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  1. I used to use tent poles, you can get some pretty chunky ones. Or the usual extendable fishing pole rod rests.
  2. Moondoggy, I have the same saw, 240v & with the stand, a brilliant piece of kit. 😉
  3. Should have given her a Kevin Keegan charged her £50 and chucked in a free coffee, poor business sense from the owner there.
  4. Dougy

    Card Fraud

    Well just under 1500 taken out in 3 days, and thankfully will all be back in end of play this week. New card came today, password changed and from now on an old account will be set up for all on line payments with just enough in to cover payment.
  5. Dougy

    Card Fraud

    I've had calls from the bank checking on payments from an account, but can't believe that over 7 payments were made to the sme company on the same day within minutes from my account and nothing raised as unusual.
  6. Dougy

    Card Fraud

    They dont need the 3 digits, if you pay via Amazon account for example, you set up a payment account, you dont give the 3 security digits to set that up. the most annoying thing is, the banks will refund the moneys, but to them its just collateral damage and small loss, they pay out billions a year on fraud yet they still make money. For any other business they would not last five minutes paying that kind of compo, 1/2 hour on the phone to the fraud department and they have promised to pay out over 1k. The bits of debris that took my money out are walking round well dressed in brand new clothes frem Next, and can gamble for free. Yet B all is done to stop them, no deterrent whatsoever. Next have supplied someone with over 7 transactions without a question, The items were sent to some address in the UK, even post box's need to have an owner to empty them. Chip and PIN the answer to all fraud 🐔 the banks were told decades ago it was rubbish . The chances are that its an employee of one of the companies i bought from on line.
  7. Dougy

    Card Fraud

    7 transactions for next directory all for £100+ & 1 for casinos for 135, and a load of others outstanding. Illegitimate pigs.
  8. How about florescent marker spray ?
  9. Dougy

    Card Fraud

    On line payments, only 3 usual companies and all checked as secure sites. Sorry TC TC i have no idea, absolutely no idea.
  10. Dougy

    Card Fraud

    Er, 1k removed from my account !!!
  11. Dougy

    Card Fraud

    Well ive been done, never thought they could get me, but the clever so and so's managed to get over 1k out of my account. Account now froze and new card coming this week, and thankfully the money will be back into my account end of the week. I have absolutely no idea how, im a bit stute with regards to banking and on line payment and are pretty well informed on fraudulent actions due to work related issues/ I can only say i wish their gonads would fester and they were fed to the maggots that do this kind of stuff.
  12. Someone was selling a Nikon, ive been looking myself for a while now, I'd like a Swarovski but then wouldn't we all. The one with the MOA or MIL eye piece would be a dream.
  13. You've stood behind me then a few times then. 🤣 You need to check, speed, size of clay ,path,drop,angle of the clays, then have a look in the choke box and choose the one for the job, its not that easy picking the right one. Sometimes we make the wrong choice. 🤣🤣 I change it for skeet and game only.
  14. I just pay it. I can't get away with not paying, bigger issues to worry about than bloomin bills, like when will the weather improve so I can get out shooting. Funny how we moan bout things we cant do owt about. Maybe im getting to old to bother about the little things in life.
  15. The thing is lancer, i enjoy wearing mine, they are warm, comfortable to walk in and last well. If you dont walk through rolls of barbed wire of course.
  16. Not quite crow control, but seeing young lambs with either their tongue pecked or their eyes missing, not nice and they are both deathe sentences for young lambs. It was one of the requests from a local sheep farmer to shoot the crows.
  17. Dougy

    Ammo safe

    Depends on the amount you intend putting in there, is it centre fire your into or shotgun,?even though your not obliged to lock away shotgun cartridges. I bought a cheap one off Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dirty-Pro-Tools-Ammunition-capacity/dp/B00685AESE
  18. i do spend more time shooting than i spend counting shots in a cartridge.
  19. Does it really matter that much whether its 2.001 or 2.125 and do you really count the shot to make sure your not getting short changed. Can i suggest you take up an additional hobby, you obviously have too much time on your hands.
  20. oh no !!!! the 123rd post on what wellies to get. Aigle pacors ISO neoprene lined. Those are the must have, and they do them in a nice Karki colour.
  21. Dougy

    Vhd in pets

    Take it to the vets, might cost a bit but at least you'll know.
  22. Mine looks like the local tip after a hurricane.
  23. Be prepared for the cold calls now, you will get them
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