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  1. I’m after a round lead mould for making 8/9mm catapult ammo. Let me know if you have anything. Ben
  2. Bought last week but too small for me. Size 46 which is I think 30” waist. As new condition. £135 plus postage
  3. I’ll take one of the rotaries please posted
  4. I think it’s more of a problem with the 410’s than the other ones
  5. Too many problems with light strikes
  6. Just checking before I buy new. I’m looking for a .410 M/C ejector. Something along the lines of a Yildiz or Bettinsoli with 30” barrels. No Koffs and closer to Warwickshire the better.
  7. I have a PES over barrel moderator for sale. Currently sat with my RFD, black, 1/2”UNF. Few marks to the finish but perfectly useable. Can be sent to RFD if needed. Rated for up to .243 £100 ono Ben
  8. I’m after some paintings or prints of game scenes or game birds for my house. Ben
  9. I put steel through my mossberg hushpower .410. Never had a problem with them
  10. I load my own .410 steel. They work well over the decoys but I’d say the maximum range is 25 yards. I also put them through my mossberg hushpower
  11. I’m after a cheap 8x56 scope, something along the lines of a Schmidt/Zeiss etc Ben
  12. I’m in need of some steel shot in size 7’s. Loose shot or a couple of boxes of cartridges will do. As close to Warwick as possible Ben
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