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    Lifelong shooter. Used to shoot clays and rifle competitively, but lost the competitive instinct a number of years back. Member of a walk/stand game syndicate for the last 33 years. Enjoy a spot of carp fishing in the summer months & working my 2 ESS on a commercial shoot as a picker up.

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  1. JJsDad

    Chris packham

    Let me just check his bird spotters guide ! Yep, you are correct. He likes Lapwings.
  2. JJsDad

    pet insurance

    Thanks for that. £54 a month is a fair old wack each year, I will have a look at the insurance you mention. Cheers
  3. JJsDad


    Brilliant. The look say`s it all !
  4. JJsDad

    now all sold

    Could you put a price to the tweed Musto, second photo from top. Thanks.
  5. JJsDad

    pet insurance

    I wouldnt have thought £33/month is a bad price. I work 2 Springers, but only have one insured due to the cost. I pay £54/month with Pet-Plan, which was a monthly jump of about £9 after I had a vets bill of slightly over £1000 last year. If you work your Lab make sure your policy covers you because some of the cheaper companies either don`t cover working dogs or have a wriggle clause that allows them to refuse payment, if, for example the dog got shot and you havent declared it as being used for working. Some people would probably rightly argue that its better to stick the premium into an ISA each month and then use that if and when the need arises. While Vets have quite rightly invested in high tech medical equipment and facilities over the years, their prices have risen at an alarming rate to pay for these advancements. I have had Springers now for approaching 40 years and there is hardly a year goes bye without a trip to the Vet with at least one to get a foot lanced to remove barley or grass seeds. My last visit resulted in a bill for £130 which I opted to pay myself. If I claim on the insurance, I pay the first £75 myself and invariably my permium will jump up come re-newal time. In short, your £33 seems pretty fair, but do check what it covers you for.
  6. JJsDad

    RORG meaning ?

    Royal Ordnance Factory - Radway Green. 88 is the year of manufacture. Since the sell off by the government they are now part of BAE Systems.
  7. JJsDad


    A politician answer a straight forward question ! As the local saying goes, `You are having a larf`
  8. Just click on his forum name and it will bring up all his posts & responses.
  9. You should perhaps have a look at previous conversations between this guy and a number of members !
  10. JJsDad

    Side by Side Club

    Hi Old Boggy. There is currently an Ad on GT that may just be your cup of tea. If you and I both clubbed together we still couldnt afford it; but knowing your fondness for the 16 bore, you may care to have a drool over the Cogswell & Harrison Victoria at £7495 currently being advertised. Absolutely fabulous engraving, but at that price and being a boxlock so it should be. Regards. JJsDad
  11. JJsDad

    Side by Side Club

    An idea of your budget would help narrow things down. The AYA range will handle non-toxic.
  12. JJsDad

    Thread size Maxus

    The link below says its M3 x 0.5 https://www.truglo.com/images/gun_chart.pdf
  13. JJsDad

    Help needed to identify and clean a gun

    Good for you. Pleased you got a result and its passed to someone who evidently appreciates it. Perhaps you should have learnt to shoot it; they are good for mice who are taking liberty`s with your glass of wine !
  14. JJsDad

    Shirts for Shooting

    Musto produce some decent country style shirts. Have a look at the John Norris (at Penrith) website. They frequently have deals/sales on for a vast range of country clothing.