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  1. kippylawkid

    Post marsh visit posers

    What a pic that is. Proper dogs.
  2. kippylawkid

    Game Bags

    I like the look of that! Thanks for the tip.
  3. kippylawkid

    Game Bags

    Thanks for the replies guys - I'm pleased others bought the Shooting Developments bags too. If packed correctly I can get 25 pigeons in one. I used to think nothing of carrying 3 full bags over a muddy plough - those days are gone now!
  4. kippylawkid

    Quality Flighting

    Thanks for the pointers gents. I think the gun fits me just fine - the poor shooting was lack of skill on my behalf! I'll stick with it though as the recoil was hardly noticeable and the gun points very nicely.
  5. kippylawkid

    Game Bags

    Looking for recommendations from the PW massive. My current game bags are very hard up and am looking to replace them. Many years ago I bought 3 green canvas bags from Shooting Developments (Fife) and they have proved to be great value. I'd like something similar without spending daft money. TIA
  6. kippylawkid

    Third Week lucky

    Great report again. The birds must be really set on the field when they have been shot at as much.
  7. kippylawkid

    Quality Flighting

    The syndicate I’m a member of has a long strip of mixed, mature hard and softwoods that currently borders a huge expanse of rape. Large numbers of pigeons had been building up over the past week and were using the hardwoods as sitty trees before feeding on the rape. The wind was right on Saturday so I took the opportunity to christen my new Maxus. (Purchased as I my Silver Pigeon was starting to knock me about with recoil on a decent day) The sport was top notch, with big packs of birds flighting the length of the tall trees. I shot moderately with the Maxus but killed enough high birds to make me keen to persevere with it - I particularly like the slim fore end and it points very nicely. Stan worked hard as ever and picked 32
  8. kippylawkid

    I love October

    Nice one lads! I thought you'd packed in for the fowling! Green eyed monster is back up North!
  9. kippylawkid

    Beans Comes up Trumps

    No need Motty, it's all cycles. We are usually a month or so behind you boys down south for harvest. I was the green eyed monster during July and August when you and Muncher were slaying them! He's a good pal of mine and lets me have run of the 3 farms our syndicate is located on. It's a massive perk for me as I know I can let fields build up without worrying another shooter gets there first. So yes, he does get repaid in pints of beer!
  10. kippylawkid

    Beans Comes up Trumps

    Sometimes it's like other areas and we are sparse for pigeons but It's one of those times of the year when pigeons are in abundance on my patch and I am spoilt for choice. I had intended shooting the stubble where I had a good day last Saturday but a call from the keeper on our syndicate put me onto a block of bean stubbles. I left it another day as the 20mph west wind was forecast to be perfect for the fields and so it proved. I started out at 11am with 20 dead bird carcases on cradles, a whirly and 2 flappers as the organic stubble was very dense with weeds and I needed to make the pattern stand out in such a large block of stubble. They came quietly to start but the fields are normally "afternoon" fields and between 2 and 4pm it was constant traffic. I shot moderately compared to my recent trips but the birds were testers in the strong wind. (That's what I think any way!) Stan worked hard again and we picked 140. Cracking days sport with hopefully another day to be had next week. If I'd shot the day before on a calm day I don't think I'd have made half that.
  11. kippylawkid

    Nice 100 on Stubble

    On Saturday I shot the stubble field that I had success flighting on Wed night during Hurricane Ali (Talk from the field). Having shot this field many times before, I knew the flighlines and set up in the middle of the field using 3 bales and nets with the wind behind me, and 12 dead birds on cradles and an FF5 flapper in the pattern. I shot my first bird at 1pm and they decoyed readily all afternoon. Stan did his stuff again and I picked 102. Hopeful of another day as there is plenty spill and the stubble is being left for a few weeks.
  12. kippylawkid

    Beans take some beating

    Cracking day. I agree with Matty on the lack of birds on bean stubbles. Usual banker fields here are devoid of activity. I still have 2 organic farms that won’t harvest for another 2 weeks to look forward to.
  13. kippylawkid

    Cheers Hurricane Ali

    Cheers lads, still buzzing! Shooting the stubble tomorrow, quite hopeful.
  14. kippylawkid

    Cheers Hurricane Ali

    I called off my lad's football training last night as Hurricane Ali was uprooting trees all over Northumberland, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to head out about 5pm. There's something special about being out in a storm. I thought I'd get a shot or 2 on a known flightline between a holding wood and a wheat stubble. The winds were exceptionally strong and were funnelling the birds directly along a dip in the land with a stream in the bottom, so I hid myself in there and waited. I was straight into action as 2 pigeons seemed to be stationary above me and I had them both down. I then had 2 hours of exhilarating sport. It ranged from fairly easy birds hedge hopping along the stream into the wind, to absolute screamers going with the wind to the stubble. These were similar what I would imagine driven grouse to be. I often just had to laugh as they were far too good for me, but I did manage to hit a good few. I had to dash back to the jeep for cartridges after an hour as I had only expected the odd shot. Stan my lab worked his socks off to pick 47.We had a proper mooch about tonight which resulted in a further 5 picked. Not the biggest bag but one that I hope I don't forget for a long time.
  15. kippylawkid

    Picking Away

    You can see the fields from where you walked your dogs on the beach! ?