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    Lifelong shooter. Used to shoot clays and rifle competitively, but lost the competitive instinct a number of years back. Member of a walk/stand game syndicate for the last 33 years. Enjoy a spot of carp fishing in the summer months & working my 2 ESS on a commercial shoot as a picker up.

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  1. I would suggest its also a modern repro ! That cardboard Uberti box wouldnt have survived from 1866 !!!
  2. This. And quite a few ozs under 7lbs.
  3. The slotted screw you can see beneath the latch must be removed together with the small locking block that it passes through. You either need to make a simple angled screw driver to suit or find a screwdriver that will fit without marking/damaging the latch or screw. I have a thin flat-blade screwdriver that has been filed up to fit, this is used after a wet day to remove the fore-end on my B25 game gun.
  4. JJsDad

    AYA No. 3 Magnum

    I have one that fits your bill. But whereabouts are you. I am in N-Kent which may rule things out if you are 100s of miles away.
  5. Thanks David. Common sence from the Police (for once) !
  6. He is not being asked if you are fit to hold a firearm. He is being asked to confirm by (presumably) by going over your medical records or asking you to attend an appointment for a chat, that you do not suffer from a long series of ailments (Depression, drug/alcohol abuse, bi-polar disorder etc, etc, etc.) Most Police websites who insist on a GPs letter give an example of the letter and list the ailments that the GP is expected to comment on.
  7. No, its not a one of payment. Kent Police amongst a number of others are quite clear on their website. A Doctors letter stating you are free from a numbers of ailments is required to support new applications and all re-newals. No letter and they will not process the application. As it is required to support a renewal this suggests that every 5 years the GP will raise an invoice to cover the cost. As my GP charged £25, I can live with that as I accept it is non-NHS business, however there are some horror stories around of people being charged 3 figure sums. All strength to BASCs elbow getting t
  8. Totally agree. I have just re-newed and my GP advised that there was an admin fee of £25 to cover what is non-NHS work. The guys who think its a smart move to get the required letter and then refuse to pay could find they are shooting themselves in the foot 5 years hence.
  9. Yes, I`ve got a late 2016 model with the latest 2.0 lt diesel engine. Mines the 2 wheel drive, not AWD. Owned it for 15 months and after the 2011 RAV 4 it replaced the comfort, ride, handling and noise levels are a vast improvement. The boot takes 2 Springers with room left over. Overall it returns about 52 to 53 mpg and would do better if I controlled my right foot more. More whistles & bells on it than I will ever use and the leather seats are very comfortable and easy to wipe over. Spent all my life with a `proper` handbrake; so the push/pull button handbrake took a bit of getting used
  10. As you are still registered with your old GP, why dont you clarify whether he will produce the required letter for the Police. There is no restriction on which and where the GP is based. This requrement (GPs letter) has been creeping in over the last year or so, but at present it is not mandatory with all county forces. So it is highly likely you were not asked to produce one on your previous renewal. Also worth an email or phone call to Glos Firearms Dept. With GPs inundated with routine work and the effects of the virus, they may have a solution to your problem. But I would start l
  11. Try the Beretta estore. Very helpful when I wanted parts for my AL390. estore@beretta.com
  12. JJsDad


    Just booked mine in for an MOT this Friday. I wasnt sure if my local garage was open or not. The owner tells me they are classed as essential workers and other than social distancing are working as normal.
  13. Yes, 65 MPa equates to 650 bar. See extract below from proof pressure info off the web, this figure is the max average cartridge pressure. "The maximum average cartridge pressures for use in chamber lengths up to 70mm being 650 bar and for chamber lengths up to 89mm being 900 bar. Note these pressures relate to the CIP Radial Crusher system of pressure measurement; the later Transducer system uplifts these values by approx 14%." The 70 signifies chamber length in mm (2.75 in.)
  14. It certainly wont hurt and you seem to have a decent recollection of the car which will help. They will probably try the trick with an elderly driver and con him/her into handing over cash for them to keep quiet.
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