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  1. Hi, did you ever manage to find a UK stockist for the quick detach mount mate? ta Rich
  2. Did you pick up your Affinity 26" on Saturday? If so, what are your thoughts on it, have you had an opportunity to shoot it this weekend? I am awaiting to hear from my gun shop on Monday whether my order will be fulfilled from the recent GMK shipment. Fingers crossed I will pick mine up this week.
  3. Hi, what cartridge loads have you used in your new Affinity? I'm trying to find out whether it can reliably cycle 21gram & 24gram cartridges. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm pleased to read of another impressed Affinity one user, I am looking at sourcing a 26" version myself. I was wondering what loads you have used with the gun, have you tried any 21gram/24gram loads? Thanks
  5. Hi Ian, I have only seen and tried the 28" version of the Affinity One but like you would rather the 26" version. Would you mind telling me which Gun Shop you placed your order with? Thanks
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