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  1. Lol, Ok mate, hope your keeping safe and well. I'll get an XXL on order for when you come out of isolation.
  2. lol, don't know who you are but I've got some in stock so see me when we reopen and I'll sort it for you.
  3. Membership at Marne Clay Shoot is £20 per Year which includes such benefits as reduced shooting rates, cartridge draws and a free shoot at the end of the year where funds allow. So far we have not returned any paid subs as we still have insurance and rent to pay with no income from shoots at this difficult time. That said, in any member were to request a refund then it would be given but that said, I believe that the majority will just ride it out and their loyalty will be rewarded with a free shoot and prizes for members only as we have done in previous years. All small clubs require support during these difficult times and the Membership is only a very small sacrifice to keep the shoots in business.
  4. Its an Over and Under not Side by Side as stated in the Advert
  5. One of our shooters is selling one which has only had 400 Carts through it but its not an adjustable combe. PM me if you want details.
  6. LaPorte Traps are excellent Build Quality and The Clay Pigeon Company are a pleasure to dealt with. Watch out for when they have there Free Clay Deals on as it vastly improves the costs of purchasing one or more of their traps. I also recommend Bowman Traps due to their excellent aftersales service from Andrew. He is always available to give advice over the phone or even visit your ground to pass on his experience. The traps have been produced with a great deal of thought for the ease of adjusting without the use of spanners and I now have quiet a large number on my shoot which are proving to be very reliable along with the LaPorte traps I also use. The most important thing for me with both these Companies has been the friendly and professional after sales service even though we are not a large premier Ground.
  7. Hi,

    Would you post the double Gun slip. If so how much would the cost be.


    1. Maybe Clay Grounds should do away with Gun Racks, thereby discouraging the temptation to leave Guns unattended. Just a thought for people to debate and have a bun fight over 😎
    2. Shes a little Beaut, I have two working Sprockers and will be after another but too early for me.
    3. Been a couple of times as a really friendly bunch of lads and some good targets presented by Matt. Always a good mix of targets with something for all abilities. Definitely worth a look and if it was a bit closer, I would be there when I'm not running Marne Clay Shoot
    4. Marne Clay Shoot at Catterick, North Yorkshire: £8 for 50 Members £10 for non members £20 a year membership Free Tea/Coffee (donation Bucket for McMillan Nurses Cancer) Top notch Burger Wagon at our fortnightly Sunday Shoots www.marneclayshoot.co.uk
    5. Nice friendly shoot. Very relaxed as you just wander around the stands and mark your own cards. Decent variety of targets for all abilities and a lot of money and effort has gone into the ground since it was last open a couple or so years ago. 100 Bird Sporting shot over 10 stands. (could possibly do with putting a few more stands on as I find shooting 5 pairs on a stand can be a bit repetative )
    6. Hi Jody

      Do you still have the Browning for sale.

      If so, could you please contact me and explain what I would have to do yo Transfer through the RFD route.



      1. Jody


        Hi Tony 

        my RFD would need your RFD’s details. They then sort it out and you would collect from them and they enter the gun on your licence, it’s pretty simple to be honest. 




      2. Northern Gunner

        Northern Gunner

        Hi Jody,

        Ive just spoke to my local Gun Shop and he said he can sort it for me.

        Can you please give me a ring on 07719653394 to discuss or if you want to send me your phone number, I can ring you.




    7. If you do travel further North in the near future and still have the gun for sale, I would be very keen.

      Im not to keen on RFD to be honest.



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