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    Lifelong shooter. Used to shoot clays and rifle competitively, but lost the competitive instinct a number of years back. Member of a walk/stand game syndicate for the last 33 years. Enjoy a spot of carp fishing in the summer months & working my 2 ESS on a commercial shoot as a picker up.

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  1. JJsDad

    face masks

    Hi Mel & Lin Further donation to follow shortly, as my sister (Mrs Lorna Ayres) has just rung me to say the pair I requested on her behalf on Sunday also arrived today. She asked me to pass massive thanks as she has only recently finished radiotheraphy treatment and has not been able to get one through any local chemist shops. Stocks on order apparently but nothing getting delivered. Many thanks JJsDad
  2. JJsDad

    face masks

    Hi Mel & Lin Brilliant service. Requested one each for me and the good lady on Saturday and they arrived this morning (Tuesday 31st). A far better fit and more robust than the paper ones that we have been using. Keep up the good work, my faith in humanity is restored. Stay safe. Donanation made to Lin`s paypal account.
  3. JJsDad

    face masks

    Sorry, finger error. Didnt put a subject heading in, so even though I pressed send it didnt go.
  4. JJsDad

    face masks

    Yes pease Mel. PM sent.
  5. And I for one, will drink to that !
  6. Excellent post. Those who have been suggesting they are going out Pigeon shooting regardless of the Goverment advice should read this. This is a terrible virus and the numbers infected are still rising; you perhaps dont worry about your own health, but do you honestly not give a damn that your actions could end up causing someone else to become infected and possibly die ?
  7. While we have placed an order for our 2k poults, there was a clause in the game farmers acknowledgement to the effect that the supply was subject to the availability of eggs. While he uses caught up birds, I am told he makes up the balance he needs for his orders by importing from the continent. If they dont produce or cannot ship from europe due to the clamp down on movement, we may not get what we asked for. If this is the case and we cant source elsewhere we will just reduce the subs and continue with the birds left from last year. We have 3 distinct areas and shoot every Saturday, so if we have a shortage we will probably look at reducing the number of days and shoot once a fortnight. We dont do big bags or sell any days, so its a case of making the best of a bad job for this coming season.
  8. Thats rich coming from someone who in another thread called someone a "Nut" because he was wearing sandles; and regularly resorts to calling people liars ! If you care to read peoples remarks, I wasnt arguing with anyone, I was merely agreeing with an earlier comment by a member.
  9. Oh dear, never mind. Come the end of the month when your membership expires you can subscribe to LACS; I am sure you will feel more at home there !
  10. This ! If you stopped the average man or woman in the street they wouldnt have a clue whats fired from a shotgun. Most would probably say `bullets`. Ask them if they support or are against shooting, then they will certainly have a view.
  11. Multiply that by around 155,000 (members), many of whom have no interest in wildfowling, being vermin or game shooters only !
  12. Did I mention you ? If you have been verbally abused perhaps you should ask yourself the question why ! Your constant abuse of BASC and willingness to call people liars just may have something to do with it.
  13. If you trawl back through their comments, the two most vocal BASC bashers claim to have left BASC. However, due to some perceived slight in the past, over help they were seeking from BASC, where they didnt get the answer they hoped for, we now have to put up with this persistant drip of negativity on every post where BASC gets mentioned. If they had got a genuine gripe I would have thought that they could have formally complained to BASC. David BASC I believe offered to look into one of the moans, but got a load of twaddle about BASC all being liars, so understandably he left it alone. If they are hoping to drive David BASC away from the forum, where he does a lot of good trying to answer members questions, I would hope that the moderators bin the pair of them. They add absolutely nothing of interest to the forum.
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