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  1. Poacher


    nice write up ! They're pretty vicious beasts when they want to be... would make for an interesting hunt for sure
  2. Poacher

    Volunteers Required Please

    Thanks to those that have helped so far, please find links below to questions (it'll only take a few minutes), the more responses the better ? Deerstalking participants Providers of Deerstalking Many thanks, Ed
  3. Dear all, I am hoping some of you maybe able to donate a few minutes of your time, to help me complete my Masters dissertation ? I am in the process of undertaking an assessment of the factors that affect the marketing of deerstalking in England. The report aims to support providers of deerstalking by affording them with an assessment of the requirements of their target audience and the factors affecting them. It is hoped that if these factors can be identified then it may assist providers to become more transparent in their advertising practises? Part of this study includes a short survey which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, which I would be extremely grateful if you would be prepared to complete? In return I am more than happy to send you a copy of the completed report (due in September) in return, if desired? All replies will be treated in the strictest confidence, and individual responses or identities will not be revealed in any reports. This data will not be used for any other purpose and the survey is compliant with the Research Ethics standards expected of students undertaking research at the university etc etc etc. If you would like to complete a questionnaire, please PM me your email address (and if you could identify yourself as a deerstalker or a provider of deerstalking) and I'll send the relevant questionnaire over. Thank you for your time and I really hope you can help me in this research. Kind regards, Ed
  4. Poacher

    Tour de France 2018

    Think sagans getting in the breakaways to ensure he doesn't miss the cut also as per Cavendish some of the stages are short and punchy so tricky for the grupetto to time their efforts
  5. Poacher

    Tour de France 2018

    Can't really see that G has done any domestique duties yet ? don't get me wrong I like the bloke and hope he does win his handful of tours one day but he's not in the team as GC contender, and can't help but feel he's getting abit bit for his boots because he won the Dauphine when others were racing or recovering elsewhere..He seems to have benefitted from Froomes few attacks by sitting on Domulin wheel and then hitting the counter attack once Dumolin has closed the gap to Froome and is spent ... If I was in the team car I'd be making G put in the attacks first for Dumolin to bridge so Froomes can counter, or for froome to snap the elastic and join him up the road... Just my 2p
  6. Poacher

    Variation to cert is this normal ?

    nope, don't remember seeing it on the form but that's most likely my mistake this is my worry, well until 6mths time when i'd hope to get it opened
  7. Poacher

    Variation to cert is this normal ?

    Thanks ... Hmm interesting, I have no issues supplying details of where use will primarily be, but may well try and argue to keep it open, based on previous experience and keep fingers crossed
  8. Poacher

    Variation to cert is this normal ?

    Ah ok seems fairly commonplace then. Not sure I entirely agree that restrictions should be placed on individual calibres but then that's just my 2p. To me a dangerous shot is a dangerous shot no matter what calibre. (The idea that they would put a restriction on say a variation for a .243 if you already had .223 or similar, just seems nonsensical to me?) hey ho
  9. Hi all, just wondering your thoughts / experiences on this... i have held a FAC for a number of years, the FAC currently has .22lr and .17hmr on it and is an Open certificate and has been open for as any years I can remember. I've recently put in a variation for a .308 for deer mgmt and the police (Avon and Somerset) have asked for a supporting letter with landowners permission etc. (noting I've had 10years experience using larger calibres through military). So by this I'll now be restricted to where I can use this one calibre but not the others ? Seems completely daft to me as surely the principles of safety etc are the same ? Is this worth kicking up a fuss over or should I just roll over and ask them to open it up in 6months time ? Thanks
  10. Poacher


    before buying a helmet, look here https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/helmets/
  11. Poacher

    DT10 stock left handed

    palm swell ?
  12. Poacher


    from what I could gather there were 2 flying that night, the one that crashed is little more than fragments.......the second one landed next to crash site, sure you're not confusing the two ?
  13. Poacher

    Va Va Froome!

    I think Froome is as clean as they come, whats more noticeable to me is how contador and schleck can no longer cut the mustard on the hills ... Froomes efforts this year are all the more impressive given the declining number of team mates around him...Good luck to the man i really hope he wins Quintana at 23 in his first tour has to be one to to watch for the future
  14. Poacher


    no they don't, which is why you should keep your proof of postage (get out of jail card if you like :-)
  15. Poacher

    Are fish fingers made from chicken?

    yep this is why they get up in arms when it comes to things like a badger cull, they're clueless about food production... I wonder how many actually realise a diary cow has to be preggers to keep producing milk I blame the BBC, moons ago they tried to tell us spaghetti grew on trees