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    Lifelong shooter. Used to shoot clays and rifle competitively, but lost the competitive instinct a number of years back. Member of a walk/stand game syndicate for the last 33 years. Enjoy a spot of carp fishing in the summer months & working my 2 ESS on a commercial shoot as a picker up.

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  1. The outstanding question from your description is what went `click` when you attempted to shoot the Woodcock ? A bit surprised if it was the hammer going forward because most self-loaders have an inbuilt mechanical safety that prevents the hammer moving forward and striking the firing pin until the breech is closed and locked. If the gun is clean & properly lubricated you shouldnt need to `forward-assist`every time you chamber a cartridge. Certainly on a gun less than a month old.
  2. I wouldnt, but each to their own ! I think the general concensus is that steel should not be fired through damascus barrels.
  3. And in the light that the chamber length is invariably stamped on the barrel flats during proof, I am not sure where this is all heading or what the question is ?
  4. Well, if its full choke, certainly one barrel hasnt been opened up ! What are the choke markings on the barrel ?
  5. Dont know about West Mids, but most county firearms departments provide a guide on the times they take to process grants. In the light that they shutdown for the Christmas break I suspect you are wildly impatient, they only got back to work a week ago. Many forces are running at about 8 weeks to process grants & renewals. Chasing them wont get you anywhere.
  6. Kent had terrible backlog 5 years ago and despite seeking advice from BASC, my local FEO and the head of Kent Firearms Dept and applying for my renewal 12 weeks before expiry, my licence was not renewed until 7 weeks after its run-out date. My repeated phone calls to my FEO were met by the response that it was a Kent Firearms causing the problem as they wouldnt authorize overtime or weekend working and were having difficulty recruiting new staff. About 2 weeks before my licence expired I managed after a bit of being messed about to get the head of firearms on the phone. I virtually demanded a Sect 7 to keep me legal. The response was that all staff were fully tied up with renewals and initial grants and taking people off that work to issue Sect 7s would cause further delay. I was assured that if they did not manage to re-new by my expiry date I was still legal !!!! and did not need to transfer my guns to an RFD or friend while waiting for the re-newal. I insisted that his department were causing me to be break the law but he fobbed me off with weasal words that even if stopped with a gun in the car in another county there wouldnt be a problem. Thankfully they now seem to be getting their act together and my application in mid Sept 2019 resulted in a new certificate coming through by early December.
  7. Had the same sort of letter over here in Kent. As you applied early they are giving you a further 8 weeks beyond your certificate expiry date. This covers their & your bum in the event they dont manage to complete by the date on your licence. In my case they processed it all fairly quickly and the new licence came through 6 weeks before the old one was due to expire. As Tightchoke said; for reasons only known to themselves they never seem very keen to issue a Sect 7.
  8. Should this not read: `Occasionally`
  9. Aaagh ! Not just me then. I was getting quite worried there was some new peversion that had passed me bye. Never even heard the word until today. Nothing wrong with The Donalds values; threaten US citizens and you will get a Hellfire missile up your exhaust pipe.
  10. Pansexual ? I am either getting to old for all this new terminology about gender mixing, or I need to get out more ! Who are they actually hoping to attract with this sort of statement ?
  11. JJsDad

    Smart Meters

    Hi Boggy. My understanding is that the only way you will save money is if you monitor the `usage-display` that the company provides and turn off unwanted lights etc; having a smart meter does not to the best of my knowledge reduce the ammount of energy used. It just shows what you are using in real time. The negative press generally refers to the Mk 1 version not the Mk 2 now being fitted. I like you have been regularly pestered over the last 6 months or so by emails from my supplier saying they were in the area and urging me to make an appointment to have one fitted. As a result of a phone call from my supplier in early December I finally bit the bullet and arrangement to have one fitted. During the discussion about the installation I explained that like many houses built in the 60s, my meter was in a rather small cupboard beneath the stairs with fairly limited access. This was poo-poo`d by the rep and I was told this was not a problem as their fitters were highly skilled in working in cramped conditions. I was therefore mildly amused when on the day a 6ft 2in fitter turned up with all his kit and the new meter, took one look at the access and said it couldnt be fitted. He took a number of happy snaps to pass onto his boss and told me the only way it could be done is lift 4 or 5 treads from the stairs to allow access. However, as the cost of this is down to the supplier, he advised that it wont get done. So the boast that all houses will have these devices within the next 4 or 5 years is all pie-in-the-sky. There are 30 or 40 identical design houses on our little patch, all of which presumably cannot economically be fitted with this new wonder meter.
  12. You probably didnt notice, but you are responding to a post from April 2018 !!
  13. Panoma1 got it in one. Second mark from the right is the 1924 to present day, Beligian proof mark for foreign weapons. As Belgium is a member of the CIP (Proof Commision) Belgian proof marks are perfectly acceptable in the UK and vice-versa.
  14. As Dougy said. Defcon putty or one of the liquid metals. Defcon is good and I have used it for bedding rifles but its not cheap and obtaining a small qty might prove difficult.
  15. Loctite 638 would hold it particully with a steel pin, not sure how it takes with a spelter type material.
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