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  1. I have an Andrew James vacuum sealer and it has been great, had it for a good few years now. IMO vacuum sealers are fantastic, especially for fish.
  2. Thanks for all the kind words 👍
  3. That's Frankie off the mark with his first 2 geese. We had a small flock of geese come in perfect, he picked his bird, fired a shot and down it came. The next lot came in a bit further out and moving a bit faster, he picked his bird and fired, a bird peeled off and landed in the loch. There was a bit of cat and mouse with Tilda and the goose but she persevered and finally brought it back to hand. After a couple more shots we headed home delighted and geese still coming in.
  4. Sent you a message 👍
  5. I have half a carrier bag of 12 bore 3" empties, mostly gamebore mammoths and RC50's but some express and fiocchi's. Heading for the bin or free if the buyer covers postage or puts £10 into help for heros charity.
  6. aister

    Sept 1st

    It's a Tolley hammerless with 4 1/4" chambers. I dont have any other info or photos at the moment but I could get some if you want. It's a beautiful gun. One more photos from the same morning.
  7. aister

    Sept 1st

    Yes, still on the go. Hopefully get out for a shot with him again this season. Was only out once with him last season, I used one of his Tolley double 8's.
  8. aister

    Sept 1st

    I was up and on the go at half 3 this morning. Local farmer asked if I would have a go at the resident geese that was destroying the rape so all set up by half 4 then sit back and watch the world come to life with the faithful hound, delighted to be out again doing what she loves. The geese came in but they were a bit wary as I didn't have a lot of cover. Having said that I bagged 6 then packed up and headed home for some breakfast.
  9. aister

    Lee press

    Sold pending the usual.
  10. aister

    Lee press

    I have a lee press for sale. Only been used to deprime case so no hard use. £40 including postage.
  11. I have been using a rock tumbler from amazon. It can hold 50 223 brass or 25 30-06 brass.
  12. Thanks WalkedUp. Only 2 left now.
  13. I asked the same question on here and ended up using hot water, a squirt of fairy liquid and the small end of a calpol spoon heaped of citric acid and get great results. 2 hours in the tumbler then rinsed with hot water then 10 minutes in a fan oven at 90degC to dry.
  14. I have both a 223 and a 17hmr and would definitely keep the 223 over the 17hmr if I had to choose. I reload for the 223 but even if I didn't I would still pick the 223. All i have to shoot here where i stay is targets, rabbits and geese. The reason for picking the 223 is that it just does the job better IMO. I also find myself very limited when out with the 17hmr, its annoying knowing the 223 is home and I am looking at a goose or a rabbit 2-300 yards away and I have the 17hmr.
  15. My bitch has just had a litter of 10 pups yesterday. I would love to see them going on to homes where they will be used as gundogs but that is not going to happen up here in Shetland, not enough people shooting enough to justify having a dog. I will easily get them all sold up here as pets, 5 are booked already without any advertising. Is their anyone on here that would be interested? We are in Shetland and getting pups down to the mainland is not impossible but will obviously add to the cost. I am looking for £2000, there is only dogs left, both black and golden. PM me if genuinely interested and I can share videos and photos and any other info required.
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