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  1. Last sunday i was decoying over rape. In the morning i had a lot of shots, in the afternoon around 1pm until about 5pm i had nothing at all. In the woods about 500yrd away there were 600-800 woodies, in a smaller wood there was 300-400, and to top it all flying to a drilled field about 300yrds away was around 1000+. Eventualy all decended on to the drilled field, this started about 2pm and went on for the rest of the day. Would a magnet have helped, or was the drilling the magnet?:thumbs:
  2. Please can you help? I use a berretta s686 special 30" m/c for both clays and pigeon shooting, mainly because it's the only gun i've ever got on with. Recently i bought some Eley hawk best pigeon 32g, and on the box it says (use only with service pressure of 3 tons per sq.in or european proof pressure of 850kg per. sq.cm and/or shot load of 1 1/8"oz. The problem is, that on the tubes i can only see 540kg or 1540 kg i'am not sure which it is. If anybody has a simular gun or knows what the actual proof should be, please let me know. Thanks. mark
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