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    Punchbag bracket weight limit

    Increase the surface area of the bracket, also increase the fixings across the bracket. You could double the bracket but not on the same block, bolt a piece of steel over several blocks and bolt the bracket to that. Or plant a tree in your garden and use one of its branches to hang your bag on.
  2. Dougy

    Hearing loss- anyone suffer?

    Anyone fortunate enough to be getting older will have some hearing loss, what we as shooters can do, is reduce the amount and severity by wearing some kind of protection. Edd try some decongestants, i take Sudafed a few hours before flying. i suffer with pressure in my ears every time I fly that brings tears to me eye's the pain is unbearable.
  3. Dougy

    best wellingtons up too £150

    Agile pacours iso2, if you do a search you'll find loads of pages on "best welli's"
  4. Dougy

    Funny eye

    Could be ophthalmic migraine. I have it a few times, but whatever we on pigeon watch think you need to see a professional, you might die soon if you don't. Got owt going cheap shooting wise 🤣
  5. Dougy

    garlands rifle shoot dates

    http://www.garlandsshootingground.co.uk £25 all day I think.
  6. Dougy

    Lesson learned

    Unlike my Mrs, i see something and she tells me to buy it.
  7. Dougy

    Chainsaw won't start

    Dont throw anything at me, but are your sure you have put fuel in the fuel tank and not put chain oil in Its a very common mistake, apparently,,,,, some top, extremely clever people have done it. 🤔
  8. Dougy

    DIY red

    😂 Nice Red I'm glad I only shoot the odd Muntjac on mine. No need for 3 hrs hard slog, pulleys winches and sweat, just the weekend shopping bag will do.
  9. Dougy

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    Red Lion at Newbrough, Pork Pie, Hunter Pie and Game Pie.
  10. Dougy

    Computer Assistance Needed

    Joe joe, Do you think Grandalf had his default search hijacked by any chance ?
  11. Dougy

    Computer Assistance Needed

    Have you tried system restore Ben ?
  12. Dougy

    Animal Skull ID

    Island gun looks bout bob on
  13. Dougy

    Garden waste collection

    Hi Mel, Im no brain surgeon either but when i asked the guy about were at "his" place of work I should put certian items for example small electric items I expect a half decent response. The unfortunate guy I asked just waved his hand about pointing to to entrance muttering something akin to the mating call of a gorilla. If the staff they employ can't deliver a service so simple as to help paying customers (I'm assuming he was actually being paid) then yes I am rude, but generally only to those that are rude to me. I do not fly tip and it's something that really annoys me, what makes it worse though is that i go to the trouble of taking rubbish to the required location only to be met with unnecessary obstacles like the guy in question. That kind of attitude only adds to the fly tipping problem this country has.
  14. Dougy

    shooting on foot paths

    I shot a Muntjac a few weeks ago on a footpath, as I went to pick it up a chap came from behind me with his mountain bike. He had watched the shot from behind a hedge, not bothered in the slightest, had a chat about deer that he'd seen in the area, admired the shot of course and went on his way. It could have been a totally different story had he had a guitar over his shoulder and fuzzy hair.
  15. Dougy

    Garden waste collection

    My brown bins full of logs, and the blue one full of kindling. The grey bin? well its full of all-sorts. Ive seen the recycling process at the local amenity site, its a laugh.And I was going to be charged for dropping off a couple of bags of compo and broken roof tiles after having the roof re-tiled, £3 a bag for going to the trouble of taking it to the approved place, why not dump it in the nearest field gateway for free? I see enough gateways on my rounds. I asked some odd bod that seemed to have a genetic mis-match down at the local tip,(he did actually look human, 2 arms 2 legs a head and all that but defo something was not quite as it should be) If he realised they are promoting fly tipping, and i really dont think that he had the slightest what the comment was about.
  16. Dougy

    Educational DVDs

    I suppose it would be an interesting read, but don't expect to be an expert on resolving conflicts when you get to the last page. But at least you'll be able to jump on your bike and pedal as fast as you can away from the situation, well kind of.
  17. Dougy

    For single men

    Washing machines last longer with calgon. Or Harpic.
  18. Dougy

    Foxes getting brave

    What's she like tt, i could wait in an upstairs room all night 😁
  19. Dougy

    Foxes getting brave

    OOOoooohhhh Nooo Secret squirrel what have you done. !!!!!!! Just kiddin, but you will get some folk going now. TT how long your drive, do you want me to sort it ? I could park over the road with my starboard hatch open.
  20. Dougy

    Educational DVDs

    Having seen Mungler's Gluteus maximus as he is walking away from you, covered up i must add, (which is his way of saying how boring you are) I would not suggest the he takes up cycling on the queens highway. And i take my hat off to you sir for trying, well done Your going to loose more calories watching a decent soft porn movie than any documentary, unless is about the reproductive activities of Jessica Rabbit.
  21. If you hit the clays with one eye open then that's the way you should shoot. If you hit the clays with both eyes open that's the way you should shoot. If you listen to all the people that know it all, they will tell you their way is best. But you will need both eyes open to judge distance and speed.
  22. Dougy

    Im not dead yet........

    One things a certian, you don't need money to die or get buried in a hole. So whats with this saving money thing all about. Ditchman I'm assuming you've recently gone over the hill and on the way down to the bottom, or as the case may be into the hole. Don't stress about it you will soon be with the best, just make the most of the short ride down the hill, its far quicker than it was on the way up. All the best, Dougy
  23. Dougy

    Renewal Letter - POORLY THOUGHT OUT.

    Looks good enough, securely strapped onto the main frame and a lock on the rear wheel. Nobody going to be able to run off with that firearm. You only need to put barriers up, like we keep saying If they want it they will get to it.
  24. Dougy

    I need assistance

    Due to the fact they could quite possibly have changed within the last 3 years. No need to apologise.