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  1. No, they just said that as they’ve just reopened they are not seeking new members at this time. Like you I would have thought they’d have wanted as many as possible right now.
  2. I've been back in the last few days and the bins for cartridges are now back in situ, though it does appear plenty of folks are incapable of picking up after themselves.
  3. I've just visited this weekend as my son wanted to have a go a clays. So we booked an instructor for him and he had a lesson which he enjoyed, I personally like the place but it was very quiet and as has been said its littered with cartridges. They told me this was due to COVID that the bins had been removed, but not sure how that works out. One advantage to it being quiet, was my lad didn't feel pressured by people watching and he could take his time as no one chasing him off the stands. Prices are now 36p a clay and 25p for members but membership is currently closed.
  4. Good morning. Not so much a new member, but a member who it seems was last here in 2014. (Can't believe it has been that long) After several years away from shooting, I am now returning. I had to stop shooting due to work and family commitments both of which conspired to give me little to no time to shoot. That's now changed due to a grown up kid, a wife who has retired and a dog that sleeps all day 😄 I'm currently awaiting my licence renewal, which hopefully should be soon as just had my visit then I can get out and restock the cabinets. I'll be heading back to the clays at Park Lodge once we are all released from lockdown, to try and get my eye in. The I'll take it from there and see if I want to be getting up in the early hours, to go shoot some fields when offers are available. I'm based out in Wakefield, West Yorkshire so hello to everyone and I hope you're all staying safe and sound.
  5. For sale; 1 x Magnet - As New 2 x Hypa Flaps 2 x Batteries 1 x Charger £120 - Via PayPal & Including Delivery Using Signed For Courier £100 - Collection From Wakefield, W Yorks Don't want to split, but may consider if this doesn't sell as complete. DM me if interested.
  6. No worries Ian.... Time is extremely limited these days for me unfortunately, have fun on the ducks and geese!
  7. Nice shooting Ian... Get that freezer well and truly stocked for Christmas!
  8. Can one of the Mods remove this post please as it seems to have duplicated...
  9. It's just finding the right buyer..... Need to get this moved, if someone wants to speculate and make an offer for it then go for it.
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