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  1. I'm very lucky in some respect as I have a very supportive son who always helps out and others who bring skills such as repairing equipment I break and dealing with mandate tasks which occur with every shoot. Nobody can run a successful shoot without the backing of a good team behind them and although we have a few shooters come through who I could do without, we are very fortunate to have a great bunch who enjoy the banter of a good day out shooting different targets every time they come to the ground for a very fair price. I always try to look after the shooters and i find they the
  2. I couldn't agree more with you Webber, I've been running a club in North Yorkshire now for many years and we started off with a couple of manual traps and have now built it up to nearly 50 Automatic Traps and before Coronavirus Restrictions, we were getting up to 150 guns through on our fortnightly Sunday Sporting Shoots. I would not have been unable to achieve this without a dedicated few who help with maintaining the equipment and assisting setting up and clearing up after the shoot. Most of the people who turn up to shoot think that it all just happens without any graft going on behind
  3. We run our shoot on trust when it comes to taking extra clays. We take payment up front for a set course of targets. The sequence is shown on each stand and I am quite happy for the first gun in each squad to view the targets before the squad shoots that stand but only if they turn up and no one is shooting when they arrive there. We do get some people taking extra clays and I've heard them saying "Just give me that one again" and carrying on "practicing" till they are hitting the target. I have no hesitation at all in pointing out their greed in front of all as they are just st
  4. Thanks for all the interest in my Gun. This is now sold subject to RFD Transfer.
  5. Just to add, this is the MX8 Model with the detachable trigger mechanism and its year of manufacture was 1998 Any more questions, just ask. Thanks
  6. Its my Gun, contact me for any further Information, Swaps for shooting related equipment or a decent small 1st car.
  7. for personal use a 75 AH leisure Battery will prove adequate and will have enough to run it all day long. If you can lug a trap around, the little extra weight of a battery will make no difference at all. I would not recommend running it off Jump Leads to your vehicle Battery as a ticking over engine does no good for the vehicle battery or fuel consumption. You can buy a decent Leisure Battery for around £50-£60.
  8. I always have Bins on every stand for our shooters to dispose of their used cartridges and in general the rules for placing empties in the bins are adhered too, however, there is always some arrogant shooters who think they are above the rules and just eject them onto the ground around the stands and walk away thinking someone will tidy up after them. It is annoying and time consuming clearing up after them and to be honest we don't need people like that at our shoot. I however, find it hard to accept Coronavirus as a reason for a ground to ask shooters to take home their spent cartridges
  9. thanks

    1. Spr1985


      This has posted to public forum not a private message, your phone number is visible to everyone, just thought I’d let you know 

    2. Northern Gunner
  10. Hi,

    I was wondering what would be your best price if I bought both guns off you and any other shooting equipment you have as its for someone starting up. 

    You can phone me if you want or txt me as Im not always on my computer.




  11. Are any of the cokes extended please the brûlée ones please 

  12. Dark Blue Beretta Hard case to take upto 30" Barrel Immaculate Condition (as New) Combination Lock and two hasps locks Solid case to protect your shooting stick from damage £50 collected from Darlington Area (may post at cost)
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