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  1. 22-250 Rifle Used - Very Good Condition Bolt Action Description Zastava 22-250 in fantastic condition with mini mauser action, silky smooth. Topped with a Hawke Endurance 30 IR scope. Threaded for mod. This rifle is so light and so accurate. This rifle really has been a cabinet queen. £300 Quote
  2. A brand new unfired Benelli Super Vinci, 30" barrel 3.5" chamber 3 shot. Still has the guarantee card through the trigger guard, comes in hard case with everything you get with a new gun. Getting harder to find. Perfect for the geese. £1100. Please no silly offers. Sorry, don't know why pic's have turned upside down.
  3. ninjaferret


    I had cctv to see the nugget do it, and less than 5 minutes later the bin man come to empty it.....
  4. I thought they were just labeled as Baikal, Red cases with black writing, but i may well be wrong,
  5. ninjaferret


    HERPES, once left my parcel in the bin , thick person didn't realise the bin was out to be emptied. Needless to say, i didn't get that parcel, or even an apology......
  6. Are you looking for a first focal plane reticle ?
  7. Knew that wouldn't be there long, asked for pic's but no reply, so i knew i'd missed it....
  8. I wish they were still available...
  9. A rushed half hour this afternoon. 10 Jackdaws 1 Crow Total 1899
  10. Couple of hours yesterday with my mate. 106 Picked, mixed jackdaws and the odd crow. Total 1646
  11. From memory and i may be wrong, but, You have an adjustment under the forend for heavy or light loads i think ..
  12. Coquet island loads of sea birds dead every day.
  13. Just an observation.... for the welfare of the ducklings, and those shelling out hard earned for them.
  14. That's what i thought, it may be worth highlighting that to people who may not have reared them before. Just in case anyone literally takes them to water and off you go...
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