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  1. Howa 1500 timney trigger adjustable from 1.5lb up to 2.5lb currently set at 1.5lb. Very nice crisp trigger but I want 2 stage instead... purchased new from livens for £132 on 29th june 2020 receipt to prove... £100 + £5 post. or collect derby.
  2. Looking for a 5/8 24tpi muzzle break to fit a .308 Anyone got anything available PM me
  3. Hi ya Sparkie, would you post the .308 rounds if I covered the cost?

    1. SPARKIE

      Few bits.

      Firstly I have 48x .308win ppu 150grain soft point rounds in boxes. Not going to use them so £25 collected if anyone wants them. Must have fac ticket. Second a nikko sterling 2x piece weaver mount kit. Brand new to fit rem and howa rifles. All action lengths. £40 ono posted. 3rd a set of new howa bottom metal still has tag on unsure on value so say £20 posted ono. I also have a 1/2" threaded pes 12 stainless sound mod. Is proofed for .270 and .22-250 perfect on a standard tikka t3 barrel. £80 collected with slot on fac. Pics for mod on request. I also have a Harris tilt 13 to 29" bipod in as new condition £80 posted. Ideal for sitting out pics to come ( prov sold)
    2. Seems to be a fair few in thinking the same I'm prob thinking end Aug early sept.
    3. So then.. I spoke to marc today as I said I would and they have had more news yesterday. They cannot do anything until phase 3 starts which has been announced as 15th july. So the weekend has been cancelled. He has said if I want to book a later date that's fine so down to you guys. If you want to book later in year or get refund let me know. Via here or PM. I'll send a message to all later tonight.
    4. Ginger ******

      1. waiting on the nod from marc and the gov that were aloud. if we cant then will have to cancel and either rebook or refund. down to you guys. got to speak to him thurs after the next lot of announcements.
      2. scott did ya ever see the modded vitara I had? sold it last year as a lot of my mates gave up. 1/ join fb... loads of groups on there and glass have a page. you will be able to find law abiding locals to you who run days out. 2/ get ya self some of the ordanance survey maps from go out doors or ebay for ya local area. find the lanes on the maps and check on the glass register to see if said lane has tro restrictions or not. (NOT ALL RESTICTED LANES HAVE SIGNS) 3/ try to find a local to go with. nothing worse than being out on ya own and either breaking down or getting stuck. (SEEN THIS HAPPEN LOADS) 4/ get a cb and a flashing yellow light anything happens on a moor and ya have no phone signal cb comes in handy if theres any other people nearby. also a flashy yellow light so if ya break down flick it on and people can see ya there. (GUIDED THE AA MAN TO WHERE MY MATES LANDY TIMING BELT SNAPPED WITH MINE.) 5/ highlift jack and really heavy duty tow roads and d clamps are a must. get you our of sticky situations 6/ have a look for local pay and play sites. (great fun and ya know ya not doing anything illegal) 7/ keep a small amount of food and water in the vehicle (had a mate wait 7 hours for recovery in dark) 8 above all have fun... don't think the landy is invincible they do get stuck... a lot. infact id say more than modded suzukis lol. 9/ KEEP AWAY FROM NATHAN.... WITH HIS BAD LUCK HE WILL PROB ROLL HIS TERRIOS ONTO YOU ps tyres are everything.... insa turbo special tracks are great in mud /extreme situations
      3. right just spoken to mark. they are working frantically on the range and targets. so far all backstops have been sorted from 100 to 1000yrds they suspect they are not going to have the cabins in in time but are hoping to have everything in place and complete for early july. That doesn't mean we cant shoot it just means we may have to rough it lol. I've got to call marc next thurs to get an update and see if it can go ahead. scotlands behind with the distancing shizzle and sturgeon is dragging her feet. anybody else wanting to join us pm me.
      4. that's his other range still waiting on confirmation for other and if we can meet in a group. scotlands rules....
      5. that fruitloops hand holding the stick in pics?
      6. yes you can I have bought 2 shotguns and sold one and put a deposit down on a new .308 Derbyshire firearms told me as long as you social distance. it can be done easy at home nobody has to come into your property. I did the sale outside in garage at back of house while keeping 2mtr apart. Don't even need to hand over cash if bacs transfer used. make sure everything touched is cleaned and sanitise hands after. no issue.
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