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  1. Spalding DWA - New Members Day/Marsh Walk. Will be held on Sunday August 15th starting at 08:00am. All new members (and prospective) plus existing members that have not seen the marsh for a year or two are invited to attend. Departing from Shep Whites car park for a leisurely walk along the sea wall looking at areas of interest and access to shooting areas. This is a good opportunity to meet up with experienced members and exchange wildfowling yarns and arrange some dates for those that require guided flights. Followed by the obiligitory "Full English" at a lo
  2. Yes - subscription includes BASC membership. That is why we settled on £70 for renewing members. At least all members will be insured even if they cannot get to the marsh but do shoot locally to home. And of course anyone that joins more than one club can claim back the second BASC subscription.
  3. Notice to all Spalding DWA members. Due to the uncertain times through which we are living. The committee has decided to reduce the subscription fee for the 2020/21 to just £70.00. ONLY RENEWING members qualify (you must have been a member during the 2019/20 season) - new members will be expected to pay the full rate of £110. OXF
  4. Yes - can confirm that Spalding also changed its rules. To apply for a day ticket you must now name (on the application) and be accompanied by a full member.
  5. The morning went very well.
  6. Week today - just give this a bump in case anyone is interested.
  7. The new members day/marsh walk for Spalding Wildfowlers Association will be held on Sunday 4th August 2019. Starting from Shep Whites car park at 08:00hrs. Map on website. All new and prospective members are encouraged to attend (and returning members who perhaps have not seen the marsh for a season or two). Come along and have a look even if you are considering starting "wildfowling". We will set off from Shep Whites at 08:00 for a leisurely walk along the sea wall pointing out access and areas of interest. This is your chance to have a chat with experienced club members befo
  8. Borrowed this from Guns on Pegs. Interesting read Here is the information received from Rishi Sunak MP, at 8pm this evening (24th April). Thank you to D’Arcy Wyvill of Constable Burton Estate for making contact with Rishi Sunak to get this response. Thank you for contacting me about the Natural England removing the 3 General Licenses tomorrow. Like you, I was shocked to hear this news and extremely disappointed. I fully appreciate and understand the considerable disruption this action causes to our agricultural community and rural economy and the livelihoods of many. As soo
  9. I you are attending - bring some insect repellent (the mozzies can be vicious)
  10. Spalding Wildfowlers Association. New members "Marsh Walk" Sunday 12th August 2018. Start from Shep Whites (PE12 8EQ) car park - 07:30 for 08:00. All new members are advised/recommended to attend. Prospective members (or anyone interested) are welcome. We will be walking along the sea wall pointing out places of interest and access points. Come along and have a chat with some experienced wildfowlers. Walk will be finished off the the traditional "Full English" at a local cafe. PM me if you require any further info.
  11. If memory serves - isn't there a silhouette of a Fox (crow/bird scarer) on the bank just to to right of this photo
  12. Strange thing happened the other day. I was happily shooting a few pigeons on a drilled field. There wasn't much activity - I had shot 10 and was considering packing up when out of the corner of my eye something moving. A Fox came charging out of the hedge about 5 yards to my left and headed straight for my pattern. It hadn't quiet gotten to my whirly before it was stopped by some No.6. Now i've shot several Foxes whilst out pigeon shooting over the years but this is the first time I have ever seen one actively hunt my pattern. Guess he had some hungry mouths to feed.
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