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  1. On Saturday I shot the same fields that I have had recent success on, but from a different hide. I managed 11 pigeons in 2 hours. The view from the hide wasn't too shabby!
  2. Well done, looks a grand spot.
  3. The strong easterly winds continued to batter Northumberland, leaving a good covering of snow. I was out first thing on Saturday morning to flight pigeons in a wood that has consistently produced birds for me since December. Unfortunately, the farmer had placed a banger right next to the wood and the pigeons were extremely wary. I still managed to bag 13 in 2 hours. I then moved to another farm that I had been asked to shoot to scare them off the rape. I knew this would not be a fruitful trip, but I always score there in spring on drillings so I made the effort and set up on a bare, east facing hillside no decoys; just flighting. The rape showing above the snow had been picked clean and I stuck it out for 90 mins until the cold became too much and I picked 4 very hard earned birds. On Sunday I shot the same field where I had some success last week. Thankfully, the fir wood again offered good shelter and I had an excellent flight. I started with 10 dead birds on cradles, flapper and 3 bouncers. The bouncers seemed to make some difference as pigeons definitely reacted more to them, despite the snow. I picked 44 just in time before the heavens opened with horizontal sleet. Roll on Springtime!
  4. Well done for venturing out. There is definitely something about shooting when there's snow on the ground - even if the returns aren't great. Most fields covered our way but one sheltered field is still showing and pigeons are building. I'm hoping the farmer keeps the banger off until Saturday when the wind looks perfect.
  5. Not sure about that! 20 years ago I would have been out all day in shirt sleeves😉
  6. As previously reported, pigeon numbers seem to be multiplying daily in our area; particularly on the coastal strip that avoided recent snow. I have been happily chipping away at them, (to keep farmers happy and to beat the monotony of home working) without really threatening a big bag. The forecast 30mph easterly wind was perfect for one of a block of 3 fields I have been watching, crucially it also allowed me to shoot from a small fir planting that afforded decent shelter from the wind. It is on top of a steep slope and I hoped the decoys would stick out like sore thumbs to the pigeons. The lengthy haul of gear to the wood certainly warmed me up and I set up 8 dead birds on cradles, FF5 and a whirly (which decided to stop working after 5 minutes) and I was ready to shoot at 8.30. I didn't have long to wait as I could see the first waves of pigeons start to pour onto the fields, hedge hugging as I like to put it. A huge flock decoyed perfectly and I had 2 down. This wasn't to be the norm as subsequent flocks were very wary of my set up, despite my tinkering. The sport was top class though and enough came to the wood or decoys to make me forget about the sub-zero wind chill. The flight moved after a while and at least 500+ were feeding in a sheltered gully, about 200 yards away. I decided to walk them off and as I got nearer I realised they couldn't see me approaching, so Stan and I crept up to about 50 yards and when they flared I let fly 3 shots into the pack and dropped 5 (Pigeon extremes 34g No 5) I continued to shoot until 1130 but a combination of the flight changing and the wind chill penetrating my layers forced me home. Pigeons were still hitting one of the other fields hard but the thought of setting up on an open hedge in the storm wasn't an option - I'm either getting softer or wiser! Stan picked 37 hugely enjoyable but extremely hard fought pigeons. I also had skein after skein of pinks flight over me, some no more than 25 yards up. (You'll see my Post Office game bag in the photos, I did conceal it when I was shooting!) Similar to JD, the look of utter contempt I received from my better half on my return was a picture! It took a hot bath and a bowl of steaming broth to thaw me out. Bonkers maybe, but I'll be out again tomorrow!
  7. Nice one JD. Great to be out on days like that. I had a similar trip myself yesterday and hope I still have the enthusiasm to keep doing that for years to come. I will post my report later.
  8. Yes, totally agree. Proper bit of kit, built to last.
  9. I reported in Sporting Pictures on 27 Dec of an enjoyable outing I had in a small wood in a huge block of rape. Since then I have had a few other trips there with bags of 13, 6, 7 and a fantastic 32 in 40mph winds. This was as a brilliant flight that will linger for a long time. It included a remarkable (lucky) treble where 3 birds came like tracers downwind and having shot the first, the other two bomburst left and right in the gale and I managed to snapshot them both - 3 dead in the air. I wish that was the norm! Since the weather turned, there has been a big increase in pigeon numbers in our area and each rape field seems to have pigeon numbers on. I have shot various fields at first light, all within 5 miles of my house with bags of 2, 6, 9, 17 and 7 this morning in driving sleet. I am looking forward to the afternoons extending so I can decoy the birds on their afternoon feed. Apologies, I meant to post in Talk from the Field - can admin transfer?
  10. Excellent report and bag. I'm sure we can all relate to your comments on expecting the flight to just suddenly stop on OSR fields.
  11. A decent influx of pigeons in North Northumberland over last week or so led to a farmer ringing me to keep them off his rape. Other areas might have reduced OSR grown but it’s the opposite here and this farm has 6 massive fields, back to back. A difficult proposition, but a northerly gale tempted me to a small hardwood planting in the middle of the fields that the birds use as a sitty wood. I arrived just after first light and settled in on the lea side, grateful for the shelter. The farmer is a keen bird man and has feeders throughout the planting. I shared the morning with hundreds of small birds, utilising the feeders. After 30 minutes I was beginning to think I’d blank when a score of pigeons flashed overhead and I scrambled 2 down. I stayed for another 2 hours and was treated to some great sport, with birds presenting every shot in the book. I eventually picked up 12 thanks to good work from Stan in thick cover, along with a bonus corby. Not a big bag but extremely enjoyable. Mightily impressed with the 34g No5 pigeon extremes through my Maxus.
  12. Very quiet in North-Northumberland. No real numbers on the rape. I suspect the pigeons are still feasting on acorns and beech mast.
  13. Look brilliant dogs, I'm sure the pups will be too. That looks like a serious fowling piece in the single goose photo!
  14. When at Flamingo Land a few years ago with the family, we walked around the big lake there and a decent flight of Canadas started arriving. I cannot describe the shame and embarrassment my family showed as I hid on the lake edge and took a left and right out of every skein! It didn't bother me one jot.
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