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  1. After reading about making your own lofting hooks instead of paying around £5 each. I made 7 and they look great. I cadged a few off cuts of Steel rod from a local yard , used Aldi Camo tape that I had laying around. Job done and cost zero. PS. No I didn't tape it together lol.
  2. Anyone got some to sell ?
  3. Only if he can post , I'm in Scotland.
  4. Looking for the above .22 or .177.
  5. Big Gnat


    Please. Sent. Please. Sent.I don't have a long fishing Pole. In Scotland we rarely course fish. All game fishing up here lol.
  6. Big Gnat

    Lofting poles

    Desperate for lofting poles !!! Anyone selling some ?
  7. Big Gnat


    Does anyone have any going spare. Or a set of suitable Tent Poles ?
  8. I'm fairly new to Pigeon hunting, been shooting with an Airgun from a hide and doing quite well. I fancy trying decoys up trees or bushes , is it worth the hassle ? Plenty good trees and flight lines ?
  9. Big Gnat

    Selling ?

    I would like to put up a gun for sale ? What's the proce9 ?
  10. Hi I'm looking at getting a pop up Bale for the stubble pigeons. Is it worth trying out or will I be better sticking to the under net at the field edge. It's an air rifle not the shotgun ? What's best.
  11. Is it worth buying a tin of this to paint my fuds ? Seen something about it a while back but can't remember Doh !
  12. Big Gnat


    Looking for a Flapper and Advice on how best to use it ? A newbie to pigeon shooting using an airgun. Had some good results with decoys , and feel a flapper might bring a few more down ?
  13. Hi I'm looking for a set of lofting poles or maybe advice on making a set. Heard it can be done from old fishing poles ? Suggestions welcome.
  14. Pm'd Re the Jack Pyke jacket
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