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  1. Is there any movement on the price Steve and also would you RFD as I'm in Country Durham 



    1. Northern Gunner

      Intack Farm, Southwaite

      Ive been over to shoot at this ground and it was a well organised shoot. Some of the regulars who shoot there also come across to Marne Clay Shoot at Catterick and I am hopeful that we will be able to arrange a few friendly competition between the two Grounds next year as they normally hold their events on opposing weekend to Marne. Well worth the visit, nice targets and a nice friendly crowd.
    2. Northern Gunner

      wanted double barrell 410 for junior

      I have a Yildis side by side which is like new. its had hardly any cartridges through it at all and is a really bonnie little gun.
    3. Northern Gunner

      Thimbleby Shooting Ground

      If your up North Yorkshire the clay shoot at Marne, Catterick shoot every Wednesday and every other Sunday and always change their targets. Dates and timing are on the website www.marneclayshoot.co.uk
    4. Northern Gunner

      Shooting without sgc

      I am also very surprised that Humberside Shooting Ground Staff are allowing this practice to go ahead and knowingly allow non licenced individuals to loan a gun and buy cartridges then allow them to shoot unsupervised!! Very poor practice. Any non licence holder should be under supervision whenever he is in the possession of a Shotgun. Would you loan you car out to a Learner Driver to take away and drive on his own without supervision. (I think not)
    5. Northern Gunner

      Barbour Classic Moorland Jacket

      I have a Barbour Classic Moorland Jacket which is in pristine condition. Never been worn. Its a size 46 with a warm pile detachable lining. £150 collected or postage to be arranged. Please PM me for pictures. I can guarantee that whoever buys will not be disappointed with the quality of this Classic Item.
    6. Northern Gunner

      410 Wanted

      I have a lovely little Yilditz Side by Side in immaculate condition. Its like a new gun but now not need. send me a PM if of any interest
    7. Northern Gunner

      BOOTS Size 9

      paypal done
    8. Ill take the boots if there still available.

      1. Northern Gunner

        BOOTS Size 9

        You have PM
      2. Northern Gunner

        Miroku Mk-38 Grade 5 12 gauge

        What a lovely looking piece of timber on that gun. Good luck with the sale!!
      3. Northern Gunner

        Jackets and vest for sale

        you have PM
      4. Northern Gunner

        Leeds Clay grounds??

        Marne is also open every Wednesday afternoon from 1200hrs till 1500hrs www.marneclayshoot.co.uk
      5. Northern Gunner

        Clays in portugal

        A group of us spent a week in Portugal and incorporated 3 days shooting at O pinhal and had a great time. We returned the following year and received the same warm welcome. There is a good mixture of targets over the 5 or 6 Compact Layouts and we had our own marker from the ground who looked after us during our visit. We paid for our clays and Cartridges and gun hire at the end of each day which was a reasonable price and then at the end of our visit we chipped in and gave our marker a tip. They are very accommodating and will set up OT, DT or sporting. The food in the restaurant is very good and not over priced. I am sure you will enjoy your visit. Northern Gunner
      6. Northern Gunner

        Vote your Favourite Clay Shooting Ground

        Just to let all who attended know that the Shoot was a great success with 179 entries and £1200 raised for Charity. This was after we had paid out £320 in cash across the different classes. The total raised is also set to go up slightly as we have received some of the cash winnings back from very generous shooters. Hope to see some of you at our fortnightly Sporting Shoots. Fixtures are on our website: www.marneclayshoot.co.uk