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  1. thanks for the replies lads...going to do some more research regarding license,and supplies....thanks
  2. hi guys..anyone out there know how to make your own rope bangers for scaring pigeons....been wanting to make my own for a while now but have no idea where to start and where to obtain materials..bought some from local gunshop but find them very expensive .....surely a bit of D>I>Y would be cheaper....thanks for any response...ern.
  3. So do i mate..if i still have it then,its yours.
  4. Hi guys,got a Ruger .22cal 10shot mag for sale,£18 and £2 postage if anyones interested..perfect working order.
  5. hi guys,while on the topic of safety catches i was out the other day with my lanber o/u 12g.after taking a shot i noticed the back of the safety catch had fallen off and the catch was in three pieces one being the selector switch,i managed to find the back of the switch which had fallen to the ground so had all three sections....can anyone suguest a good repairer close to mexborough s.yorkshire,im stuffed now till i can get it fixed...cheers for any help..
  6. Hi all,just applied for a fac two weeks ago,i allready have sgc and will be shooting on same land where i ve been shooting for two years now and which has been passed for fac....will that speed things up a bit and anyone know of average wait time in south yorkshire..cheers..
  7. While on the subject of hide nets can i ask for anyones opinions on these stealth nets,i use one but i am not entirely confident they really do offer the concealment they are supposed to..i use an old type leaf net over the top of a stealth net......
  8. Hi mate,sure you wont post if i paid postage?.i live in doncaster area....is it all in good working order,if so i may purchase from you..cheers..
  9. i have asked but the shoot said as i and my son shoot for the farmer on whos land the shoot is held on they thought they would ask if we wanted to be a part of the shoot..of course we accepted,it could lead to more land to shoot on..
  10. Hi guys,just been asked to get involved in a local shoot on one of my permissions which is Not run by the farmer.. no problem there,but i have heard the guy that runs it has not been fair with his regular beaters..before i make my mind up could any one tell me what the going rate is,or do they pay what they like,,,,cheers for any info..
  11. Hi mate,i live to far to be able to collect....would you post for an offer of £60..
  12. hi there,i would like to make an offer of £300 if you would like to consider it..regards ernie..

  13. Hi there,is the gun still for sale,,,if so would you consider an offer of £200..and would we be able to meet up half way for f-f sale,,i am in doncaster..cheers..

  14. YABBA,DABBA,DOOOoooooo,,,got my sgc after a wait of 15weeks.. good luck to all those who are waiting,hope you get yours very soon.....
  15. anyone know of any resturants who will buy pigeons/rabbits in doncaster/rotherham/or barnsley area...
  16. thanks to all,,,managed to get the repair done,,,and back out decoying,
  17. Hi guys, need some advice if possible.. Rotory blew over in the high winds recently and before i could get to disconnect from the battery it had wrapped itself around the crop and pulled the wiring out inside the magnet casing...stripped it as far as i could but unable to release the casing to get inside to fix it....does anyone out there know how to release it please..
  18. I will second that,good luck to him hope all turns out well...
  19. Had my visit 3 weeks ago and was told at the time it could be another 4 weeks,which will make it 15 weeks from start to finish,,,,i have just about given up hope and fast losing the will to live...South Yorkshire,,,
  20. IF its any consolation i have been waiting 14 weeks for my sgc,and still waiting!!!had my visit on week 11,and was told it could be another 3 or 4 weeks..as for being stupid for applying in the first place,i say good on ya mate,dont let the little so and so run your life for you,first chance i got she would be out of the house....
  21. This bloke knows what its all about,i have seen him in action and wish i was half as good...
  22. This excellent rifle has been reduced to £200 for Quick sale..
  23. HI mate,i have just come across your add,and would like to know if its still for sale..
  24. anyone know where to get this steel banding from please...
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