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  1. Its the 1st time in 20 years that i know that parking has been charged at these functions at the NEC, wanting to hear that a mistake had been made i emailed the shooting show. Below is the reply. Ann Bertrand <info@shootingshow.co.uk Parking is to be paid for this year. You can however pre-book and reserve your spot at a discounted rate by booking online by clicking the following link https://thenec.co.uk/visitors/parking/ Don't forget to pre book your tickets for further savings. Kind regards
  2. Your neighbour sounds a bit of a wally. Are they closet naturists ? I would ask him myself. What's his Mrs like 😉
  3. Dont you start 😃 https://shootingshow.co.uk/tickets/ with regards to parking im not sure if there is a charge or not, i have never paid parking before at the NEC
  4. Well if i hired a mini bus and you had a seat there'd be no room for anyone else anyway. Hello sparkles 😍 Dont see my mate anymore either lol
  5. Just looked and its £25, must have know a rich man was looking and added a fiver 😄 Parking is usually fre, or always has been in the past. Get a group of 10 and save £25. I would do that but i aint got 10 mates.
  6. And then there's those guns that tell you they've shot loads. When you know quite clearly they missed them all. 😉
  7. Whats just as bad is the amount of followers that these people have around them like kids in the classroom fighting to be the teachers pet. They all just love it when they get a little bit of attention, how many now are wiping the egg off their faces.
  8. But that cant be a scotch egg if it comes in a loaf tin ? there supposed to be a round ball of sausage meat with an egg in the middle. I dont doubt there nice from Burrows though, but not a scotch egg.
  9. Oh yes, got to be Heinz and not the LIGHT stuff. I'm a heathen when it comes to eating scotch eggs, specially home made ones, XL eggs and home made pork and leek sausage meat the size of tennis balls. Cut into 4 and a squeezy bottle of Salad cream add a good size dollop on the flat side and in it goes. Heaven 😍
  10. Mate of mine has just bought one to record his shooting, looking at some of his shots it gives a really good idea of the amount of lead given. Ones perception of the amount of lead required is yards away from another.
  11. There's going to be too much with 10-15lb plus what i get the next few shoot days it will take ages to inspect every little bruise/hole, and once it gone through the mincer its too late. Its not that im bothered about swallowing the shot, its about the dental cost, so spending £50 on something that may reduce the cost of a broken tooth is worth it.
  12. The Orange thing arrived today, just need to check it will find #5 shot now, if not i'll have to put a request in the guns start using SSG next season. @old man We have a new one as it happens but Mrs D has absolutely no idea how it works either because she insisted on buying the one in Currys without a box because it was £20 cheaper.
  13. I got sent to the back of the class at junior school for laughing that much at what we called it then a "POPPY" the teacher was not impressed. Mid you it would not be the last time i was put at the back in that lesson.
  14. Nice retrieve, looks a lovely dog 👍 its hard for them not to shake when they come out of the water, does she shake on command. Will have to try and record some of our 2 on the 8th only problem is we wont put ours over the river after ducks if its running too high, the shoot made this decision early on in the season.
  15. Definitely light primer strike causing the miss fire from the image, good pattern though as in no sign of damaged firing pin. Have you tried a 2nd firing on the misfired rounds at all, i would be surprised if they didn't fire. Not a fix i know. Have you stripped the bolt and removed any gunk ?
  16. Looks like her glasses are a tad wonky, i take it she didint agree with the idea to pose for the picture 😃
  17. Dougy

    The War Below

    I had 2 they could have used if they asked, Agree it was on a budget and its noticeable, but ive never been one for dissecting a film in that way, im more interested in the story it portrays. And you would not have been able to see in that much detail on my little TV 😄 Will do, 👍
  18. Just seen this and interested in the remarks on the after affect from the Mrs or anyone in close proximity. I did some years ago for our darts team, eggs garlic and scotch bonnet. Got a few comments about the aroma in the bedroom the morning after darts night.
  19. I'm hearing what i was thinking, i looked at the Garret, didn't really want to spend that much, £50 ish would be max. Looking for individual wound tracks and poking with a cocktail stick on 15-20lb would take some time, hence the idea of metal detector. My sausages certainly wont be cooked in any microwave 😉
  20. Someone has to know on PW so here goes. I am making some Duck, Pheasant and Venison sausages and want to avoid as much shot as possible ending up in the finished product. I'm thinking of getting a metal detector pin-pointer, question is would this do what i want them to do and find any shot that ive failed to spot by feeling ?
  21. Dougy

    The War Below

    Just watched this, quite a good film. worth a watch if you looking for something to fill a night.
  22. Well, took both the dogs out for last wees and Pooo's before sleep & dropped in at a local micro pub,18 people in, 2 pints and a shared bag of mini cheddars and we're back home for the night. Buster doesn't do late night drinking. Happy new year everyone.
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