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  1. Sold to Steve. Great to meet you and thanks.
  2. 1 Mec 600 Jr 12 Gauge (with adjustable charge bar) 2660 12 Gauge NEW Primed Hulls 1828 209 Shotshell Primers (Cheddite, CCI & Winchester) 2800 12 Gauge Clay and Game Capped Fibre Wads (21mm & 18MM) 115 12 Gauge Plas Wads 470 12 Gauge Clay Buster WAA12R Wads 145 12 Gauge Remington 1oz Power Piston Wads 1340 12 Gauge Clay & Game 4mm Nitro Cards 1120 12 Gauge Clay & Game 3mm Nitro Cards 245 12 Gauge (FIRED) Winchester AA Cartridges 1 12 Gauge Homemade Wooden Reloading Block 1 12 Gauge Roll Crimp 1 Mec 600 Jr 20 Gauge (with adjustable charge bar) 250 20 Gauge (FIRED) Winchester AA Cartridges 483 20 Gauge 16mm Capped Fibre Wads 496 20 Gauge 18mm Capped Fibre Wads 485 20 Gauge 19mm Capped Fibre Wads £500 PICKUP ONLY FROM ABERYSTWYTH AREA, Shotgun Certificate will be shown. Very little use on either press. The 20 bore has a bag of bits with it. Any questions or if you want and specific photos, please ask. All wads hand counted, so figures are approximate due to old age but should be very close.
  3. Thanks for the info. Definitely 19mm though.
  4. Hi As per the title, I'm looking for 30mm Scope Mounts for 19mm Dovetail. They're for an old BSA .22 Hornet CF. If anyone has any or knows where I can get some, that would be great thanks. Thanks Eifion
  5. Anyone any idea what this is worth please?
  6. Hi All I have a Stewart Better Shot Maker that I don't use and I was wondering if anyone could advise me what it is worth please? I had it along with a 12 gauge press and other bits about 4 years ago and have never used it. I plugged it in today and I can feel it getting warm and then switched it off. It comes with the original instruction manual. Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks Eifion
  7. As Title, I have 800 CCI Large Rifle Primers that I would like to swap for small rifle primers, if anyone is interested, I'm near Aberystwyth, Mid Wales. Thanks Eifion
  8. Thanks all for your input. Greatly appreciated. Eifion
  9. Thank you. Sometimes it takes someone else to see the obvious. I can't believe I didn't think of that. Must be old age. Thanks again
  10. Hi All I need some of the bottom metal rods for the Chrony F1. Only need 2. I have been intouch with Chrony and they sell them very reasonable but their shipping is terrible (3 times the ammount of the set of rods). If anyone can help, please PM me. Thanks Eifion
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