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  1. I feel for you there. 5p is an absolute joke. Could you use non-toxic and sell to birds of prey guys? There seems to be demand.
  2. Well done, it looks a great spot. It's not Northumberland but it's still decent😄
  3. One of my permissions have just sewn 2 fields of Tundra Beans - direct drilled into stubble. He has tried them as his rape crop has been poor for 2 years running. This is a relatively new crop in our area, particularly an Autumn drilling. Has anyone had success on them? I presume they will be as attractive to pigeons as other varieties?
  4. Impressive improvisation JD. Did you not use one of the adjustable Bergara seats?
  5. Thanks for the replies. My concern is that the bolt will just fall out in the field as it is very slack and easy to pull out.I don't want that concern every time I use the gun.
  6. The bolt/cocking handle to my Browning Maxus has just fallen out as I placed it back in the cabinet.. The gun is less than 12 months old, had light use and has not been dis-assembled. Should i just clip it back in or do I need to dis-assemble? It does click in but I can easily pull it out - which makes me think I'm not doing it correctly. Or do I utilize the warranty - I don't want to take any chances with a relatively new gun? Appreciate any experience and feedback from the PW massive.
  7. Cheers Sam. it is good but doesn't mention showing evidence of non-lethal methods? Do we still need to show this?
  8. Apologies for not contributing to PW for some time but cricket and football seem to have taken over my life recently. I now have time to have a crack at some pigeons that are building up nicely on a few of my permissions, however I'm still a bit reluctant to set up in case I have not fully complied with he non lethal stipulations. Indeed farmers on 2 of my permissions are very wary of letting me shoot in case THEY are breaking the law. This has made me a bit cautious. So, would some of the PW massive like to list the measures they completed before shooting. Again, apologies if I am being a bit slow here.
  9. Great report. Really disappointing that you struggle to pass on the birds to dealers. The price offered by dealers in Northumberland is 25/30p per bird. This has been the price since I started shooting 30 years ago and is definitely not enough. it will be interesting to see if Brexit affects pigeon movement and prices.
  10. Nice return to one of your old stomping grounds. I have built up a decent list of local pubs and restaurants that take my pigeons. Some ask for them to be filleted, others want them in feather but all are happy with the arrangement.
  11. Great report. I suspect you may be being more than a bit modest about your shooting. 1 for 2 in gale conditions is pretty decent in my book. Heaps of drillings went in up here last week, birds straight onto them the same day but had them cleaned in less than a day. Spring drillings used to be the cream of sport for me but the new super-efficient drills leave little spill and lessen the chance of a decent bag.
  12. Update. I used my Maxus on our syndicate cock day on Friday and had a brilliant morning flightline shoot in the snow on Saturday. As the learned JDog suggested I consciously relaxed after each shot and the gun never hicked. Thanks for all the replies, it has hopefully saved me the hassle of sending the gun back to Browning.
  13. Nice outing JD. Carrying kit is a big deal. 75% of my permissions have margins that I can drive right around the fields. It's a pain when I have to lump the gear and like you I try to carry only essentials.
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