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  1. Hi, can anyone recommend someone for a few lessons on sporting clays I'm based in port talbot but can travel? Safe shooting, Mogsaa
  2. Welcome mate! Safe shooting MogsAA
  3. Stunning! lovely colours in them & good pics mate! Safe shooting MogsAA
  4. First good choice in rifle! Ive got exactly the same as you! With regards the charging you'll only need to cock the gun if your charging from empty mate otherwise theres no need Enjoy mate and safe shooting! MogsAA
  5. Ok thanks for the replies guys perhaps i'll look into putting it in the house Safe shooting, MogsAA
  6. Hi guys im looking to maybe get a shotgun for some clays i know i need a gun safe, my question is can i place the safe in my garage? any info would be greatly appreciated Many thanks & safe shooting, MogsAA
  7. I swear he just gets better and better!!!! Safe shooting, MogsAA
  8. Seriously though very good quality video mate keep up the good work! Safe shooting, MogsAA
  9. Very good video and some excellent shooting mate, i watched a few of you other videos on youtube as well really enjoyed them keep up the good work!!! Safe shooting, MogsAA
  10. The widget (spelling?) thing got away un-harmed though Safe shooting, MogsAA
  11. Very gutted, I had intended to go on the sun with my mate and my brother but alas im working again and cant get out of it, thats the second show this year this has happened to me!!! nevermind i hope all that go have a really good day / weekend, at least the weathers right for you all! Safe shooting MogsAA
  12. Ive always found them very expensive and very rude, their customer service is terrrible as well ive never bought a rifle off them (for all above reasons) but been there many times with my mate when he was looking and just window shopping and to be honest after my past experiances there i dont think id buy anything off them! I always use Neath gun shop for anything, i always have and can soundly say Dave Moses is a top bloke and Peter the other fella that works there is extremely knowledgable as well, my advice is give them a ring the number is 01639 632768 their only open from wednesday onward
  13. This guy cracks me up, good entertainment value though!!! Safe shooting MogsAA
  14. Bonkers!!! i bet his backside twitched a bit!! Safe shooting, MogsAA
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