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  1. Just found a bag of RC50 empties in the gun room, 86 of them. Free to anyone willing to pay the postage. Heading for the bin otherwise.
  2. This is what I use for a back stop for my rifle shooting. I have 3 set up at different places, I can shoot from any side, just move the target. If there is livestock at one I can just use another one. It's not portable by any means but works 100%.
  3. This is my 26th season and I still cant sleep the night before the 1st. I was out in the morning and bagged 3 greylags, could have shot more but I didn't want to be dropping them into the standing crop they were flighting in over. At night I took my eldest son and his cousin out for a night flight. They were both out a few times last year with me but neither managed to bag anything. We had a lot of geese come in and after a few shots they managed to bag a goose each. Both of them delighted with their first goose, very proud of them both. I can see my ammo bill going up a bit f
  4. aister


    Met this guy while walking the dogs tonight. Beautiful birds, not very often you get to see them up close but I managed to get within 3 or 4 feet.
  5. I haven't found a harder hitting cartridge than the RC50 0's.
  6. That's pretty much exactly how my full length dies are set.
  7. Never had a bird of prey on a decoy but I did watch an otter one morning trying to get hold of one of my mallard decoys.
  8. I reload cheap "practice" rounds for the 223 and the 30-06 using PPU brass and bullets and cheap murom primers, the powder is thrown rather than being individually weighed and it shoots roughly MOA out to 300 yards (haven't tried it further)
  9. I've always had a schmidt and bender 8x56 on my 30-06. I briefly had a leupold VX3 on it but it sat at 8X most of the time and wasn't as good as the S&B in low light.
  10. I had my renewal done a couple of weeks ago, all done through a few emails and a couple of phone calls. Very well done, just awaiting the certificate in the post. This was Police Scotland as I am in Shetland. More than once he apologised that he couldn't deal with my variation but that is understandable at the moment. Good luck with yours, hope it goes as smooth as mine did.
  11. aister


    I have a T-bolt with wood stock that has barely been used, it is honestly like new. I am no where near the Midlands but can post through RFD once this virus is behind us.
  12. It was definitely out of the mod, to end up with if I shook the mod over the worktop bits of black build up would come out, some bits as big as 2-3mm, bits that size can easily stop a cartridge from chambering.
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