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  1. ok ill be leaving tomorrow dinner time ish so should be there for around 4 id think. beer and food purchased. ammo loaded. most important bits
  2. Ok then, Thursday 17th night/afternoon a few of us will be meeting at the longtown ranges and camping. Anyone wishing to come friday 18th sat 18th morn will need to be there early because we will be travelling up in convoy to the new range so id say please be there for about 8am. I believe the road goes through the range so once shooting has started they wont be re opening the gates. Gardners have sent me an email statement to comply with scottish social distance rules n that which im sure will be part of the breif. They will be shooting details of 5 at a time to comply and face co
  3. Waiting on pm reply bud
  4. spoke to gardners today no announcements for Scotland so were good to go. They wont be stopping the gun clubs from shooting up there I don't think as long as social distancing happens. we will be camping and meeting at his longtown gun club range and driving to the range on the mornings when everyone is ready .(ill sort address asap) longtown has 100yrd zero he said we can use, clubhouse, somewhere flat for tents toilets n was facility. think he may have a shop too. the 2k training range we are shooting at has a covered firing point so no need to worry about bad weather seen som
  5. That's for uk... need to find out if that covers Scotland as I don't think it does. ill be ringing marc again.
  6. don't waste ya time on wsm get the hornet reloading gear. you can prob reload cheaper than buying factory .17wsm if ya have cases allready i reload below for my .17AH cci br primer 7p 20gr vmax 25p 11.6grn reloader 7 pffft about 5-10p so less than 40p i use these well over 150yrds or if walking with a chance of fox if ya want plinking n cheap crow smashing i reload below cci br primer 7p 17grn cranks bullets 6p and 10.6grn reloader 7 5-10p so around 20p a round i reload 1grain less so i dont have to change zero on rifle from one to the
  7. I have a gen 5 that I reload hornet with and that works fine.
  8. my howa .308 has been nothing but a pain in the ***.... its a howa bravo. haven't had the issue you had and it will shoot ppu ok but it grouped like a shotgun. so I checked everything was tight and did some reloads got it down to 1.5inch groups. Then had a trigger job done and crown checked and muzzle break made. gunsmith who did the work found the ally mount block didn't grip the barrel enough at the front and aloud sideways movement so he machined it out which then pulled the barrel down. so spoken to krg who sent a new mount. I ended up doing a devcon bed job on it all to stop mo
  9. shame your too far away...id of had the lot for £15 and a worn 13" car tyre
  10. no idea still waiting on mark to reply ill be calling him next week for latest update. I do know its still eskdalemuir so suspect the same area or very close by. unsure john another question I have asked him and not had a reply too.
  11. I've just bought a challenge 7kw version from Argos at £350 and its awesome.... not too noisey but easily cools my bedroom and for a night worker its awesome.
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