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    Lifelong shooter. Used to shoot clays and rifle competitively, but lost the competitive instinct a number of years back. Member of a walk/stand game syndicate for the last 33 years. Enjoy a spot of carp fishing in the summer months & working my 2 ESS on a commercial shoot as a picker up.

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  1. Is this the type of front cap you are looking for ? This is shown as fitting the A400. Have a look at the Beretta on line estore, see link below. They will post to the UK from Italy, albeit postal charges can be a bit high. Beretta importer`s here in the UK may have them in stock. http://estore.beretta.com/en-eu/store/spare-parts/
  2. JJsDad


    Feel your pain mate. Had Springers in the family for forty years now, you would think after that time you would get used to losing them, but you dont ! No consolation at a time like this, but at least she didnt suffer and their memory never fades.
  3. Like all guns, its not when it was made, but how well its been looked after and how many cartridges have been put through it over the years. If possible put 8 or 10 cartridges through it before parting with your hard earned to check functioning. Beretta`s tend to be pretty reliable but things do wear out. I have a AL390 that is dead reliable but as a matter of preventative maintainance I decided to replace the recoil spring (housed in the butt tube). I obtained two for cheap as chips money from Beretta`s on line e-store. The carriage was twice as much as the spring, so seemed sensible to buy 2. When checking the length of the new to the old, the later was was approx 1.5in, shorter. Most parts readily available if anything goes wrong, but make sure the woodwork is free from cracks / splits.
  4. Yep, you are correct. Sorry for misleading `daisyrob1`. Totally forgot that common sence has prevailed outside England !
  5. Well said, you are perfectly correct ! In addition there is more than one member on this forum who in one thread was lambasting BASC for not doing enough and then when someone put up a thread concerning who had carried out the on-line survey and who was a member, admitted to not being a member !! Unbelievable; slags off BASC for not being proactive enough but is happy with their submission to Defra but keeps his hands in his pockets when it comes to supporting our organisations.
  6. If you look at General Licence(GL) 31, there is a big question mark over whether guides who charge for their services (as most do) are in fact legal ! If you find one prepared to `risk it for a biscuit` until the picture clears, you can only shoot them if they are causing crop damage. Good luck, but many people are being ultra cautious over the conditions attached to this licence at present.
  7. The Vickers was similar; the engraving was well executed, reasonable wood, nice fences and everything in proportion; to the uninitiated it gave all the outward appearences of a typical mid-range British sidelock. It was only the two pins showing on each lock that led me to believe that that the internals were something out of the normal. Never seen another example of that style lock work since.
  8. I saw this type of lock (coil spring with a simple 2 pin bridle) a number of years ago when replacing a broken firing pin on a `Vickers` sidelock belonging to a friend of a friend. The locks were very simple and did not feature the normal interceptor sear normally associated with sidelocks. While externally the gun appeared as being of reasonable quality, the simplicity of the locks and the less than impressive standard of internal finish indicated it had been built-down to a price in an attempt to offer a sidelock, at boxlock prices.
  9. I will have a browse through one of his books over the weekend and see if he has expanded on the his article on the web. However, if you follow the link below, Diggory Hadoak has a short article on the `Rogers / Webley` action. He describes it as a back-action sidelock ((mainspring behind the hammer (tumbler)) rather than a bar action; no mention of coil springs, although he points out that a number of modifications / improvements were carried out to the basic design over the years. https://www.vintageguns.co.uk/articles/462-2/sidelocks/
  10. Mr Packham CBE lying, how dare you ! What a slur.
  11. Fine looking Holland & Holland I must say ! You can`t store that in the same cabinet as a LIG for heavens sake, that`s outrageous !
  12. JJsDad

    Darne (it?)

    One of our members `JohnfromUK` has one. If you look at the Side x Side Club, Page 50 he has some comments relating to them.
  13. That`s a well written and factual submission, that totally flies in the face of the fake stuff Packham & co pushed out. Have`nt seen anything from RSPB. Be interesting to see what side of the fence they intend to take on the subject ?
  14. True, but I have a very tidy Charles Hellis that I have had for about 12 years; there is a photo on the SxS club shortly after it was pinned. But its reserved for `posh` days and the occasional invite to a Partridge day. If the AYA No:1 got a ding or a scratch, I wouldnt burst into tears, but I would if I had splashed out the kids inheritance on something in the £12 to 15k bracket. 😥
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