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  1. HAMMER189


    Bit further north up by scotch corner
  2. HAMMER189


    After a K31 anyone selling up north of England
  3. Had a letter from my GP when applying for my fac already had a shotgun license asking for £50 . spoke too them informed them I would not be paying received my fac four weeks later. This is in north yorks area
  4. Shotgun cabinet 3 gun £50 collection only north yorks
  5. HAMMER189

    World war 3

    if you want to watch it there is a full copy of the film on youtube . prepared to be depressed after
  6. Just received my renewal less than 4 weeks from sending form to new certificate landing on doormat . My local force is north Yorks never had any problems with them if they can achive this turn around time ,I fail to understand why other forces can't .
  7. I will take it live Catterick village so no problems picking it up
  8. No skt not lighting protected if you are getting engaged tone there is a short circuit on line the callers phones see,s yours as being used so gives engaged tone Could be skt or maybe exchange equiptment If caused by lighting strike could have been miles away it travels till it finds a weak point in the network
  9. Can people ring in or does it cut off after one ring could be skt lighting blows them regularly Also the part about the cost to yourself is part of the script no matter what fault you are reporting they are then covered if you try to say that was not explained to me
  10. Took munglers advice on this a few weeks back cancelled sky 3 days after receiving the box. Well worth the money
  11. The wife has had one for the last 3 years no problems with it at all
  12. If they go across your land not much you can do goggle flying wires act
  13. Normally two types of payment a payment every year or a one off bigger payment don't expect to get rich usually a few pounds every year
  14. Reminded me of time at divis flats
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