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  1. Come on then PW massive, what's everyone's stance on continuing to shoot? I personally won't be shooting until we get the all clear, my personal stance but from other Pigeon sites on social media there appears to be plenty who will!
  2. Drillings are going in all over Northumberland and spreading pigeons far and wide. One of my most productive farms had drilled a big block of 4 fields of beans, last one done on Thursday., with beans spilled all over the headlands.These fields nearly always deliver and I eagerly went to shoot on Saturday. However, it just didn't feel right. The lines were sporadic and I took a chance in leaving it another day, when the wind was to increase. (I went to a clover field on another farm and shot 30) I returned to the bean fields 10am Sunday and there was already 2 distinct lines going into the block. Fortunately, I was able to drive to my chosen spot where both lines crossed and use a hide I'd used many times over the years, sheltered in the hedge from the cold easterly wind at my back. I set up 15 dead birds on cradles in a basic horse shoe and placed the FF5 in the middle of the killing area. I was in the action straight away and it was great to see birds committing a long way out, many skimming the drilling with no hesitation, text book decoying. They came well all day, particularly between 2 -3pm where the Maxus was red hot. I found that I needed to keep the killing area tidy or incoming birds would start to skirt the pattern. Soon as I tidied, they came back in where I wanted them. Frustratingly, I can't say my shooting was great. Many times I killed a bird with the first shot and missed subsequent chances for double and trebles - possibly over excitement! I shot to 4pm and picked 162 with Stan from all around the field. A superb days decoying, Not sure how many more chances we will get to do this. Apologies for the poor pics.
  3. Well done. I'm looking forward to having a few over the decoys. Your land is very different to my patch! Dreadful return from the game dealer, I too sell mine to local restaurants as nearest dealer is to far away to make viable.
  4. I like that - very true. I think when you're younger that numbers are more important but as you "mature" you realise it's not all about pulling he trigger and filling the game bags. I hope I never lose the thrill of seeing a high pigeon react to the decoys and dive bomb into the pattern.
  5. Well done, sound like an exciting session! You've obviously done a lot of things right.
  6. Nice one! You can't beat getting out on wild days/nights.
  7. Hi m8

    I am guessing that you are not far from me in Berwick.

    Its pretty hard going around here at the moment, and I am sure they are still eating beechmast and only a few on the rape.

    I shot a dozen last weekend but other then that it’s been ones & twos.


    1. Fantastic, what a gun. A pal of mine has a single 8, English gun and uses it once or twice a season flighting pinks off Lindisfarne. I will never forget him taking a single pink out of a bunch that I hadn't bothered raising my 12 to. They must have been at least 60-70 yards and the goose was dead in the air.
    2. Well done. Stormy days can make fools of even the best shots. The cream of shooting though.
    3. Just as I was bemoaning the lack of pigeons on my patch, along came the chance for a shot. The keeper on the syndicate I am a member of rang me to say a patch of standing beans we had used as a part cover crop the past season had been knocked down and there was a good show of birds. This lad knows the time of day and sure enough, I scouted the field and the field was active with 2 distinct lines coming in. Having been starved of a shot at pigeons, I checked the forecast and saw yesterday was the most suitable day to shoot, with the strong westerly wind being perfect for this field. I was set up for 9.30, thankful to have a thick hedge with the wind to my back. I placed 20 dead birds on spikes with rotary and 2 flappers and had a reasonable 2 hours for about 20 down. Then the flight just changed and the birds started to drop onto a strip of ploughing on the ridge above the cover crop, totally bypassing my pattern. I havered (for too long if I’m honest, as I didn’t fancy lugging all the gear up a sodden plough) and decided to go up the ridge and try to flight a few. I shot 2 and on closer inspection of the plough, saw there were beans chitting through from last years crop, along with a range of weeds (it’s an organic farm) and I presume that was what the birds were feeding on? I then placed the 2 dead birds on the plough and hid behind a gate (see pic) that just about broke mine and Stan’s outline up. I had a grand hour and a half where the dead birds pulled pigeons in just enough for a shot. No flapper or whirly, just dead birds – old school for all you purists! Doubles were off the menu as after the first shot, the others were starburst 100 yards away in the gale. Total bag was 48. Not the biggest, but a fantastic day out in really wild conditions with some tremendously testing shooting. In my photo, you can see where my original hide was placed in between the blue feeders before I moved, the pic doesn’t show how steep the slope is. Hopeful I might get another day out of the field.
    4. Cheers, I live in Seahouses and have permissions on farms around the area. We're just starting to see an increase in pigeons now.
    5. Yes, I've seen them thanks. I'd still like to own one, but I've also developed a liking for old English guns too!
    6. Lovely gun. My brother had an identical one 30 years ago that I lusted after and the daft sod traded it in for a **** Franchi auto. No wonder we don't get on!
    7. First post for a while as pigeons have deserted my permissions in Northumberland. Last week I had an early morning flight on a rape field that I'd seen a few hitting. The brisk SW wind kept them to a shootable height and I picked an enjoyable 12 in an hour before work. On Saturday afternoon in the forecast storm, I couldn't resist having a shot in a small mixed spinney at roost. I'm normally chuffed If I get 6 from here and I didn't hold much hope for any more. I arrived at 3.30 and was straight into action, taking 2 from a bunch flying almost stationary above me. The howling wind definitely helped funnel the birds over the spinney and muffle the shots. There was an almost non-stop flight for the next hour and I was delighted to pick 27, including a (fortunate) treble. I tried out some of the Pigeon Extreme 34g No5 shells through my Maxus auto and was mightily impressed with their stopping power. Hopeful that when the drilling starts, the pigeons will return.
    8. Well done on getting out. Nothing to report from Northumberland on the pigeon front. I normally shoot local rape fields on early morning, windy forays by this time but have not seen any birds to warrant this. The rape crops aren't great but majority are decent. I'm hopeful the spring drilling will bring sport. The area has had a massive influx of pinkfeet geese this season, the most in living memory. I have taken a few where they have been doing damage on sown crops. I used to chase the geese with great enthusiasm all season on the mud and inland, but have lost the desire to shoot as many.(I think this happens to many of us?) A good pal has had his record year on Lindisfarne foreshore.
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