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  1. bunny_blaster

    Pard 007

    As above, preferably the 16mm version
  2. I’m after a left handed semi auto in 12g. Let me know if you have anything. No Turkish tat Ben
  3. I’m after a barrel for my AL391 auto, preferably 30” but 28” will be considered Ben
  4. I’m after some 410 reloading gear, something along the lines of a MEC reloading press Ben
  5. I’m after a small boat engine to go on the back of dingy. As close to Solihull/Warwick as possible Ben
  6. Ill take this please. Pm me your details
  7. I’ve got a 686E limited edition with 30” barrels I’d let go for the right money if you have no luck
  8. There’s a couple on the SD forum
  9. I’m after some Bismuth in size 7. Let me know if you have anything Ben
  10. As PC has already said, we had a chat about this subject. I watched 3 blokes shooting a field of laid barley 2 weeks ago with pigeon pouring in. They hardly hit a thing and we’re set up in completely the wrong place. I had to leave after 20 mins of watching as I was getting frustrated. I shot the same field last weekend for 371.
  11. Can this be made to load .410?
  12. It’s nothing to do with Bismuth being quieter than lead, I shoot all my pigeon with non toxic but need a 410 load that’s non toxic and can be used through the hushpower when noise is an issue
  13. I’m after a barrel to fit a 391 in 12g. Ideally 30” but will consider 28” Ben
  14. I haven’t to be honest motty. I only want it to use through the hushpower when I need to be a bit quieter on the pigeon.
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