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  1. Thanks. Was thinking 24g steel 5s so that confirms it ?.
  2. I’ve been invited to shoot snipe on a SSSI so non toxic is required. I shoot a Miroku MK60 in 20g choked 1/4 and 3/4. What cartridge would you recommend?
  3. I used the same for decoyed greylag last year and they did a good job. But lead 3s for decoyed pinks should be fine. Good luck
  4. 1. Read "The Specialist Gundog" by Guy Wallace and "Gundogs, Training and Field Trials" by Peter Moxon. 2. Join the Gundog Training Forum and spend a few weeks trawling it for information. 3. Go and see a local pro trainer before you even buy your dog. 4. If your heart is set on the pointer then go for it but go into it with your eyes open. You need to be 100% committed to the dog from day one.
  5. I had more time for my FUDs once I'd removed the red metalwork. A kebab stick in the middle does the same job and you get a bit of movement if there's a breeze. A second stick in the tail stops them spinning in a gale. Just an idea and I still go for the shells first...
  6. No worries. Looking for a 26". Good luck with the sale.
  7. Nice shooting. Is the spaniel taking the photos now?
  8. Never mind the stalking - it's worth it for the food! :thumbs:
  9. Picked up a slab from my local gunshop (was looking for Kent Velocities) - hopefully they'll go well.
  10. Anyone experienced any problems cycling White Gold XLR 70mm 28g Fibre 7.5s through a 3" Escort?
  11. Find a post by ProTom1 and follow the link to his website. Top bloke.
  12. Electric fence posts. They have spikes and kicker plates at the bottom and plenty of hooks for your netting. Easily available at Farmers' shops for £2-£3 (in green plastic too). Only concern is that they can be a little too bendy but you can easily set them up at a slight angle and then they work nicely. Some might be too short too so have a look around. As an idea: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Electric-Fencing%2fFence-posts---strong-ECO-paddock-posts_W0QQitemZ300387531914QQcmdZViewItem?rvr_id=236194382991&clk_rvr_id=236205507265&imp_rvr_id=236205507265&clk_rvr_id=2362055072
  13. Also check that the top edge of the frames isn't obscuring your line of sight when you have the gun mounted and are looking at the target. Sounds obvious and I'm sure you've already checked it but worth thinking about. Glasses+rain+movement=pain in the ****. Contacts or the laser are the way ahead.
  14. You have rights under 'Humane Dispatch' legislation but you're also wide open to armed trespass and poaching charges as already said. Leave the guns in the cabinet, the knife in the cupboard and take a hammer. The police can sort out removal and disposal. You can't take the carcass because it's not your land and more importantly because it wasn't killed by normally legal means.
  15. If you want to get a full service then this guy gets good recommendations: www.wader-repair.co.uk At £45 it's probably only worth it if you use them a lot and want to get a few more years out of them. Nothing worse than cold water around your nuts :look: Neoprene patch and Aquasure should do for a repair.
  16. 22 so far decoying over rape. Crops also full of ivy berries. = 2121
  17. I have also flown into this company's decoy pattern and taken a face full of their retail 6 shot. Unbelievable to deal with. Great advice from kevinbird and others about claiming from the credit card company. In essence it seems you have to wait for 28 days and then you can claim for "Non delivery of goods". I thought about trying to get a refund but the guy from the credit card said that I would then need an email/letter from the company saying that I was entitled to a refund...which I would not be holding my breath for. I wish I had seen this thread before I ordered. Avoid these peo
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