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  1. I was going to put a bid in the the 3200 but the 30” tubes put me off
  2. I spoke to Folkestone engineering and they said just use the same load you would for lead just swap the shot to Bismuth
  3. Buy the best you can afford, I use the Helion XP50 2 and it’s very good. I’ve compared it side by side to the Iray equivalent and the iray doesn’t come close. I’ve also looked through the lower end pulsars and personally wasn’t impressed. Thermal is a game changer and can be expensive but at the end of the day any thermal is better than no thermal
  4. I’ll take this. Send me payment details please
  5. On my way home from work yesterday afternoon I noticed the first birds dropping in on standing wheat. I have no laid barley anywhere which is annoying. I do have a field of barley that is surrounded by cut grass so hopefully I can shoot some this Friday
  6. There’s a bloke on Facebook who has the Beretta conversion. I’ve spoke to him via message and he’s very pleased with it
  7. I left work yesterday morning hoping to find some pigeons to shoot. It was forecast to get to 32 degrees so it was going to be a hot one. I checked farm after farm and found nothing. Id been driving for 4 hours and covered a lot of miles but at 2 o’clock I found a weak flight line to a field of peas. I sat and watched for 30 minutes and the line got stronger. It was a long walk to get to where the pigeons wanted to be so I traveled light and left the magnet in the truck. As the afternoon went on larger groups of birds came up the line, some decoyed and some carried on. I think if I’d of taken the magnet I’d of pulled more birds in. I packed up at 6 as the pub was calling and the line had moved way over. I left the dogs at home due to the heat which cost me about 10 birds lost behind me but managed to pick 77 pigeon. Ben
  8. Having used both Honda and Suzuki I thought the Suzuki was leagues ahead. I had the 750 and it was animal
  9. It was a difficult day but we made the order which is the main thing
  10. Too many problems with the DPF and regens. I’d rather stick with my rodeo
  11. Just having a look around at second hand pick ups and came across a few of these trucks at what seems good money. I currently have a Isuzu Rodeo 3.0 auto which is brilliant but it drinks fuel like it’s going out of fashion. I’m considering changing to a manual. Has anyone had any experience with the Steeds? Ben
  12. Still looking for an O/U hushpower…
  13. I use a standard 32” DT10 for all my shooting. I put tens of thousands of cartridges through it every year and it never misses a beat. I tried an 11 and it didn’t feel as nice as the 10. You won’t be disappointed
  14. On Friday I shot a field of Clover that I found a few birds on during the week. The forecast was rain on and off all day and they were right. I got soaked but in between the rain I managed 74 pigeon. I had a call on Monday asking me to shoot some peas so I had a go this afternoon for a couple of hours and managed 32 pigeon. Whilst I was shooting I had a friend ring to inform me he’d just pushed 300+ off some of his Barley. I thought it was a little early for the Barley but my mate isn’t normally wrong when it comes to pigeon numbers on his crop. To confirm this 2 of the birds I shot this afternoon had Barley in there crops. They have finally started on one of my favourite crops to shoot. Ben
  15. I load .410 steel cartridges, they work well out to 25 yards so more than enough for decoying pigeons.
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