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  1. I’m after some Bismuth in size 7. Let me know if you have anything Ben
  2. As PC has already said, we had a chat about this subject. I watched 3 blokes shooting a field of laid barley 2 weeks ago with pigeon pouring in. They hardly hit a thing and we’re set up in completely the wrong place. I had to leave after 20 mins of watching as I was getting frustrated. I shot the same field last weekend for 371.
  3. Can this be made to load .410?
  4. It’s nothing to do with Bismuth being quieter than lead, I shoot all my pigeon with non toxic but need a 410 load that’s non toxic and can be used through the hushpower when noise is an issue
  5. I’m after a barrel to fit a 391 in 12g. Ideally 30” but will consider 28” Ben
  6. I haven’t to be honest motty. I only want it to use through the hushpower when I need to be a bit quieter on the pigeon.
  7. I’ve just got myself some reloading kit as I want to make some Bismuth loads. Does anyone have any recipes they’ve used for a 18/19g load? Ben
  8. Ive got a FF6 remote that I’d like to swap for a FF6 with random timer. It’s only been used once so in as new condition. Got another FF6 remote that I use so this has just sat there doing nothing Ben
  9. Good result in difficult conditions. Hopefully the barley will produce some more birds for the order tomorrow
  10. I’m after a soft rubber butt pad to fit a Miroku 7000 Ben
  11. I could make you one at work if you can get the dimensions of it
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