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  1. I could make you one at work if you can get the dimensions of it
  2. Can you tell me the stock dimensions: lop, drop at comb and drop at heel.

    1. Chokes are actually 1/4 and 1/2 not 1/2 and 3/4
    2. I’m after a single barrel folding .410. Condition not important as long as it’s safe Ben
    3. This week I’ve seen loads on clover and plenty starting to get on the buds. They will soon disappear into the woods
    4. Good bits of kit. I’ve got 3 now although they did take an age to arrive
    5. Saturday I headed out to a rape field I’d seen earlier in the week. When I arrived there were 4-500 split between the field and sat in the trees. I rang the farmer to let him know I was there but had no answer so I left a message and carried on setting up. Just as I got in the hide the farmer rang me back and informed me that it had been shot earlier in in the week. I gave it a go to see what would happen but the birds just lifted off and only a few came back so I packed up and carried on looking. I eventually found some more and with time getting on I set up in hope. A few came back but in no big numbers and I finished the day with 78 picked. Yesterday I had a call from the farmer I shot the 200+ on last week so I headed over there this morning and got set up. There were plenty of birds about but they were very decoy shy and no matter what I did they wouldn’t come in. I packed up and started looking for more birds. I found about 200 on a small field and with the time getting on I decided to give it a go. The birds came back but again were hesitant to decoy. I called it a day at 4 with 76 picked
    6. Since photobucket was lost I haven’t managed to post any pics of my outings so hopefully this will work. I had a trip down to Devon planned for last Saturday afternoon so I only had the morning to shoot. I decided to shoot the morning flight and be packed up for 11. I set up just as it was getting light in the thick fog with little hope of much success. I started with 15 plastics as I had no dead birds for the magnet. The first bird came in and was added to the flapper. After 2 hours the fog started to thin out and the birds started moving and it was pretty much non stop shooting with 2 good lines coming to the field. I stayed as long as possible but eventually had to call it a morning to pack up and sort the birds out. I finished with 204 pigeon. The birds were still trying to come in with me and the dog walking round the pattern picking up. If I could of stayed the day it would of been a 300+ bag Cheers Ben https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdpymhsxwts754k/Photo 23-02-2019%2C 12 57 51.jpg?dl=0
    7. I had the the same problem when my ff5 broke twice. He eventually replaced it with the ff6 but I got the same excuses as to why it never arrived. He told me he’d sent 2 out and both got lost by the courier. I also know of another member who is struggling to get his auto bouncer back after it broke. I personally think he’s getting too big for himself and can’t keep up with demand
    8. Hi BB you have a pm.

      1. After a 3 shot hushpower .410, preferably with wooden stock. Not fussed on condition as long as it works fine. Ben
      2. Would you take £80 for the range finder?
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