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  1. Without going in to to much detail p count stands for pulse count. Adjusting this changes how small movements trigger the pir or not.
  2. The old way of installing alarms is a method called 4 wire. A pair for alarm open and close. And a pair for tamper open and close. The alarm circuit goes back to the control panel and wires into a zone. The tamper circuit is a global circuit so this goes to all the devices starting at the panel, through all the devices the returning back to the panel. I would suggest wiring in just the alarm circuit to the pir and joining through the tamper circuit (just twist the cables together). Put the pir back together and see if it's works. If not them my best guess would be that you may have the alarm and tamper circuit cables mixed up. You would find this out by going to the alarm panel and checking what colour cables are wired in to the alarm zone. Hope this helps That a £80 please
  3. I will upload some images. It's wooden stock theres not alot of information on the super 90 with woofen stocks. But it is a lovely gun I just have no need for the semi auto.
  4. Hi mate I'm only in potton if you need any help. Send me a pm Cheers Scott
  5. Muck boots 100%. Even when there full of water (because that puddle was deeper than you thought) your feet still stay warm. All day on your feet beating and still comfortable. I payed £90 for the muck masters so not that expensive.
  6. I have, kammo Winchester jacket in photo stalk camouflage size L. £150 Kammo over trousers with padded knees in photo stalk camouflage size M. £60 They have only been worn once and are in perfect condition. Based in bedfordshire can post but not sure on cost due to weight and size. I have pictures but im struggle to upload them,I can send by email.
  7. Iv got a 2 year old lab that is fine with the gun. I would really like the opportunity to try her on a shoot, watching and learning. I can beat and pick up also have a 4x4. im not interested in money just moving the dog on. I'm in bedfordshire, if anyone can help please get back to me many thanks
  8. I had a Samsung s5 dual sim, to switch over it was just a icon on the screen worked really well, the phone also learns what number to call/text what contact.
  9. It's "BH" I belive this to be 1996 and rfd will cost £50. Cheers
  10. I will check the date in the morning and will find out about a rfd
  11. http://www.core6systems.com/coregravel They work really well.
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