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  1. Anyone know of a good quality floater pole, not one with nylon lock nuts (which are useless), preferably one with metal collars and metal thumb screws? FT.
  2. I hate steel shot. We used on the shoot i belong to, about five or six years ago, we had so many wounded ducks it was not funny! We had to spend many a sunday wandering around shooting flappers. The next year we did a deal as a syndicate and bought Hevi-shot with all our game cartridges, so getting a much better price. Job sorted! They work really well. Ft
  3. Mauser M03 Extreme magazine, .243, 7-08, .308 Unused/As New I bought this as a spare for my M03 .308 and have never used it. In the importers 2010 catalogue they are marked as £149.00. I would like £110 for this inclusive of recorded/insured delivery. ft
  4. Land Rover (Gaydon) 1hr tasting session. Folks, Here is an unwanted gift, a 1 hour taster session with Land Rover at Gaydon on Warwickshire. Chpoce of vehicle. Defender (manual), Discovery 4 (Auto), Range Rover (Auto), Range Roaver Sport (Auto). Cost £75. Open to offers, or to swap for a stalk. This can be used as money towards a longer session by buying more vouchers. Simon
  5. Lee, too late and too little I am afraid. Provionally sold for the asking price. Simon
  6. For sale; Harkila Nordkapp Merino Wool Base Layers Quarter zip top which fits 52"-54" chest and bottoms which fit 42"-44" waist. These are top quality items which I have worn for a maximum of 2.5 hours. unfortunately I discovered that I cannot wear wool next to my skin. So I have washed them in Tek-Wash and they are as new, but without labels. They would cost you £110 delivered off the web, but you can but these for £60 delivered. Which has to be a bargain. Electronic money transfer prefferred.
  7. mbpj, many thanks for the prompt delivery and wonderful condition of the guitar and amp. You never mentioned the cover or strap that you sent, you are a gent! Many thanks, ft
  8. SOLDCased five year old Beretta Siver pigeon III 12g, with really nice oil finished wood, 28" multichoke barrels, all Beretta chokes + 2 Carlesen chokes. The last image shows the only damage to the blacking. The gun is used but in very good condition, and well looked after. £1150 OVNO ft
  9. It would be eay to say .308, or 30-06, .270, 6.5x55, .243 et al. But there is a case for the 7mm-08 being the ideal allround deer rifle calibre. If you were to produce and table of burn efficiency and power to weight ratio's the 7mm-08 would be very near the top. But a sensibly downloaded 30-06 will take muntjac with little damage and the .243 loaded to it's extreme will deal with heavy red stags. On saying that I fundamentally have a problem with the premise of the thread!! I want more rifles not less And so i have settled for a 6.5x55 and a 7x64 as my centrefire calibres of choice.
  10. If you find a book called "Shotguns and Cartridges" by Gough Thomas Garwood, you will find drawings and explanations. There appears to be a difference between "easy opening and "self opening". I quote, "The definition rests on whether, when both barrels have been discharged, the force of the mainspring (as in Purdy) or of some auxilliary spring (Holland & Holland) is freely available for throwing open the gun, and whether it is adequate for that purpose. Some guns such as the Westley Richards "Connaught" or the Churchill "Hercules" which like several others use the Smith action which a
  11. From the other side of this, the wife snores for England, i use hypo-allergenic foam ear plugs. ft
  12. Gorilla glue. If you have a split seam, place gaffer tape on inside of split, then apply glue to outside. ft
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