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  1. £8 -£10 but I can do it for you for £5.
  2. If you can get your hands on Fuji 9, then technically your a dentist,according to Bob Mortimer.Check it out.
  3. I'm might have a go at my own Dentistry tomorrow!
  4. At leat people will stay well over 2mtrs from me.Gona take the dog out in a bit see if it works.
  5. Stuck in an bored so decided I need a hair cut.Did it myself, not bad forc1st attempt.
  6. I drove passed Durham Firearms licensing office last night and there was a very strong smell of cannabis. Massive farm inside an old office block within 200mtrs of Durham Licencing office.Police all over it today.
  7. Davyo

    2011 L200

    Cosmetic I think,he buys all the time from some salvage auction site so I think he knows his stuff.He was really after a late Jimny 14 to 16 plate. He came round a few weeks ago asking me about them,as I've owned two and was on the waiting list for the new one. He stopped me yesterday morning & recons Jimnys,even cat n are fetching silly money.So he asked me about the L200 of which I have no knowledge. I said I'd ask the lads on PW and feed it back. I've seen him again this afternoon and he said its getting delivered this week. I initially thought he was only interested and was thin
  8. I miss the high street,when I was a kid we had a bakers,ironmongers,butchers, green grocers,and even a toyshop (I can smell the airfix glue now lol).The biggest store was Liptons,but for white goods you had to either go to Joplins in Sunderland or a big Co op store.There used to be a store on the our high street that you could get kitted out for school. I wish they would come back,but retail outlets and the ASDA's and the likes put a stop to that.I think the future for even the retail outlet & the ASDA's is hanging on a thread now.Everythings on line now and as said,you can sit at ho
  9. As title base model in diesel, what to look out for.Mate has chance of repairable for £1700.Only done 47k, needs headlight,wing poss bonnet.
  10. Davyo

    John McDonald

    I dont normally do politics but this guy seems to be everywhere.This guy is on TV nearly every day.Seems to have all the answers but not willing to run for leader of the Labour party.On the TV yet again shouting his mouth off, but sitting back doing nowt.Full of criticism obviously doesn't have the ******** to put his neck on the line.Or is he simply talking ********.
  11. Mine is a 1400 x900, if you have 2x shower heads just turn the tray round.Id probably go with a wet room.Got my tray of a company in Durham.They had trays up to 2000 x 1000 but the price was mental.
  12. Davyo

    9-5 rut

    Best shift i did was 9.30 am till 3.30 pm Monday to Thursday, brilliant in the summer.
  13. I've never had a credit card only Visa debit.Only once I've had an issue and Lloyd's refunded within the hour.
  14. Those with teenage boys go through tons of bog roll.Specially when you've had a go at them about using socks!
  15. Agree 4 wheel tracking is a total waste on its own.I did this with the MX5 until I got told to go to someone that knows their stuff and can use the Hunter system to it full potential.Ive even had fellow MX5 club members bring their cars 100's of miles to use AK Automotive at Rowling's Gill. £100 may seem a lot, but if your scrubbing 2 or 4 £170 tires off in 6mths then it's a no brainer. Both our new Suzuki's will be taken there if I see any sign of uneven wear or wandering. When I had my 5 in at AK, there were of race cars ( MX5's & Ginetta) in the yard all being set up f
  16. Davyo

    Night shifts

    Unless it involves lamping then it's a no no!
  17. Only went to McDonald's once,never again! Like a holding pen for the Jeremy Kyle show! A nursery for adults! Oh and the trots for 3 days and an overnight stay in hospital for my son. I do however frequent coffee shops most days.Stay away from the big chains like Starbucks,Costa and the likes. If I'm somewhere not familiar,I usually look for a little cafe of coffee shop.A quick look around the state of tables floor and cutlery usually is the decider if I stay.
  18. Davyo

    Red Diesel

    No information for the public domain has been published on our intranet as such.If any information comes to light that has clearance for public domain, i will post.
  19. They have been pinching the front ones up North
  20. Davyo

    Self Assessment

    If you don't have any LFP's (late filing penalties) or LPP's (late payment penalties) form you old SA record, id speak with HMRC on 03002003100 SA or 03002003300 PAYE. There are loads of scams at the moment claiming to be HMRC making threats regarding dept recovery do we all need to be careful.Scams also include repayments and try and get you to disclose personal information including bank details. We must remember that bogus callers aim to deceive us into disclosing the personal information we hold are very good at what they
  21. I will burn a couple of extra tires for her.
  22. Davyo

    Self Assessment

    If you have a PTA (personal tax accout) and elect to go paperless they you may rec emails regarding PAYE changes.This time of year it would usually be due to the annual coding run in preparation for new tax yr commencing 06/4/20. Even if you dont work or have a occupation or private pension, you may still get a notification.This would usually be to inform you of your PA (personal allowance) for the coming year 20/21. If you receive an email you feel to be fraudulent then pass it on to phishing@hmrc.gov.uk then delete it.It is also advisable that you run anti virus software if you
  23. My wife (Ben's mum) is a retired teacher, got out last April at 52 yrs old. Fed up of the statistics of it all and the fact that its not about the child its about meeting Government stats. I remember with some dis believe one year, my wife telling me that the Head had asked her to mark a number of her children down. Yes that right 'mark them down' because another member of staff needed to look good in an future Ofsted inspection. Susan had coffee a few weeks back with two of her old colleagues. These two were supposed to be at work but met Sue in their 'PPA TIME'. I think that means tha
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