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  1. Still looking thanks
  2. Missed a couple in silver mk1’s that are in my price range, Unfortunately can’t afford a new one, I’m after a .177 but may consider a .22 thanks
  3. Anyone have one they want to sell please pm me any offers thanks
  4. Just managed to get hold of him the gun has sold!
  5. I spoke to him the day it was advertised seemed a good guy was going to Send pictures but I didn’t receive them I said I could collect the day after but now I can’t get hold of him? Weird, maybe he is busy working and will catch up at the weekend. i will keep you posted ...
  6. Anyone have the standard one they want to sell Pm me any offersThanks
  7. newgunner

    BSA ultra se

    I’m after one of these for my 14 year old son who has shown some interest in shooting, I looked at the junior version but I want him to eventually come out with me so may as we’ll get a full power gun, I’d prefer Him to have a multi shot and the bolt version, interested in any calibre, I was looking at the .25 as this would be good for the rats,any offers please pm me otherwise I seem to miss the post then someone sends a pm and I miss out,I’m in Basingstoke so local or prepared to pack and postThanksMark
  8. newgunner

    Pcp pump

    Just seen this I brought a bottle today but thanks for the offer, sure they will sell easily
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