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  1. That's the bolt assembly, I don't have that triangle either. Stand the stock on its butt, Just drop the bolt assembly into the receiver then you need to press the bolt release button to allow the bolt to drop down into the receiver that extra 10mm. Now you can put the bolt lever back on and pull the bolt right back to lock it into position.
  2. Time lapse moment: Is Bazza having that much trouble reading the menu?
  3. I don't post on here much these days but i have to, that is a classic, along with this whole thread. Surely another contender for PW Gold award.
  4. I got bored of them being so loose so spent £4 on a standard replacement bead on eBay. You'll need the M3X0.5 thread type for the Maxus.
  5. Markio

    Wordpress Website?

    www.weebly.com Brilliantly easy web building, if you can use PowerPoint you can use this, all drag and drop. For free you get the tools to build the site and hosting on a weebly subdomain. I've built a couple of sites with it. Google maps, google calendars to import, YouTube embedding etc. You can even stuff in a free forum section or blog. The pro paid for version allows for password protected pages and some other stuff i haven't really thought about needing.
  6. Your looking at an ean8 code, the other european sort being 13 digits in length. The yank versions are 7 and 12 digits long and called upc codes but of the same 'family'. These two types being used in retail at point of sale.
  7. The crux of the above link below. And as someone that works in this highly entertaining field I can vouch for it's accuracy. A GTIN starts with the GS1 Prefix of the GS1 Member Organisation that allocated a GS1 Company Prefix to a company to allow them to generate GTINs and bar code their products. This does not mean that the product was manufactured in a specific country or by a specific manufacturer, it may have been produced anywhere in the world.
  8. Yeah, why not. I'd also consider a few grams of my ashes being dumped out of a shotgun at a choice location to pay tribute to something i enjoyed doing.
  9. Markio

    bt infinity

    Same circumstances here, give or take on the distance. It wasn't that many months ago such speeds in a village would have been almost unbelievable.
  10. The company in california call it the Singer 911 iirc. It does look good.
  11. Quite! Willow hasn't christened hers yet due to me being laid up the last 6 weeks. Maybe i'll get out in Feb and under something fingers crossed!
  12. Doubtful, i dislocated and broke my ankle, i'm in plaster for another 3 weeks, and maybe a week after that before i can drive. Fingers crossed i can get out the last 2 couple of weeks of the season. And have a great day yourself mate.
  13. You didn't strike me as an old romantic. Nothing for me, but then that's what we arranged, spent our cash on food and wine for the day. And of course watching the little one unwrap hers is enough for us.
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