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    Lifelong shooter. Used to shoot clays and rifle competitively, but lost the competitive instinct a number of years back. Member of a walk/stand game syndicate for the last 33 years. Enjoy a spot of carp fishing in the summer months & working my 2 ESS on a commercial shoot as a picker up.

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  1. JJsDad

    Would you take the shot?

    Having put up a photo of the beer garden and the ground he was shooting from; it wouldnt take to much detective work to come up with a name.
  2. JJsDad

    Would you take the shot?

    I would be surprised if you even contemplated such a shot, hard ground or not.
  3. JJsDad

    Patent number?

    Another one described in the link below for ejectors: www.google.co.uk/patents/US481290
  4. JJsDad

    Norfolk area Shooting

    You might get some sort of response if you said what area you are hoping to get permission ! Unless you are prepared to drive to anywhere in Norfolk.
  5. Its one of those `up & over` guns and it looks distinctly lonely !
  6. Hi. While the good lady was watching the `soaps` yesterday evening, I amused myself by searching the web to try to make sense of your Citori serial number. I may well have just repeated what you have already done, but I have `googled` just about every site that provides manufacturing dates to serial numbers for Brownings and Miroku`s without sucess. I thought it might have been imported to the US and then made its way over here, but the early US imports were under the Charles Daly name and once the Citori range was introduced circa 1973 the double letter system to identify the year of manufacture was implemented. So apologies, bit of an oddity; but I cannot shed any light on the exact on the year of manufacture or why your gun does not seem to fit into the normal numbering/date system. Cheers JJsDad
  7. JJsDad

    Side by Side Club

    Aagh so. Its my devious mind thinking you were getting around to telling us you had bought, not that you were selling !
  8. JJsDad

    Side by Side Club

    Is this a covert way of telling the Club you have splashed out and bought that Roland Watson, as well as the Webley No prices showing up on their auction site as yet, so perhaps you have only just been told you were the high bidder.
  9. JJsDad

    Shotgun Guide

    See link below: https://www.gunmart.net/gun-reviews/shotguns/over-and-under-shotgun/redolfi-eos-competition
  10. JJsDad

    Chokes opening out

    No. Easing the chokes doesnt need re-proof.
  11. Is the same number reproduced on the top strap beneath the opening lever ? Or anywhere else on the inside of the action.
  12. JJsDad

    Visiting Ypres, advice needed

    Almost impossible to give sound advice as the whole battle front covers a huge area. We stayed for 3 days near Albert and had the benefit and experience of an ex-tour guide who was worth his weight in gold and got us into one of the tunnels that would not be available to the passing tourist. Take a camera and brace yourself for some shocking statistics and sites. Lots to see and hard to cram it all in if you are only there for a weekend. Couldnt resist taking the picture below, of the cafe owners wall where we stopped for coffee. He explained in the past he cleaned up shell fuzes he picked up in his fields and if your ordered a meal costing 15 euro or so you got one as a gift !!! UK customs apparently complained due to people bringing them back and he stopped handing them out because of the hassle. Just imagine the UK Police response to a wall of your garden being built like this.
  13. JJsDad

    Side by Side Club

    I dont think the acronym`s meant anything to him. It does to me, albeit in my `previous` life. I could have picked it up for him as I was at Krefeld at one point, just up the road from Dusseldorf.
  14. JJsDad

    Goose Shooting Scotland

    Well, after following that thread through with ever increasing amazement; I cant see me making a booking !
  15. JJsDad

    Acme gun

    Yep, Eley Bros used it.