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    Lifelong shooter. Used to shoot clays and rifle competitively, but lost the competitive instinct a number of years back. Member of a walk/stand game syndicate for the last 33 years. Enjoy a spot of carp fishing in the summer months & working my 2 ESS on a commercial shoot as a picker up.

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  1. Interesting to note that Perazzishot used the word `some`, which suggests there is more to this than just the brief video clip showing on Facebook. This may or may not be the reason he was disqualified. He is on record by his own words as being a rule bender; but the video didnt leave me with the impression he bullied the scorer.
  2. Would be, but couldnt find them when I googled them. Anyone find the link it would be appreciated.
  3. You`ve got a new UK record tree there ! FCS claim that the 66.4m Douglas Fir was Britains tallest tree. "Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) said a Douglas fir in Reelig Glen, near Inverness, was now Britain's tallest tree at 217.10ft (66.4m)."
  4. You have got a choice. Either change your GP to a practice that is prepared to take you on based on your post code; and will provide the necessary letter. This is what I have recently had to do. Altenatively, there are a number of non-NHS practices across the country who will (with a print out of your medical records) provide the letter; at a cost ! Google is your friend and you should be able to locate such a practice in your area.
  5. The practice of County Police Forces requiring a letter from the applicants GP is spreading and the Home Office has ruled that it is the applicant who pays. Like any other business, I expect Health Practices will keep a record of bad debts and will either go through the small claims court to get their money or refuse to provide a letter next time around. £20 is a small fee to pay when some non-NHS practices are charging between £75 - £100. Refusing to pay seems a bit blinkered when in 5 years time you are going to need to go through the same procedure again. You are faced with a stark choice. Change GP or approach a non-NHS practice who advertise they provide this service. You will need to obtain a print of your medical records and attend a consultation. Costs vary, but they exceed the £20 - £25 normally quoted by NHS GPs.
  6. Fraid so; its an admin fee for the GP to examine your records and produce the required letter. Home Office guidelines state the applicant pays. I would think the money goes to the practice. Its becoming common practice & its only a matter of time before all Police forces jump on the bandwagon. Could be worse, some GPs will not sign these letters.
  7. 👍 x 2. Used `her-in-doors` email account as well. Still short of 5,000 which is pretty poor.
  8. The recognised rubber sheet for MoD approved indoor ranges was and I believe still is, `Lynatex`. If you `google` the name you will get a lot of info. As others have stated, its not the rubber particles you need to worry about, its air borne lead particles and toxic gas from firing that are the danger. Extractor fans at the stop butt end must produce a flow down the range to remove toxic fumes and airborne particles. There is a formula laid down on range contstruction that the fan(s) produce so many air changes per hour based on the volume of the range.
  9. Couple of video`s on youtube covering refurb`s of the meteor, that appear to feature a highly similar piston head. The letter prefix to the serial number usually indicates the Mk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_waRtgRvrA
  10. Seeing as how you feel the need to repeat yourself, you obviously have evidence to support charging the employer ? Because no-one else including the Police seem to have any.
  11. I really and sincerly hope that someone, or anyone, at BASC HQ is reading this post from mick miller and others of a similar vein. I am not a BASC knocker and I have been a member for some considerable time; since well before the name change. I have no intention, as some have, in voting with my feet and yet I couldnt agree more with Mick Millers remarks above. I spent 20 minutes last Sunday discussing the current firearms licencing fiasco with a BASC rep at the Game Fair, explaining in some detail why I am being forced to change my medical practice because my current senior GP has a practice policy of not responding to Police requests for information or the now required GPs letter. While I got a lot of platitudes and soothing words, it slowly dawned on me I might as well have been talking to a loaf of bread. With an ex-military man having recently taken over the reins, I thought we might see some positive moves for them to go on the attack and address some of the problems currently being expienced by members, sadly at present this does not appear to be the case. Come on Brigadier, the old adage still applies; the best form of defence is attack. Soothing words to a frustrated membership is alright up to a point; but it would be nice to see a bit more attacking going on.
  12. Correct; which is why I used the term `grubby little hands`.
  13. You can bet your bottom dollar it wont be coming out of their personal pockets. Wild Justice are seeking the apology, not the directors personally so the costs will come out of their crowd funding pot. I should think their solicitors are rubbing their grubby little hands with glee; providing a misguided joe public continue to toss money into the pot, Leigh Day will happily keep spending it. No cost to the 3 stooges, who must consider they have discovered the original `Gravy Train`.
  14. JJsDad


    Pal of mine is up there for the duration. He tells me it was getting a bit muddy by COP today. He reckons take a pair of wellies, albeit the weather is due to cheer up Sunday. I have slung a pair in the car, its no fun in shoes if it turns out to be ankle deep in mud
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