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  1. Pm sent. Anyone interested please pm me.
  2. I have a possible place on my vermin shooting syndicate. ill be possibly looking for 1 local to derby member There is various patch's of land in the derby area which are all arable crop. successful applicants will be aloud to shoot as and when you please. the spaces will be for air gunners or shotgunners.... I don't want anyone asking for firearms use. This is a vermin shoot with opportunity for wild game when in season. applicants interested to send me a pm please. sparkie
  3. I suspect she will top herself or be in a loonie asylum before she's 18


    me reggiegun and ginga went over Friday and spent a couple days in the caravan at a caravan club site. it was blistering hot Friday and rained through the night into sat day. by the end of sat it was getting very muddy. quite a few complained about the clay line being so close to the stalls approx. 25yards. I'm surprised Mr. elf and safety didn't shut it down due to the noise. it was very hard to talk to the traders when they had to wear ear protection. all in all good weekend had plenty of beer and banter. already looking to book next years dates for the caravan
  5. I can reload a far more accurate round than the milserp I've used. I use .311 ppu 174grn bullets and have managed just over 1 inch group where as both Russian and Chinese milserp are a 3 inch group at 100yrds
  6. time for a caravan upgrade dougy or I know where there's a very nice frame tent.
  7. I have one of those with double set trigger. I had it re-barrelled as I bought it with a burned out barrel in .17AH. I have a tidy stock not being used as I restocked it too.
  8. The standard of shooting was far superior this year compared to last years efforts. So who got out to what and with what cals. My tac a1 tikka .308 had multple hits with tracer on the 1360 yrd gong i wanted to try it with my tmk loads but had no data and couldnt see where they were going. After ginge hit the mile with his .338 i was mortering tracers at that with davy n ginge spotting. I was hitting the gravel around it but couldnt connect lol.
  9. Just got back from a fantastic weekend at gardners with the pw masses. Massive Thanks to all that came. Nice to catch up with you all. We were blessed with fantastic sunny weather and light winds. Just enough to keep the midges away while we shot. The beer, banter, bbq was top class as allways. Special thanks to marc and davy at gardners and jim digriz for stopping by. Im shattered from the 4 hr drive home and the late nights early morns so im gonna get sorted and have an early night. Ill post pics and try sort videos out for tommoro i have a lot.
  10. well I ended up with a dedicated 1 cal book with all the data I needed. id been using Russian and Chinese milserp ammo but the groups were terrible so I pulled a bullet measured it and found they were the same as my 174grain ppu .303 bullets. I got a load for them tweaked it and have a half decent shooting rifle now. I also loaded some 7.62 milserp tracers and was hitting 1000yrd targets at gardners with them also with my 1918 .303 Enfield smle while some of the fcsa lads looked on. due to were there this weekend with the pw masses ive loaded a load more to play.
  11. still the same I believe most are sleeping in there cars will do
  12. Oh yerrrr me and reggiegun have been at it for last couple weeks. Hes had to do ginga's too cause hes bone idle. I have quite a large selection to play with.
  13. Righto chaps with only a few days before this years shoot I thought id post asking if anyone has any questions? Also whos coming Friday? The usual gang will be there from about 4pm Friday afternoon. If anyone needs my mobile number pm me and ill ping it you over. I think most are staying in cars again this year. weather looks good so far for sat and Sunday with a bit of light rain Friday morn (good for tracers) I've been in the man cave reloading all week and picked up a fresh bottle for the BBQ so fingers crossed.
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