a heartbeat
  3. I'll take these mate, will PM you to sort out collecting.
  4. mark.d

    AYA No. 3 Magnum

    I'm actually supposed to be down that way for a work thing in a few days actually, so it might work out. Any chance you could PM me with some photos and details?
  5. mark.d

    AYA No. 3 Magnum

    Cheers mate, I'll drop you a message now Any chance you've got a link to it, I'm struggling to find it? Devon is a good 4 hour drive each way for me, but this looks very close to what I'm after and I don't mind a road trip for the right gun. I'll get in touch with them this afternoon, see if they still have it. Cheers mate!
  6. mark.d

    AYA No. 3 Magnum

    I've looked at this one before actually, though I could swear it was being advertised for £450 rather than £550 only a week or two ago. The only issue is I'd like to get a look at the state of those barrels in person given all those water marks and it'd be about a 200 mile trip each way for me
  7. mark.d

    AYA No. 3 Magnum

    I've been keeping an eye on Holt's, there was one that was exactly what I was looking for in the sealed bid earlier this year. I ended up missing out because the winning bidder and I had bid the same amount, but he had put his bid in before me. Gutted! I didn't see anything that was quite right in this most recent one. Did miss out on a Greener Police Gun in that one by a tenner though
  8. mark.d

    AYA No. 3 Magnum

    I'm trying to find an AYA that is as close to the gun my Granddad had when I was growing up, mostly for sentimental value but it will see some use. Unfortunately his particular gun is long gone, but I'd like to get something that's as close as possible. I know it was a No. 3 Magnum, with double triggers, pistol grip and a beavertail forend. On a practical note, if it was choked 1/2 or less to give me the option of using steel that would be ideal. Anybody got anything suitable or know of one for sale?
  9. I still have k31 stripper clips left how many would you like

    sorry about delay in replying

  10. I will take a few of these if you have any left and they're in decent working order
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